The schoolgirl has many to care to the boy friend’s height why schoolgirl so care about height

A lot of schoolgirls are in now look for a partner in marriage when, ask above height above all very tall, bring about many height insufficient schoolboy will be very sad, so why present schoolgirl so Where is the height that cares about an object?

The schoolgirl has many to care to the boy friend’s height

1.A classmate: “I do not have method to tolerate absolutely male friend is shorter than me “

The male god in schoolgirl eye should be the sort of height at least one meter of schoolboy of 75, too short be no good. I myself am a meter 6, still hope oneself stand beside the boy friend can birdie depends on a person a bit, I am patient without method the boy friend is shorter than me, absolutely impossible, I a meter 6, a schoolboy is shorter than me, that may not find a target.

In the schoolgirl, according to me understanding should do not have a person to be able to be married a height is less than a meter of man of 6, likelihood a meter of schoolboy schoolgirl of 7 also meets height hesitate somewhat. Inches is very important, after meeting influence arrives of the child’s height, can care about of course.

2.B classmate: “The schoolboy is OK ugly can fat, cannot short “

The schoolboy’s appearance won’t be so actually severe like the woman exacting. Man, want to grow high only, the dress of cruel of the cruel that wear a dot can be played the part of handsome, but the woman is different, the everybody colour worth requirement to the woman is stricter.

Look in me, the man is OK ugly can fat, but only alone cannot short. Of course my individual height 165, the demand is not high, the boy friend wants to go in a meter of 75 above only. The girl cares about schoolboy height quite.

3.C classmate: “What would rather want to grow uglily is tall, do not want grows shortly handsome young man “

The height of the man student that my individual can accept is in a meter of 7 above, under a meter of 7 take no account of. We know original schoolgirl is shown tall, the schoolboy is to be not shown tall, if this still is less than a meter 7, be to do not have method to accept really.

To me, what would rather looks for to grow uglily is tall, also do not want under a meter of handsome young man of 7. After all the man is ugly ugly also which be less than, want facial features to be able to dress up rightly only rise very handsome.

4.D classmate: “Total feeling holds a shorter than me schoolboy in the arms to be blamed quite “

The girl is thinking from safe sense is found over there the boy friend, if one compares my short boy friend, hold in the arms rise no-go, always cannot let him lie in my bosom. Be no good be no good, such word is not I resemble a man.

Said again, I wear high-heeled shoes even, we two difference are too much go on the ave much worse to look, I feel to be able to be laughed at.

The schoolgirl has many to care to the boy friend's height why schoolgirl so care about height

Why present schoolgirl so care about height

In fact, the female is right opposite sex height cannot of extricate oneself hold fan, it is developmental psychology is affected in play actually.

Want to know, the mankind has phylogeny of about 200 thousand years, in historical endless flow, the mankind more moment are to rely on an armed strength to solve a problem, and the female requirement to male height is remembered deep, this is gene demand. Because be in that times, tall man means high armed strength to be worth, can bring full safe sense to the person.

More important is, the man with tall figure, also mean higher achievement. Took the place of early 1940, psychologist discovers, lofty clerk wants than the outstanding achievement of a short person more outstanding. The investigation 1980 also shows, be in the United States ” fortune ” in the CEO of 500 strong companies, the person height that has an in part is 183 centimeters at least. Speak out you to may be not believed, abroad still has research to point out even, height every tower above a inch, year income hopeful tower above 976 dollars.

In addition, height still has a the gate of vitality — culture standard. You look, the life is counteracted ” big ” , ” tall ” concerned word, very active. Contrary, and ” low ” , ” small ” the statement that contacts together is very negative. Odd from this, we are judged not hard, the tall man’s person suffers praise highly fully, not very of a short person suffers wait for see.

The schoolgirl has many to care to the boy friend's height why schoolgirl so care about height

The man’s inches is important

It is important that the man’s height has many? It is euqally important to use the appearance that the woman follows for a very exact word, as important as feminine figure.

A male fellow student said the experience that he cold-shoulders because of height by the person. He is in an university when it is nevertheless a meter 6, suffer the detest and reject of a lot of people next. Talk about a girlfriend, this is an incredible story simply to him, above all height repelled him from amative circle go out. Do not have a schoolgirl to be able to talk about love with him, he such height can let the girl feel humiliating.

The father of this male fellow student also says with ground of his sincere words and earnest wishes: “Child, with respect to us this height, looked for daughter-in-law to also be not carried later. You ah, return be conscientiously to rely on his. We ah strive for look for each tall girl to alter next gene. Child, because you grow shortly, a lot of jobs should accept restriction, conscientiously. The man is short, mean shorter than the person one cut. ” fortunately disposition of this male fellow student still calculates optimistic, unapt sullen because of height, also gradually recognize the reality of own height.

Does the woman have the height that cares about a man more? Examine one’s conscience, I also care.

My ideal at that time boy friend level is best a meter 8, schoolboy a meter 8 special get schoolgirl reception. But I find actually also a meter 75, also accepted higher than me with respect to ground of be perfectly satisfied. If compare me short, still should be to cannot be accepted, the boy friend that still is him hope can be high greatly, such ability can have safe feeling.

The schoolgirl has many to care to the boy friend's height why schoolgirl so care about height

Why is the schoolgirl willing to look for short schoolboy

Height also is a kind of beauty, two grow the schoolboy like getting, the nature of 175 is compared of 165 those who come is a lot of more good-looking.

Want to if your boy friend has the word of 165 only,think, your life can be what appearance. You want to change bulb, call your object to come. As a result he says, baby, the family also is not worn quite. More what to carry to feel a head to kill, wall Dong was waited a moment.

The schoolboy with shorter height besides there are a lot of inconveniences on the life besides benefit, the person also loses on imposing manner first-class, look at without safe feeling. Besides, the schoolboy serves as male, have the function that protects a woman namely originally. Body height sees be male protection function be short of from some kind of respect break. So, the schoolgirl’s nature likes high man student namely.

If look for a shorter schoolboy to be together, still can appear schoolgirl age is old, resemble an elder sister. Everybody does not think everybody is looked at older than the boy friend.

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