Cannot manage why to cannot tell a truth with the girlfriend with schoolgirl preach

The schoolboy in a lot of love should have such result experience, when talking about love namely, ten million cannot follow schoolgirl preach put in order if the woman student is angry, this can let contradiction only more become acute, be after all so why cannot tell a truth with the schoolgirl?

Why cannot manage with schoolgirl preach

The schoolgirl is inherent and sensitive biology, like to handle an issue with rational thought, in the life the our common panic-stricken need that encounters its woman student to be able to be behaved is comforted, on the mood that they need comfort, if you use logistic thinking to help her, although itself is good, but can let her feel you are cold blood is mixed only bored.

1, schoolgirl by mood dominant, and your truth more is a method do not contain a mood, schoolgirl nature does not like.

2, get the influence of poisonous chicken broth on the network, think schoolboy should termless good to the schoolgirl, down the schoolgirl’s word.

3, the schoolgirl is exceeding lack safe sense, think your truth is a kind of alienation her behavior, nature won’t be accepted.

4, communicate hard go down, if the schoolgirl thinks audition word and you say no longer a channel.

Cannot manage why to cannot tell a truth with the girlfriend with schoolgirl preach

Why cannot tell a truth with the girlfriend

When love, the schoolboy feels bagatelle the thing of one picket, the schoolgirl may react very big. The schoolgirl often needs a lot of mood value, the attentive, care that needs a schoolboy and care about. This is bisexual difference, also be the difference of person and person, can be the psychological difference of different situation even. The conflict in the relation often depends on, one party has demand, and other one party cannot be satisfied.

One, friend of male and female is during love, especially schoolgirl, as a result of very enjoy warmth and sweetness, have twists and turns a bit so, get angry can indescribably, this kind of state of mind is actually apparent, it is to should make you much fool fool her, get you more doting on.

2, the girlfriend gets angry indescribably occasionally, not be true life certainly, convey means to differ however, great majority is to act like a spoiled child nohow just.

3, if be two people sincerity,love each other, the woman student is angry now and then, why to no matter stem from,plant state of mind, pass genuine communication, can prevent completely.

Cannot manage why to cannot tell a truth with the girlfriend with schoolgirl preach

Quarrel the girlfriend got angry how to do

1 with girlfriend be difficult with sb, what should do above all is not preach manage, it is clear to manage however the problem that who is after all, whose mistake.

2 if this mistake depends on you, that active compromise apologizes.

3 if be the problem of your girlfriend, analyse first, this mistake is principle negligible still.

4 if be principle problem, the opinion that holds to oneself then and she tells clear truth, but notice pattern, do not want too immediate harm her self-respect brings about contradiction to upgrade.

5 if be negligible small issue, you do not have this moment necessary catching a mistake or shortcoming that may be exploited by others to be not put, compromise appropriately to be opposite occasionally two people are nice, man, magnanimous just had demeanor.

6 if your girlfriend is pure willfully make a trouble only, any opinions perhaps compromise to was not used, I suggest, each other are sober one, it is good to nod a space to her let her review her.

Cannot manage why to cannot tell a truth with the girlfriend with schoolgirl preach

Pay attention to with girlfriend preach how

When managing with schoolgirl preach, the problem can rise: Do you tell a truth with me unexpectedly? Don’t I want to hear two Orphean words namely? You do not love me namely at all. Is this make the issue big?

Tell the schoolgirl of the truth to because you are unreasonable,won’t leave you, but unreasonable schoolgirl can tell a truth because of you and leave you. Actually she knows truth of a lot of moment, want to let you fool namely fool just.

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