The schoolgirl says me first busy how does reply schoolgirl say me first busy did not reply how to do

Tracing schoolgirl level, when chatting with the schoolgirl, may receive ” I first busy ” a few such words, this schoolboy should show proper care already, cannot affect the schoolgirl’s work again, should how is the response the properest?

The schoolgirl says me first busy how to reply

One, reply immediately: “Good, not too painstaking “

In understanding world of the woman, the speed of man return information loves his rate namely. Send to the man when the woman ” I first busy ” when, want to see the rate of man return information namely actually, and the content of the reply. If the rate of man reply is slower, the affirmation in so female popular feeling will be uncomfortable, it is so important to become aware oneself are done not have in man frame of mind. If the content of man reply has 9 words only, can feel the man is more perfunctory.

Generally speaking, affection the man with tall business, after the information that sees the woman is sent, can reply immediately: “Good, not too painstaking ” . Such meetings make a woman very dependable, again tired job also can be answered easily.

2, warm heart replies: “You first busy, I raise you after “

Present youth has his job, can pass small letter connection only with the lover, wait busy the private time that there just are oneself after be over and sweetheart are promotional feeling. The woman is chatting when ending, total meeting hair comes ” I first busy ” message, the content that this moment replies, most can test the affection of a man business.

The man with real passion tall business, understanding is fond of a woman, she works desperately even if do not want to let oneself become the man’s burden. Although the man is clear, but won’t speak out on the mouth, the real operation that can use oneself only proves, he can say ” you first busy, I raise you after ” , affirmed a woman already pay, also made commitment to the woman, can let a woman feel her choice is correct.

The schoolgirl says me first busy how does reply schoolgirl say me first busy did not reply how to do

The schoolgirl says me first busy did not reply how to do

This kind of circumstance can ask next schoolgirls are busy again a little while too be over not, must not chase after all the time ask, cause allergy very easily.

I meet a few woman students previously, took their small letter and connection number, often send information to give them next, just began a reply to be able to chat quite quickly still quite, slower and slower later, do not answer my message even. They say ” wait for can chat again ” , be a few days of things after passing in fact. Feel they are intended and evasive sometimes. I send a message today, tomorrow reappearance an information, ask even ” why to answer my information ” , “It is very busy ” of and so on, but a few days of girls after passing still did not reply I. If I want to look for them to come out to chat, they have a lot of reason that do not come out. A word is, she seeks my within call, I look for her to resemble look for a needle in the ocean.

The schoolgirl says me first busy how does reply schoolgirl say me first busy did not reply how to do

The schoolgirl says me first busy it is what meaning

Only two plant likelihood:

One kind is occupied really, busy after was over chat with you this thing forgot.

The 2nd kind says with you namely, I to you this is planted the disinclination of the type, do not disturb me again.

The schoolgirl says me first busy how does reply schoolgirl say me first busy did not reply how to do

The schoolgirl chats not to reply suddenly how to do

1, the problem chats if move is new

When you and schoolgirl chat, she did not reply suddenly, decide whether she is first busy still be you missay word offends her not happy, come out the reason to the analysis first, next again suit the remedy to the case, it is you said a few words that she does not like to listen not carefully for instance, not foolish go foolishly examining minutely a schoolgirl how, can allow a woman student only so more be fed up with you, you should transfer new topic and schoolgirl to chat immediately, tell a joke to her for instance, perhaps analyse you to encounter more interesting thing today, it is a foundation with humour namely anyway, amuse her happy just be the mainest, because the schoolgirl sees humour makes laugh conversational state of mind,also meet for certain very happy, occasionally humorous topic still can guide a schoolgirl to strike up a conversation actively you oh.

2, send a red package

If you are affection business is smaller, mouth is stupidder, because what does not reply,also won’t analysing a schoolgirl after all is his, that does not want so kink, even if you give the head,wanted to defeat, you also are not realized give a the reason why to come, so no matter because,the schoolgirl is what, if mix,did not reply suddenly only, you are direct send a red package to her, simple and a bit cruder, after all it is a lot of better that the schoolgirl sees red bag mood is met, here has a little skill, you send a decimal purpose red package first, after waiting for a schoolgirl to get, you can tease her to say: Jing is not surprizing, outside meaning. The schoolgirl sees the amount of 0.01 finds both funny and annoying for certain, also can scold your miser secretly in the heart, but red bag had been gotten, do not chat with you also cannot be justified or explained away, be about to end in you nevertheless the good night with an a bit larger amount can be sent to the schoolgirl again when chatting red bag, can redeem form of your door of dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed in schoolgirl heart so.

3, the hold up covering a region that uses humour she

Want to let schoolgirl second answer you, here still has a skill, that uses a humorous road to go namely hold up she, doing not have which schoolgirl do not like to listen to Orphean lovers’ prattle, you just decide first before you are using a humorous means first some relations, if strong recognition does not have a few days you, that or not informal chaos were used, can rise to combat the effect only otherwise, but if you had been more familiar friend, that is decisive be used, say to her for instance ” a friend that I feel you are like me, true, super resemble ” , see the topic about oneself, the schoolgirl is very interested for certain, can ask who you resemble, she says your OK and humorous way ” like my wife ah ” .

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