Why reason of relation of love of underground of boy friend of relation of love of boy friend underground

The love that after Tan Lian loves, the boy friend does not agree to make public you however concerns, do not want to let others know your amour, the schoolgirl can feel the schoolboy is do not like his, conceal two people relationship painstakingly, very depressed.

Why love of boy friend underground concerns

When having actually, the schoolboy does not like to send a friend to encircle, starting appearance is normal, if he is such habits all the time, he does not make public you on the network also just as well, the most important is his friend and family, if he resembles them,make public you, show you or have the place.

1. does not love you

A schoolboy loves not to love you, actually the woman student is felt probably, but because be in love,medium schoolgirl always likes to cheat her, likely this man does not love a schoolgirl at all, just be in just doleful when, your abrupt occurrence, only this just, after the sweetheart that should find oneself, one foot kick you also are a likelihood.

2. has spare wheel

To a lot of men, actually oneself are wide net originally, the equipment that you may be him only chooses one of cummer, if release you in friend circle, so affirmative to her spare wheel, it is particularly bad. Can talking about subterranean affection forever with you only so.

3. you are not outstanding

When a lot of men play a friend, also be put up with only, you actually essential undeserved he is shown off to everybody, in other words, you are not the one schoolgirl with individual easy and beautiful face, it is at least in his heart you are not such.

Why reason of relation of love of underground of boy friend of relation of love of boy friend underground

Reason of relation of love of boy friend underground

1. is afraid that the schoolgirl of other love knew to won’t be close to him again, the love that you should know it is normal to have an affair with to be compared far actually is more exciting.

Perhaps you return 2. to did not achieve him ” love is peacockish ” requirement, if have too very beautiful, very creditable schoolgirl is beside, every schoolboy can be worn urgently should go out her schoolgirl belt to show off below. Moreover, one is returned crudely the boy can tend this is planted more condition. It is better that you need not be in charge of him to whether concern with your friend actually, because he made a to our woman speech (should call the girl to you) the thing that should tolerate least of all — I come to underground ~ tell you, do not have any reason to be able to let his underground, he did not love otherwise, he loves otherwise not quite greatly. Actually to such boy can need not expend you so amorous feeling is inside, he did not mature you also mature not quite actually. Do not cross you to be able to absorb bit of experience between this paragraph of feeling. Affection support of the woman cannot lean on man body only, once you meet take a wrong step in life,fall very miserably otherwise! So we should have independent spirit to be in!

If you still cannot leave him temporarily, put this paragraph of feeling over there. Cool he, tell him you want to work now and cannot communicate with him etc. If he still loves you, he can feel you are cool to him and those who bring is bemused, he can follow your press close to oneself, you can raise a requirement in those days (open) . If he also is opposite you are cooler and cooler, then I feel to part before it is too late is the most well-advised choice. Part company do not love on behalf of your nobody, the odds that has the person that promoted love you greatly however — because you are lone! If say, you do not want to throw the word of new amour temporarily, so grow actually so big, try to had cared psychological demand of mom, she also is of need person care. Put energy on oneself and home person ~ family is that person that cares you forever!

Why reason of relation of love of underground of boy friend of relation of love of boy friend underground

Answer the little secret that male friendly underground concerns

1. parts company instantly

If at all ability and you are not together this man, can part company directly so, most the person that says to part company first wants a lot of more relaxed, and also can avoid him defect to get deeper.

2. declares dominion

If the man loves you really, but this does not hamper he loves others, discovering her when you so is for disaccord other only when the schoolgirl breaks off contact, you must anticipate the enemy, make a pledge as early as possible oneself dominion.

3. changes him

You love this individual very much really, this person also is worth you hard really, so be cheered well, promote oneself hardware plant, let male friend be looked at with new eyes to oneself, it is to be you not only this paragraph of feeling, also for your life henceforth. The schoolgirl in love, always like cranky, although your male friendly underground you, but you also cannot willfully make a trouble, sensible woman student is the only most lovely, look for a time to talk well with male friend, if discover the other side still loves you very much, so your must clutch well he oh.

Why reason of relation of love of underground of boy friend of relation of love of boy friend underground

How to capture the man’s heart

One, maintain a distance appropriately

The person that has talked about love knows, love does not rely on to just always can be maintained together, some moment maintain suitable space, can better let a man maintain new move to the woman. What common saying says is good: The distance produces the United States. Every day the feeling that be bored with is together, let a man very easily produce tired feeling and cheesed move. Was thought to capture the man’s heart, it is better that timely maintenance is apart from.

2, self-improvement is free-standing

The woman with free-standing self-improvement wants independent economic base, won’t person of be enslaved to be enslaved to, and such woman also has temperament and charm very much, so such woman can win the boy friend’s good impression, but the woman still should have the woman’s due warmth, so also cannot too ambitious.

3, will nod little romance constantly, passion lives

The time that be together grew, male people theres is no lack of what can feel the life is clinking is as dry as a chip and drab, be at this moment beside her you, can do bit of romance in the life usually, ignite the passion of the life. For example candle power dinner, off when can have honeymoon etc.

4, profession childishly can let male friend feel very happy

Before paragraph time heat sows drama ” happy eulogy ” one of medium 5 beauty Qu Xiaoxiao professions actively namely liked man, and the instant of one action took Doctor Gao Lengnan, the result that this shows the woman is active will be much better, act like a spoiled child what grandma of sound of grandma of good when you reputation enrages with male friend especially, the heart of that man can be given to melt for certain.

5, everything what accept him

Who does not hope whose male friend has muscle, is there cheek, talent has demeanor again? But we know this kind of man searchs too hard, ask with its male friend is changed, be inferior to accepting his true extent, the beer belly that tells him you love him, stertorous sound that loves him tells him you admire everything his, the defect him is the characteristic that is him, such two people not dispute each other whether accord with perfect criterion, quite not relaxed also? For the on the other hand, love a person to want to love his body to go up already everything outstanding, also want to love the not excellent place on his body.

6, know the other side attentively

This the other side is to point to husband male perhaps friend, want to capture the man’s heart completely, must want to know the other side attentively. What does he need? What does he like? What is his disposition? These are the places that need knowledge, after mastering enough information, be about to undertake to him a series of ” aggression ” .

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