How does the schoolgirl in love give her safe sense how to avoid to want in love too much

The schoolgirl in love often does not have method to keep away from an error, think easily namely too much, the consequence that such bringing about can do not have safe feeling namely, next be swayed by considerations of gain and loss, so, how the schoolgirl in love should feel to him safety?

How does the schoolgirl in love give her safe sense

One: Want to have oneself friend group

The woman is in love when on the body that always can put focus in the man, and oversight the friend beside oneself, dine together together with the friend rarely since love have a meal of chatting what, as time passes, the friend beside you can be lost gradually, and your whole world remains your man, actually woman or the friend that should have oneself are encircled, do not put the focus of the life on male friendly body, such meetings allow a man of times feeling pressure. The friend group that has oneself is not evildoing, can allot a few time go up in friend body, time shops together with the friend shop, still can go to school in friend body amative experience, two people share his amative course jointly.

2: The society dresses up oneself

The wife after a lot of love is not willing to dress up oneself, they begin not to pay attention to their appearance later in love, be in the home basic it is unkempt, sanitation also is not cleaned in the life, did not pay attention to even the mainest immanent accomplishment, perhaps a lot of females think, already somebody wants them, so they had not paid attention to their appearance so, has actually such behavior considered beside that him? What perhaps he likes is work delicate you, but you such contrast that behaves him is too big, the action that you face at the back of him so is met gradually allergy, the wife does not think love do not have necessary dressed up, still need to dress up dress up oneself.

3: Want to be able to insist to also want to be able to let go

This kind of view also has at first sight the dot is contradictory, hold to and letting go is the place that shows two kinds differ. Those who hold to expression is but when you have love with him again, once time grew you to be about to resemble a variety of in overcoming love difficulty like a female soldier holding to after all, and but your love has gone to the end you want very free and easy go letting go, because pester too long to you each other also are a kind of harm, so the woman should know to insist to also want to learn to let go, perhaps parting company is not regrettablly, it can let you find what suit its more, begin to search below one paragraph of happiness.

4: Want to have oneself bottom line

The schoolgirl must hold to her bottom line in love, do not do not have those who have a bottom line to love a person, such your love can give the other side a kind of feeling that gets very easily, and the thing that gets easily often a lot of people won’t cherish, no matter many like,in love the other side must hold to his principle and bottom line, want to have oneself idea, do not want those who be without reservation to be done for the other side any thing. Wh whichever is such, no matter love the other side to be able to not do not have his principle more, happiness is flimsy, need yourself’s elaborate protection.

How does the schoolgirl in love give her safe sense how to avoid to want in love too much

How to avoid to want in love too much

When just beginning to talk about love, everybody can think a lot of. Because, both sides of male and female is not quite familiar, some moment can guess the disposition of the other side perhaps guesses what the other side is thinking now, the other side minds his a few small issues, meet those who have a lot of to think.

Tan Lian loves to think too much, advocate if the other side does not have you,enough security feels, to this kind of thing, must the calm is treated, not cranky.

Before me love when, what think is too much, with respect to Lian Nan the friend cooks put much salt, can I guess at random: ? Does dispatch emperor show channel neon to bake Ying  knows well in person gizzard Lu  Wei of Yan of haze of round vomit of  of  of  ⒆ cherry does course of study of  of Yao of Nao of Li of  of Mao of excuse me = seek be angry does twin Long embed  of chirp lament model to believe bamboo-plaited basket or suitcase Wei of Yan of road of ⌒ of suddenly of Yan Huang dispatch?

” encounter sealed oneself ” there also is respecting person in this book because want,a lot of moment are nevertheless too much, the mood suffers him to be opposite the manner of some thing, view, a few conte that give what oneself make up with oneself caused a few negative sentiments, since the thing is so bad without what happen, do not have necessary apprehension too much, even if was to happen really so bad, answer actively also, blame insoluble problem, seeking a means just is crucial.

How does the schoolgirl in love give her safe sense how to avoid to want in love too much

The schoolgirl that feels without safety in love has what feature

One, keep asking you love not to love her, make ceaselessly

A little straight male likelihood does not understand, obviously we had been together, why do you or meeting ask I do not love ceaselessly? Do not have the girl of safe feeling actually, just used this kind of existence that will search oneself to feel.

This kind of girl does not have what self-confidence normally, need the affirmation with ceaseless outside, spoken parts in an opera is ask for trouble. This kind of behavior can be understood, but time is long, the meeting with true the other side is irritated. In the boy friend cannot for company in your time, must have oneself life, such ability make feeling more healthy.

2, always let you send a friend to encircle beautiful conjugal love

When having, no matter how much did the man say honey-tongued, girls always are hope amour can clear tells the world. Make public amour, mean a man serious really to the woman, hope everybody knows. Every schoolgirl hopes she becomes the boy friend’s pride, and do not suit to be being hidden assist is worn.

Send friend ring, also be a touchstone really. Some broken bits male can conceal amour external really, ride an ass to look for a horse to remain a rout of retreat for oneself, so the concern of girls is not willfully make a trouble. If love the other side really, satisfy the vanity that issues her appropriately, give sufficient her safety feels.

3, special fear to quarrel, quarrel to begin to plan to part company

Quarrelling is inevitable between the lover, affray purpose is not harm the other side, change a kind of means to speak out the problem however, two people are solved jointly later. But the girl without safe feeling is special,be afraid of quarrel, always feel to quarrel two people were over. A long time awaits a man and do not have the idea that part company very much, it is temporarily gas only, the result let a girl shrink back.

4, do not pick up the telephone to feel you and other woman are together

Man most those who be afraid of is a woman probably seized life interlink Call. Remember a schoolboy says with me, occasionally oneself go up the toilet did not receive a telephone call, the result has 67 to did not receive an incoming message on the mobile phone namely, answer the past to close machine, later 3 days did not manage he. He let write one Feng Changchang’s guarantee after 3 days. The schoolboy says, I see her phone fears now. The girl that feels without safety is fearing momently namely the other side will be off the rails, the head fills give an another big play, invite opposite party very great pressure, oneself sad.

How does the schoolgirl in love give her safe sense how to avoid to want in love too much

Why does the schoolgirl in love lack safe sense

Depth psychology clique thinks, if we in one’s childhood the need of safe feeling did not get satisfaction, our lifetime seeks safe sense can persistently. So the choose of a lot of schoolgirls occasionally the standard is lofty, strong, concentrated, considerate etc, the hope has one to the individual can be relied on and keep out wind and rain, this is the safe feeling that angst attaching causes is short of break.

Although we often say those who give our to safe feeling is him, but the other in part that can supply safe feeling looks in the woman is really add cent very well. Accordingly, if you do not want to let your girlfriend / wife thinks too much, that accomplishs mutual openness please, can at any time ” report ” track, make the other side sufficient understand time of your work and rest, become a man that can give her safe sense hard.

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