How does the schoolboy chase after a schoolgirl to seek the schoolgirl’s skill

A lot of people say present schoolgirl was chased after harder and harder, actually this still wants regular method and skill, the skill that seeks a girl is used well, the pursuit rate that can yield you succeeds doubly, chase after schoolgirl while you’re at it to arrive capture come.

How does the schoolboy recall a woman student

1. the first impression extremely important, need to notice bearing of oneself words and deeds, dress dresses up at ordinary times.

2. cannot again with the knowledge at the beginning of the schoolgirl when profession, such appearing oneself are very peripheral, and can let a schoolgirl feel very abrupt, the most well-advised practice is become a friend to it first, the development that is later period lays a foundation.

3. heeds the time that she goes out everyday, the method that go out reachs the kind that go out, protocol one detailed ” come across ” the plan gives fulfil, if fulfil appropriate, can flying ground is pulled close you the feeling between; Promotional those this feeling between, the schoolgirl pays attention to detail very much, include bag, clothes or they value a schoolboy to whether can be taken for them is to move actively the chair detail that fills demeanour.

How does the schoolboy chase after a schoolgirl to seek the schoolgirl's skill

Seek the schoolgirl’s skill

1, do not have too strong purpose sex

Be being returned to you in the girl is not before understanding very much, do not have too strong purpose sex, more abstain from those without preamble behavior. You profession to the family directly, then absolutely meeting gives opposite party frighten run. Just began to be able to explore to become a friend with her so, slowly thorough knowledge, there is good opinion to the other side in bilateral heart so, perhaps had arrived each other very dependent degree undertakes professioning again, must not come up to taking too strong purpose sex, begin to profession, be very easy failure so.

2, do not make an appointment with her immediately

After some schoolboys are in and the girl got along a few days, be about to try to begin to make an appointment with her, you are in the likelihood what chat on chatting platform is pretty good still, but invite appointment rushedly to let a schoolgirl be hit retreat a kind of drum used in Chinese operas. The schoolgirl of this moment may make a lot of tentative plans in the heart, because still not be perfect understanding to you, they dare not go to an appointment, especially scrupulous to comparing schoolgirl, it is the inviting that can reject you readily is made an appointment with more, and very possible meeting estranges slowly in the following day you, channel chats to connect with her more when so the schoolboy is beginning.

3, do not want expression to get too conceivable each other

Some of schoolboy also does not know is how to return a responsibility, what word will also do not say on, invite opposite party actively, taking very strong purpose sex not only, and can behave want to get each other, so major schoolgirl can be given to be frightened by your behavior. Cannot chat two days to be about to want to meet with the family with the schoolgirl, after meeting, want to have again further development, this kind too the consequence that the behavior of rash advance can give you to bring failure only. You should understand, the family still is not to understand very much to you, won’t promise to get along further with you.

4, the moment of truth cannot Song

Have the man student that compares rash advance, that also has a few of course slow heat boy, in love when always be the position that a Wen Tun takes errant definite view, what can let a schoolgirl wait is anxious. Once they lost confidence to you, very possible face about goes, when so the schoolboy is in and the girl dates, crucial hour scarcely can Song. When should pulling a hand, be about to pull a hand to should upgrade when concerning, be about to upgrade relation. You want your appeal to the schoolgirl only, turn her into the investment to you, you just can have real future. Emotive business is original won’t changeless, the schoolgirl is feeling of a kind of need, but the live thing that allows person ascertain to be not appeared again, on one second may exist like angel, below one second can become devil, she needs the support on your spirit not only, also want the satisfaction of materially. Recalling a woman student is a process that attracts each other, hope your expression can affect a girl to feel to yours, and their idea.

How does the schoolboy chase after a schoolgirl to seek the schoolgirl's skill

The schoolboy seeks true attitude of the schoolgirl and way

1, the prelude that recalls a woman student: Understand a schoolgirl.

“Understand ” a very important process, can say the process that is an inevitable existence even. If you are hold up hold up only just, understanding so is almost need not give a lot of care is arduous of would you mind, but this also can bring about unsuccessful possibility,promote greatly. “Understand a schoolgirl ” importance, can buys a mobile phone than you, you should know the utility of the mobile phone first necessarily, the function that should know a mobile phone necessarily, memory, wait a moment like element. Of course, the girl of so lovely beauty, not be a mobile phone, need more time and energy and good mood to observe. Common saying says well, intimate ability telling the other 100 get the better of do not danger. Since want to court a girl, understand her so or comparative be necessary. For instance, a lot of schoolgirls like Lu Han nowadays model lovely schoolboy, and you are by chance to it opposite type, attribute Wu Jing’s kind, so likely no matter you give the time of how many, also won’t move for instance some schoolgirls like; of the other side Hollywood is big a tough guy in male, special repulsion is cabinet and delicate the young man student that has bit of woman even, and you are the kind that she does not like to feel disgusted even fitly, so your pay, let her become you at most ” boudoir is sweet ” .

My sister, had entered duty field 5 years nowadays superabundant, although had been a mature woman, but she still likes strong president model man, the strong president here not be to show the other side has money certainly situation, need the other side to have however manly, have the urge for improvement, have oneself judgement and the capacity that think independently. There is a new staff member before two years in the company going after her, that young staff member thinks like my sister the girl of this kind of a bit female strong person can like a palm to accuse everything, conclude she can like him then this kind obedient good gracious male, all day long a pair ” birdie depends on a person ” expression. The result did not chase after my sister not only, make her heart repugn evil even. Here, not be to say the schoolboy of which kinds of type is bad, but worldly everybody disposition all has difference, turnip green vegetables loves somewhat each, understanding is close to a success more easily to square ability.

How does the schoolboy chase after a schoolgirl to seek the schoolgirl's skill

2, the element that recalls a woman student: Active.

The bud girl that serves as a qualification and female the combinative put oneself in another’s position of Chinese paper, I want to represent broad schoolgirl brethrens to issue statement really: Can the schoolboy have bit of active consciousness? Can you have the definite idea that nods oneself? Can always you asking a question? ! Of course, this girl is married, it is vicarious edge only a lot of girl loud cries cry out. In light of the idea according to a lot of schoolgirls, no matter be what kind of schoolgirl, clever but person, female strong person, female fellow, temperamental drive female model, won’t like to do not have the schoolboy of not definite idea, active, total passivity mostly. I am in before marrying, in the man student that recalls me, also have such man, they think probably, recall a woman student should at every turn by the schoolgirl, recall a woman student should whats come according to the schoolgirl’s idea.

Actually schoolboys think so do not have what problem originally, but as the male, you should have stated definite idea, should have certain active consciousness, be no good really, give a referenced opinion to also go. But, when a lot of schoolboys are pursueing a girl, perhaps be in and when a schoolgirl dates, asking always still: “Passing a few days is the Valentine’s Day, what gift do you want? ” ” do I need to send you to come home? ” ” should we go does this inn ramble? ” ” this necklace is really good-looking, doesn’t your happy event like? ” … now and then ask, it doesn’t matter is alarming, but if always be all sorts of asking, ask ceaselessly, always all sorts of losing head, the heart of that schoolgirls has Ma Zaifei of 10 thousand careless mud probably… at that time, their inner OS is: Can not ask again, can you make a decision directly? Do not fear the schoolgirl does not like, if she does not like, can tell you commonly. No matter be the woman student that wants to do a princess, still want to do queenly woman student, can prefer you had planned all issues.

How does the schoolboy chase after a schoolgirl to seek the schoolgirl's skill

3, the requirement that recalls a woman student: Get along alone.

“Get along alone ” it is important to there is many? Still do not have when you recall a woman student in one’s hand when, when you and she has a meal together, if beside other people are in, can you still speak the word with a few romantic warmth? Won’t you feel awkward? Resemble talking about the business same, two people talk the business, if have other alien attendant, it what still have is good to what still have those who talk, meet what scruple somewhat more or less. Appointment is two the individual’s things, always do not take a bulb beside. When some schoolboy concern are in alone with the schoolgirl, meeting occurrence awkward silence at a meeting perhaps does not have the condition that the word says, always like to arranging a meal so, see a movie about, the friend is taken when arranging go on a tour. But, this is not a good appearance.

The space can upgrade as the relation of two people become ambiguous with romance, but if have another person attendant, ambiguous still and romantic a wool. But if the object of your pursuit, when dating with you, the other side took boudoir honey or friend, you can take this time friend, after all, had had a bulb, many also just as well. When two people get along, meet those who let schoolgirl whole idea be put on your body, and the effect that does not get another person, can make her deeper to your impression. And be in this kind when two people get along, ability comes through all sorts of chatting promotional each other understanding, but be like much individual, the topic that can arrive a little so, also be phenomenon of surface of special bureau be confined to.

How does the schoolboy chase after a schoolgirl to seek the schoolgirl's skill

4, the standard that seeks a schoolgirl: The manner is very important, consider the feeling of the other side more.

Schoolboy, the means that there are you to play for the person in the manner, when if you are in,going after a schoolgirl, without true attitude, take no account of the feeling of the other side, then she also can conclude from inside a lot of detail: You are not the object of a worth while and long-term contact. For instance, when some schoolboys are in and the schoolgirl dates, obviously what the schoolgirl wears is short skirt, but this schoolboy should pull a schoolgirl to climb unluckily; for instance, some schoolboys the good figure to highlight oneself or it is the figure that wants to see liked girl, pulling a girl to swim then, and the schoolgirl has made known her position clearly oneself the body is uncomfortable recently, cannot go swimming, and schoolboy still all sorts of wanting that go. Again for instance, some schoolboys, what show oneself for protruding is experienced and knowledgeable and oneself advantage, like perpetual before the schoolgirl him talking, him praise. Not be how him boast weighs affection to weigh filial piety, talk about oneself interest to like namely, also be to be taken no account of completely at the moment whether is the schoolgirl willing to listen, whether to have fun at.

Take no account of the feeling of the other side, can recall the woman student that makes oneself enchanted very hard. Finally, when recalling a woman student, self-confidence is quite important. Although this word has bit of common, but below most circumstance, the fact is such really also: The eye is interior window, let the place of detection of the other side the most easily, also be the most breathed contact, when chatting with the other side, do not gaze around, do not want eyes dodge, what this can expose you already is not self-confident, also can let a schoolgirl feel you do not respect them. If you are open-armed like a schoolgirl, want to chase after her successfully, that goes to those who feel the other side experiencing with respect to the intention, go taking care of the mood of the other side, change sincerely with sincerity. Of course, very may much person can say, the society nowadays, old driver is too much, open-armed may not can be changed sincerely, but since you like her, that is brave, try hard, even if failed, also won’t leave a regret at least.

How does the schoolboy chase after a schoolgirl to seek the schoolgirl's skill

When recalling a woman student most a few kinds of means that abstain from

1.Tangle to death sodden dozen

Obviously the schoolgirl does not have a feeling to him, still absolutely refuse to to let go. This kind of schoolboy is find oneself has been compared probably, no matter what the schoolgirl does to follow, oneself feel to be done so can let a schoolgirl touch, just touched oneself finally actually, still feel irritated in schoolgirl heart, how to persuade him he does not listen. Want to let a schoolgirl like you, at least you must let her know your a few merits, without a single redeeming feature knows dead to tangle sodden dozen, it is the individual is disrelished irritated. And this kind of means also is person of cent of moment wanting cent.


Too the sense that the schoolboy of meeting hold up gives a person spends a heart namely, had experienced a lot of feeling. The schoolgirl can feel this kind of schoolboy does not rely on chart, do not have safe feeling very much, hold does not live, point to adventitious which days ” by predecessor ” . Though priceless of return to the fold, but, the schoolgirl can not believe she has the ability that lets return to the fold. So ah, what the schoolboy still is free from anxiety is good.

3.King of earthy flavour lovers’ prattle

It is very awkward that this kind can say. Now and then say so 9 feel quite lovely still, time is long, it is Ga chatted, the feeling follows content of your chatting it doesn’t matter, again and again namely those words just. Can appear very easily the schoolboy does not have connotation, schoolgirl, like to know more than oneself schoolboy, like the sort of adored sense.

4.Door of dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed

Go out to eat a meal to buy bottle of water to want AA to make together, do not shop to the schoolgirl. Pursuit phase haggles over every ounce, be together to be returned then? What the schoolgirl looks is not to give her to spend how many money, those who look is your intention. You do not agree to pay, who can be willing to be together with you.

How does the schoolboy chase after a schoolgirl to seek the schoolgirl's skill

5.Start work use a base

Had not been together start work anyhow use a base, the schoolgirl can feel this individual is very flirtatious, a bit also does not respect him, be afraid of is also won’t follow this again later male got along alone. And in this kind of male heart, feel the schoolgirl is very informal certainly, so he just is met so informal treatment others. This kind of person, it is the person that the schoolgirl can interact least of all.

6.Exit is become ” dirty “

This kind of schoolboy makes a person feel disgusted very much really, even if become common friend, I also won’t select this kind of person, more never mention it boy friend. Go together with this kind of schoolboy, can pull low oneself quality. Say the person of bad language aloud in communal circumstance especially, make a person feel awkward simply.

7.Can say only, never act actually

wholehearted good faith does not like a schoolgirl this kind of schoolboy, just play play just. Which schoolgirl won’t select such person.

8.Keep play the peacock

This kind of schoolboy is met him boast is much abler much richer, vaunting all the time, what to still say to the schoolgirl: “Want you to be together with me only, can I let you certainly… ” do girls want to listen far from? Can feel your this individual is babyish only, the thought is immature. Truly outstanding person, others can see, do not need oneself to boast oneself. Finding a right person is by no means easy thing, but also cannot look for an individual anyhow accordingly. Feeling, rather go without than have something shoddy-put quality before quantity. Before that right person comes, what you should do is to let his become more outstanding. Oneself are only outstanding, ability encounters outstanding person.

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