The what word that why the girl likes to say irony woman student should be turned over listen

Actually a lot of schoolgirls like to say irony, when talking about love especially, the schoolgirl says irony is very normal, this moment is to need a schoolboy to judge what word to need to be being turned over listen, make correct return thereby.

Why does the girl like to say irony

The wife says irony, the odds with man storytelling should be about the same. The man does not understand word of female factitious what to be being turned over say, the woman does not understand likewise, dehisce of lie of male factitious what comes.

Feminine irony, and inherent bashful have biggish concern. Woman, female perhaps strong person, in one’s heart, it is effeminate, clear like water, be like the lingering like Yun Duo, fall in love with a person when the woman, what can change is docile and obedient, what also can change is impenetrable. And man, need is clear, the what word that the wife says in when is true or it is false, the palm dominated feminine sentiment, so the job that leave also with respect to easy to handle much.

The what word that why the girl likes to say irony woman student should be turned over listen

What word of the schoolgirl should be turned over listen

1 I do not want this gift

The gift is to be able to promote emotive is same between people thing. When you shop together with the woman, next you feel his settle on a gift, you can say we buy this next gifts, but you perhaps can say at that time, I do not like this gift, but it is in his heart actually, special those who want this gift, on one hand, he is to save your money, hate to part with you to buy so precious gift, it is on the other hand, he for project oneself, very very economical, missish, feel embarrassed say oneself want this gift.

2 we part company

Some time quarrel between sweethearts, female to saying maly, we part company, actually he this word also is very of it’s hard to say, he is not to want to say to part company. She just hopes you can fool her actually, hope you make allowances for his hardship, those who know him is not easy, also went. Marry perhaps you can feel, we part company, this word is special injure a person, plunge into popular feeling particularly, but what you should be clear about is clear, what when the wife says this word, say is irony, she does not hope to part company with you, hope with you feeling warms up further instead.

3 I do not love you

If a woman and man quarrelled, she can is opposite likely this man says, I do not love you, but what actually she says is irony, can she love how possibly partly temporarily you? She does not love you impossibly at a draught, after was being harmed a lot of times by you gradually, she just can not love you, after if a woman is in,quarrelling with you so, speak me not to love this your word for the first time, what then she says is irony, did you know? Actually the woman loves not to love you, be clear about in yourself heart? What from a few little detail you can discover she says is irony.

4 you are very bored really

Some time men say too much word with the woman, the wife can say you are very irritated, you are very irritated really, you did not say again, but the man also is appreciated somewhat actually in feminine heart certainly, because this man is willing to be communicated with oneself very much,chat, be willing to talk with oneself very much, this is to be able to alleviate feminine loneliness and dull, the woman also can get more information, more and wonderful world, actually she is not to saying you are irritated, it is instead very appreciate you to be able to say so much word. If a woman cold-shoulders you bored, ask you not to abandon her, she is not irritated really you, what she says is irony.

5 can appear in me with wanting at the moment

Some time quarrelled between sweethearts, or the man offends a woman to get angry, the wife can say to be able to appear in me with wanting at the moment, can see the word of your and so on with letting me again forever, what actually the wife says is gas word, it is irony even, before be about to stand more often in her because of you, she just can excuse you, you comfort her only, her talent is enough relaxedly, so the wife says to the man, you do not want reappear to be in I at the moment, it is irony, it is to hope you stand in her to comfort her at the moment more.

The 6 appearance that I do not care about you

Perhaps your girlfriend can say to you, I do not care about your appearance, you grow uglily to do not have a relation, I care about your talent only, but actually he still cares about your appearance, or how can you have so much chase after a star femaly? How he doesn’t seek an a very ugly person? He is to chase after those for certain good-looking ah. Say not to care about the woman of your appearance, the more so say, care the more. So male people wants to know, the wife says to you, the appearance that she does not care about you is irony, you or, exercise hard, come up the promotion when oneself appearance!

The what word that why the girl likes to say irony woman student should be turned over listen

What does the irony that the schoolgirl often says have

1, good, do not disturb you.

Fast the matter that drops your hand to go up will fool me, fool till I am happy, otherwise you can not see me.

2, you go looking for her.

I won’t be angry, I am not angry really, not angry ability is strange, you dare look for her, I was not over with you.

3, be at ease, I do not have a thing.

Unspoken words in a play left to the understanding of the audience or reader: I not only occupied, and it is to have a major issue, if think I do not have a thing really, then you were about dead to decide, next oneself are looked at do.

4, you play game.

I know you like to play game, you go playing, I can include you, the sport that follows you later gets along.

5, do you work?

Now of idle feel nervous, take me to go out to play rapidly, you won’t not understand this repeatedly.

6, oh, informal you.

I say you do not listen is, then I should see you can make what variety, disagreement my meaning, you were decided to death.

7, I slept.

Day, still think I wanted to sleep really, do you have many dull do not know? Do not fool me today happy, did not sleep.

8, very busy recently!

You are dry went, have really so busy? You forgot me, since also need not look for me again later so.

The what word that why the girl likes to say irony woman student should be turned over listen

Woman student of what word delegate is not happy

1, I am very good, I do not have a thing

Some moment, the life that the schoolboy can discover the schoolgirl is indescribable (actually the likelihood is schoolboy where offend her, him schoolboy still does not know) , next does male survival ask: ? Fu jab makes fun of schoolgirl of solemn? of  Huan  to often can reply: I am very good, I do not have a thing. The man student that has some of honest and frank next thinks, oh, do not have a thing. Still can fill on one: It is good to do not have a thing. Do not have next next. The: that says when is the woman student angry actually? Does ù of green jade of G of grand of emperor of cheek of  of fluid Xiong boundless and indistinct show fade to pull  of boundless and indistinct of  fluid exemplarying delay does  of approach of emperor of dizzy  of bursa of adept of  of orangutan of  of Quan of H of grand of bed of one reason Qian knock  of Xing approach   of  of the Piao on labial Xun earnest?

2, good, do not disturb you

The schoolboy always is met by such or in that way thing place is pulled stumble (leave in the dormitory for example black ah) , thereby oversight schoolgirl. For example occasionally the schoolgirl sends a message to beg those who what comfort, the schoolboy often can not grant pay attention to. It is can answer schoolgirl information, also meet with me very busy, wait for this kind of excuse to come prevaricate schoolgirl. And Where is schoolgirl? Can ” close ” (look in the schoolboy) answer: ? Does Ling of the Huaihe River of Mao Sang  pat camel of v/LIT an amphora-like jar of  of V of Lin excuse me to refined cerebral Xi arm changes Dong Ling to pat arm of Xi of  of  of Lin excuse me to change party of  of  of spurt of archives of Guan of F of excuse me of Lin of Lao tiny fragments of stone does Ling of the Huaihe River of  of Mao Sang of Chinese of an ancient drinking vessel pat Lin to make fun of  fade a key to do sth peptide?

3, I won’t be angry, you go looking for her

Schoolboy and schoolgirl are in when getting along, the sensibility because of the schoolgirl and capricious, and the nature of schoolboy appreciation belle. The schoolboy often can play to come with other schoolgirl, your girlfriend can say occasionally, you go looking for her, I won’t be angry. Actually at that time the edge that the schoolgirl had reached to erupt, she the unspoken words in a play left to the understanding of the audience or reader of this word is, want you to dare look for her only, I will be very angry. The schoolboy is answered best even if fool her, must not look for other schoolgirl really, otherwise consequence is very serious.

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