The schoolgirl can mind boy friend end can the schoolgirl cold-shoulder boy friend end

Economic problem is an essential factor with the very big impact in love of male and female all the time actually, the love that does not have biscuit is very difficult maintain those who go down, also have of course the person abandons biscuit for true love, so, can the schoolgirl mind boy friend end commonly?

Can the schoolgirl mind boy friend end

No matter be schoolgirl or schoolboy, should meet mind the economic condition of the other side, after all present society too too actual! But this can not decide two people whether together, want two people only forward collective direction tries hard, enough! Biscuit is met some, love also is met some.

Say be a holiday not to mind that, in a paragraph of relation, can see value whether match. Next the one party with high value, can produce comparative state of mind, and the one party with small value, can feel easily not self-confident. Actually the schoolgirl hopes the schoolboy is aspirant, and not be wrong really thoroughly, poor all the time ability is.

The schoolgirl can mind boy friend end can the schoolgirl cold-shoulder boy friend end

Can the schoolgirl cold-shoulder boy friend end

If poor and annals is short, it is the individual is cold-shouldered.

If be poor only, other very good:

Economic condition also returns him ① row, can accept;

Him ② economic condition is no good, calculated… after all common saying has, husband and wife of poor and lowly 100 things sad.

The schoolgirl can mind boy friend end can the schoolgirl cold-shoulder boy friend end

Why some schoolgirls can mind boy friend end

Not be to care about end this word itself, care about the with viewpoint of value influence on the vitality that it brings however. Myself spends his money, poor male ticket can feel I am not sensible, that is the money in the home. Rich male bill can feel I am certain beautiful money way is OK a bit more advanced, mutual progress enjoys the life to earn together later.

Sharing oneself life with respect to some people in circle resembling a bill, chou Furen can feel that is to be in dazzle is rich, I feel that is very normal however the life that sharing oneself… be in with the level when lifestyle only an about the same height, just have the possibility of mutual appreciation.

The schoolgirl can mind boy friend end can the schoolgirl cold-shoulder boy friend end

Boy friend end is old to emotional influence

Say actually for go, the feeling of two people is the most important, feeling is only good, just meet Youxiayi the plan of the pace and plan. It is two people next develop and did not come.

A lot of schoolgirls are not to cold-shoulder schoolboy family circumstances bad, also not be to cold-shoulder schoolboy end, fear future can go down thoroughly only however, be without the day that turn over. The schoolboy of end of some family circumstances blindly blame a destiny, complain oneself did not cast good embryo, complain oneself parents was not used, blame schoolgirl snobbish attitude, but did not complain namely why oneself do not have ability.

I meet a lot of man students, their family financial situation is very bad also, some is front courtyard of odd relatives by marriage even, after the grown adult of dodder along, one pace relies on him to grow. They know these schoolboys oneself give birth to a family formerly bad, family circumstances is destitute, that well all previous is experienced oneself ability.

The job that they try hard, the life of effort, have more good childhood and life to let his child in the future only. They do not complain, they also are not hated, choose to continue hard however, when the schoolgirl that encounters to be willing to advance jointly with them when them, they can give commitment, the acceptance of a man. Now too much schoolboy puts the hope of life on other body, oneself are very poor, poor him; that does not mind them with respect to hope girlfriend does not have a house, do not want house him; to do not have future with respect to hope girlfriend, accompany them to do not have future together with respect to hope girlfriend. Such, be too too selfish?

Anyhow a word, some schoolgirls are not the family circumstances that minds male friend bad, mind to did not come however. Want a schoolboy to be willing to make arduous efforts only, can the schoolgirl is not had complain those who do not have regret to follow you to struggle together, it is the life with go up better too in the future only.

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