After the schoolgirl refuses appointment, reply schoolgirl rejects appointment how to do

When a lot of schoolboys are recalling a woman student, if want to make an appointment with a schoolgirl to come out,be actually very be afraid of what be rejected, so if the schoolgirl rejected her invite how should reply about is ability not awkward? Look together below.

How to after the schoolgirl refuses appointment, reply

1, say down the schoolgirl’s word

Invite when what the schoolgirl expresses to reject you after making an appointment with, to avoid awkwardness, we can say down the schoolgirl’s word, for instance:

Schoolgirl: Our understanding comes out with you before long, the sense is not quite good

Schoolboy: Right also, it is my consideration not, follow this paragraph of time that you get along nevertheless, very happy really, and where I resemble a bad person ah

Schoolgirl: Ha

Face the schoolgirl’s rejection, do not choose to continue to enquire by the reason of refus, the word rationalize that the schoolgirl says. Seek a reasonable ground for her, do not want a bit simplier too exaggerative, those who be is to her a step falls. If the schoolgirl is not thought out really, this moment you do not continue to invite about, change into relaxed topic.

2, express to understand approve of

The schoolgirl rejects you invite about, in a sense or appeal were not achieved, this moment as far as possible the understanding that behaves you and approve of, go deepening attract, strive for a schoolgirl to leave a good impression, for instance:

Schoolgirl: I am sorry, I should attend Xx exam these days, the likelihood cannot go out to play with you

Schoolboy: Hear this exam is taken an examination of very hard, you learn how, hold

Schoolgirl: Not bad, it is very nervous

Schoolboy: ? Does Zong Pan get bless of  of cherry of children’s hair faint to stop  coal  of Wan of every slash  joyous  ?

No matter the schoolgirl wants an examination really, respond to her with this kind of means, can let a schoolgirl feel you respect her, also won’t give her oppressive sense.

3, throw the question to the schoolgirl

The schoolgirl may reject you because of devoid safety feeling, go not actively inviting make an appointment with a schoolgirl, let schoolgirl allergy very easily in that way, right way is invite make an appointment with this problem to cast a schoolgirl to let her make a choice, for instance:

Schoolgirl: Feel embarrassed, there is bit of thing today, still come out together next time

Schoolboy: Good, I knew, you are busy

Schoolgirl: Hum

Schoolboy: Was opposite, next week a good movie is shown, you won’t reject me again

Schoolgirl: Good, I knew

Such practice must notice the schoolgirl’s attitude, invite 2 times when making an appointment with a schoolgirl, if the schoolgirl’s manner is very impatient, that does not try to invite it is OK to was made an appointment with the choice plays close relationship with the schoolgirl first, if the schoolgirl’s manner is willing, that can prepare ahead of schedule the next time dated.

After the schoolgirl refuses appointment, reply schoolgirl rejects appointment how to do

The schoolgirl rejects appointment how to do

Build slowly invite make an appointment with safe feeling.

Which have and strong recognition of younger sister paper talks about two days, actuation agreement make an appointment with? Such schoolboy is in eye of younger sister paper, not be broken bits male may be neuropathic namely. Want to know, if be known on your net, younger sister paper agrees to chat with you again, the specification has bit of interest to you, but may not has safe feeling. Younger sister paper makes an appointment with can principal safety, this society is too random, who knows bad person of your good person, additional, do not reveal demand sense too early, this meeting lets younger sister paper carry do not have interest.

After the schoolgirl refuses appointment, reply schoolgirl rejects appointment how to do

How to make an appointment with a schoolgirl to be rejected not easily

The time with right 1. :

What is the right time that says here to point to? Cannot be workaday for certain above all, the other side is done not have empty, not desirable, other external cause is is a girl, so in the evening, especially after 9 o’clock, do not suggest everybody undertakes inviting agreement again.

The ground with reasonable 2. nods:

The ground that says here is nodded, it is the place that shows we date, everybody does not understand the likelihood, I make a figure of speech, in the winter, our appointment nature is to have a thing, or indoors, you look for a girl to go to a park, of open air, not quite appropriate.

The respect proceed with that 3. likes from the girl:

Every girl, have oneself special taste, some people like to eat seafood, some people perhaps like to eat barbecue, know the girl likes what to eat, we make an appointment with a girl to work relative intuitionistic, succeed more easily.

4. tells him ahead of schedule:

Must not when when wanting to eat in the evening, just inform a girl in a hurry, must shift to an earlier date, it is to express sincere desire on one hand, additional on one hand girl in case occupied, right, it may not be a bad idea is done answer.

After the schoolgirl refuses appointment, reply schoolgirl rejects appointment how to do

Why does the schoolgirl refuse appointment

1, your person is too bored

Interest is dominant the crucial factor of an appointment success or failure, because you did not arouse the schoolgirl’s interest,the reason that believes major brother is rejected is. Be just like a schoolgirl not to like to eat a grape, but the individual must force she eats, she won’t be met naturally accept. If you are mixed of the schoolgirl get along the itself in the process compares Mu Ne insecurity, do not know how to chat with the schoolgirl, so invite make an appointment with schoolgirl nature to be able to fail.

2, chatting content is bored

If you follow the girl to chat particularly insipid, she always is lain between very long the information; that just answers you or she replies you always are ” ah ah ” ” oh ” ” hum ” so perfunctory answer.

Or although you and schoolgirl chat more, but she answers you to do not have what mood basically, wait a moment with expression rarely for instance. If so if, that represents a schoolgirl to do not have interest to you namely, you did not attract her at all, then you should make an appointment with her to basically can be rejected.

3, did not feel to schoolgirl safety

Safe consciousness of the schoolgirl is very strong, there is a defense line in the meeting in their heart, install the whole line namely, be just like those who one sells insurance not to explain one’s purpose in coming comes up to want mobile phone date and identity information with you, we can choose refuse, same woman student still is not to you do not understand very much, what to call even you, do what work, a few basic safe message such as where person do not know, you are about to invite make an appointment with a family, natural meeting is rejected.

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