Big and maiden Y.w.c.a. is discriminated against does big and maiden girl return somebody to want

Although say to show socially big and maiden girl is increasing, but should saying to be not discriminated against completely to affirm is impossible, basic metropolis has a few pressure exist more or less, does so big and maiden girl return meeting somebody to want?

Is big and maiden Y.w.c.a. discriminated against

Can, especially the 7 great aunt with old age 8 mother’s eldest sister are more serious to your discrimination, debase you indefinitely first, introduce to you next male, vivid, you with respect to this feel deeply grateful. The word that does not accept is accompanying long life to atttack.

Very strange phenomenon! Everybody is accepted to female divorce degree very tall, but hold prejudice to the female that does not marry from beginning to end however. Want you to had married only that is to say, even if just writtened guarantee,divorced, everybody also won’t urge you to marry again. This kind of wrong public opinion is oriented do a lot of females, in the age that should expand the job most, anxious marriage amative problem. Affected a profession to promote to a high office! !

The female with very much very beautiful very good condition, if passed 30 years old to had not married, dating pressure is met very big. Not only family has pressure, oneself are very anxious also. But same pressure man won’t have. This kind of abominable public opinion atmosphere is very adverse to the female.

Big and maiden Y.w.c.a. is discriminated against does big and maiden girl return somebody to want

Does big and maiden girl return somebody to want

Meet of course somebody wants, just had not encountered appropriate. 30 years old, perhaps to the age that an awkwardness is for a lot of females. Did not marry, no matter you stem from what reason to had not walked into marriage, you should bear all round of the person urge marriage, it is peculiar eye even, this is the current situation of this society, the girl with this maiden still age is in big city is economic independence and mental independence mostly, what want spirit morely to go up is meet to agree when seeking other in part, just of this kind of requirement is a kind of invisible high demand…

Perhaps you had experienced a paragraph of love that die without known cause, and tardy not dare easily reassume one Duan Xin amour, the parturient life condition with age person perhaps has married to let you feel matrimony fears without so happy then all round you marriage, “Marry wrong person to still be inferior to marrying ” the condition that example allows you to be immersed in choice fear… perhaps you looked countless ” because marry,be fastened and marry ” relevant poisonous chicken broth, the advice that perhaps you listened to countless people ” marry rapidly, or else marriage leaves the share that is carried only ” . . . . . . But I want to say, this needs you to go objectively look upon problem, understand the current situation with him recognize, go choosing to fit oneself person and life condition, do not follow suit, also absolutely not improperly belittle oneself… life is brief, wish from heart institute, once chose the route that you should take, do not care about the eye of others.

Big and maiden Y.w.c.a. is discriminated against does big and maiden girl return somebody to want

Big and maiden girl is lone reason

(1) woman too the economic atmosphere that takes a fancy to a spouse, get sincerity not easily

A lot of women are very greedy, do not go measuring at present state, want to look for an economic atmosphere to let his do not have the object of care all one’s life not only, still ask long be on intimate terms has social class even, resemble the sort of can the character of control the forces of nature. Is the appearance that can you be yourself what kind of? Whether can you wear get such man? Why be balanced, with the person joint that matchs with oneself, go creating harmonious matrimony.

(The record of formal schooling of spouse of 2) woman pick on and position, can be remained only

A lot of her women are half bottles of malcontent condition, reach its common record of formal schooling and job, but right choose idol condition is the demand is extremely high however, must mix in tall record of formal schooling social class seeks a partner in advanced crowd.

But communicate with the life this the most crucial question, you forgot female brethren, what he points to not only is two people between, be two individual families even more, can do not have confluence, can happen not to match only disharmonious, let your emotional suffocate suffocate.

(3) woman enterprise can lack the milk of human kindness too by force, can make spouse heart tired, dare not be close to

Business female elite is increasing nowadays, still meet Yuan Chao Yu Nan’s person even, the man is met very fear to talk about love with such women, because their enterprise is too heavy, won’t favor of put up with returns a responsibility then, everything is an interest put advanced limit. Not be to be in ” poineering times ” in, that La Na of personate of Yang Ying place appearance, have enterprise while, also meet the expression of the milk of human kindness, xin letting Guo year be willing to be close to.

But elite of a lot of female businesses is not such, they are a kind of manners to the job and life, it is make man heart very tired the sort of, if unalterable, estimation also is to do not have method to leave lone.

(The woman of affection of 4) too much excessive, lose oneself and way easily

A lot of to marriage this thing, always be the state of mind that net feels big fish, the man that oneself have fun at, often be classier, encounter appropriate play suddenly turn hostile like Beijing opera actor, change a pair of pattern immediately, intercurrent oath gets this person calm.

But have the woman of such state of mind the more, can be remained not only, return meeting him loss, be dallied with by the man. So, woman cannot excessive affection, serious still and a few more concentrated, it is happy otherwise beside your, you also do not have method to capture.

Big and maiden Y.w.c.a. is discriminated against does big and maiden girl return somebody to want

Why does big and maiden girl choose lone

Young when, the woman can be full of an illusion to the man, those who feel the man can become him is lifetime support, encounter a problem to always love to look for a man to help solve, but what get along with the man is longer, can feel the man is a trouble really more, resemble a child needing his euqally take care of, oneself and man are together long, can discover the man is very lazy really, won’t do chore, besides play a mobile phone, make game without a single redeeming feature, oneself fear when he can cease to be faithful even, time became long two people well talk about a day to be no good, such man should work, be to give oneself to add block up? No matter the woman is together with who, can face disappointed outcome.

Now the social woman nowadays is already omnipotent, whats can be because the woman becomes in the go through the mill in the life,done, the woman can become slowly in time female preterhuman, become need a man no longer, oneself earn money oneself are beautiful, do not have anybody to be able to be in charge of his, this also forbids, that also does not let, limit oneself freedom everywhere, want to do what to do, also need not consider the feeling of another person and experience again, taking care of his is the largest issue, want to go which billow goes which billow, no matter when come home to be able to be in charge of without the person, how happy how to come, the world of a person is very free very wonderful also.

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