Lone long can fear to talk about love lone too long schoolboy expression

A lot of unmarried friends often can imagine the life after sheet, but if long-term and lone, may become more and more repellent love, lone long it is quite difficult really to talk about love, from a condition change needs proper time to another condition.

Lone long can fear to talk about love

Yes. Single in reality people is very much, not be to say oneself talk about love without capital, fear to talk about love however, the likelihood is to be afraid that he gets hurt, also may be a person lone long be used to two people to wait a moment no longer.

1, liked to go up a person acts independently, when oneself feel a person the freest, do not like overmuch socialization, the person that gets hurt in too much love saw beside oneself, the case of a lot of failure, all oneself had been been used to lone, slowly the life that oneself learned to enjoy a person, like oneself a person goes shopping, go having a meal, a person sees a movie to feel all the more good, the person beside feels lone very alone, lone look lone in you very good.

2, it is all and OK that he can refuse amative opportunity, the feeling talks about love to be in namely wasteful time, the person that feels him pursuit is not open-armed, single time grew a person people can say your nobody wants, but yourself knows, a lot of people chase after him, but they are to say just, do not do, him feeling will be lone all the time go down, won’t put up with.

3, oneself fear to be harmed in love, after the love that has experienced failure in oneself, him feeling was given to abandon by the world, but when oneself stand up again, feel original one the individual’s life is so good, all beginning that fear to harm dare not begin again.

4, oneself think too much, look in others be professioned to be a worth while and glad thing, the other side fearing however in him heart is to play play just, oneself or an all people, time became long discovery, a person also it doesn’t matter is bad, oneself can get up on time have a meal sleep, read a book on time, love oneself to love the life well, want to know a person, love oneself to just can be worth to be loved by nicer person well only.

Lone long can fear to talk about love lone too long schoolboy expression

Lone too long schoolboy expression

One, those who change is very persnickety, before the woman very door of dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed, him for fear that can be in an unfavorable situation

Although you expert to the woman at the outset, also did not change feminine love. But your narrow-minded, with respect to the love that won’t change a woman more. The woman does not love you more, make you can more persnickety instead. Jump over narrow-minded to be able to jump over nobody love instead. Such narrow-minded, can become dead loop in lone man heart only. Special go up in lone appointment, if expert not quite really, that did not carry sheet to arrive.

2, bachelor does not understand when lone appointment how active, see the woman that oneself like, live with respect to deadlocked

Although you are eloquent at ordinary times, although you also are met at ordinary times somewhat active, but before favorite woman, you are met however complete deadlocked lives, do not know completely to want what to say, won’t look for a topic completely, become do not know how to go active, do not know how to go loving. Such feature, because you are long-term and lone,be as much be caused by.

3, do not know how to start before the woman when lone appointment, do not know how to be gone after

When you lone very long hind, because do not have pair of woman helpers for long,you are met, and do not know how to do it, do not know how to go loving, also do not understand go expressing love. Do not know how to seek the woman that oneself like. Such do not know, also can allow your single time only, longer and longer. This is one of lone man’s common characteristics.

4, bachelor wants to be behaved before the woman, had behaved a head however, action woman is irritated

You are not actually willing oneself are lone, so you also want to let a woman notice you very much, but your practice, because,meet instead lone, and without proper limits for speech or action. Often exorbitant act, let a woman become allergy you, also can allow a woman only more and more prep before sees you. Want to take off single word as early as possible so, best consider oneself oneself have these cases, what change is not have increase strive to do what is beyond one’s power. All and lone man can find hope the world girlfriend.

Lone long can fear to talk about love lone too long schoolboy expression

The man student is single long it is what condition


1, it is quite good to feel lone occasionally, often envy others again geminate and didymous!

2, I look for a girlfriend to have two demands only now: Female, vivid!

Wretched model

1, my hand gives birth to a callosity!

2, my bolo is already thirsty and intolerable!

3, lone long heart tired hand is tiredder!

4, punctual see scrap piece search mentally comfort!

5, by subway when, was relied on by a schoolgirl shoulder, I should read even the child which nursery school to had thought.

6, the schoolgirl beside total feeling is paying close attention to her, a when feel them little movement is to like his!

Black change model

1, pull black the person of each beautiful conjugal love! Absolutely not be irresolute when firmness is needed!

2, begin to suspect a gender orientaton, feel to abandon friend gradually quite good-looking also!

3, I grow so handsomely nobody likes, it is the flower is inserted on cow dung as expected!

4, see uglier than oneself schoolboy has a girlfriend, feel then male is local tyrant immediately, then female is to do obeisance to golden daughter!

5, the dumpling that boil sees two sticky want to part them together!

Lone long can fear to talk about love lone too long schoolboy expression

Be indifferent to model

1, lone long true meeting addiction! Need not wash a hair to wash the dress to wash a sock every day, long blain also not be afraid of!

2, lone and bad? Be game still does not work amusedly too little?

3, heroic alliance is much more amused than the girlfriend!

4, I am covered for national province, I am glorious I am proud!

5, actually a person also can pass quite well, if you are very rich!

Lose confidence model

1, I had been not held in the arms to taking off sheet now any hope, I want to get rich only.

2, acquaintance is bad to do it, stranger dare not start to talk!

3, the Yan Zhi that did not fall in love at first sight, little also the patience of strange feeling of with the passing of time!

4, it who be like is OK to who be like, it who be like again is not OK to who be like again

5, won’t envy, also won’t disappointed.

6, the real situation is afraid of by disappoint, hypocrisy is afraid of again I am sorry others!

7, encounter favorite person to also can laugh laugh say, calculated!

Lone long can fear to talk about love lone too long schoolboy expression

The woman’s single 5 big reason

1, lone and comfortable, love is disturbing

A paragraph of love is to want two people intention to manage ability to blossom and bear fruit quite, we can plaint, if know a person from the beginning again,be a very tired thing, want to cost many time and monetary cost, the person that should find a sincerity to love each other is not bad, if be only somewhat good impression, that still is inferior to lowering the desire in the heart, happy ground is lone better.

2, current society sincerity is looked for hard

There always are a few hunters beside every girl, they often can encircle midpoint assist to brush existence to feel in your friend, dull when also can send a few cold jest to amuse you happy, have more can send a few lovers’ prattle very. Touch sometimes went up new shown motion picture, they can say sometime looks together, if you examine minutely be being cut truly is which climate, they fail to have a clear answer however, they will also go hurriedly hasty also.

3, exceeding lack safety feels, feel disgusted very much the feeling of be swayed by considerations of gain and loss

In this blundering time, a lot of people are considering quick success, also became even love victim. They are honest too urgent, eat a meal urgently a few times to wanting to be able to determine an impact immediately. But forgot actually, love is just like one boiler hoosh, need Wen Huo to stew ability slow to be able to grow has taste. Can form guard heart for a long time before so, when somebody close moment can protect him instinctively. Had experienced pain, your meeting singularly lacks safe sense, cautious and be swayed by considerations of gain and loss.

4, nerve is flimsy, lack weighs a courage that comes again

After a heavy defeat passing in experience, the person’s nerve can become very flimsy, get flimsily via removing a tiny bit of harm. You can feel you believe love no longer, fear to be harmed again, the cut that has not cicatrizationed can be pared again, be afraid that the real situation cannot get redound. You can become grey slowly to the view of love, believe others easily no longer, more go won’t actively paying. Beginning a paragraph of feeling again is how extravagant, you very be afraid of oneself to meet follow the same old disastrous road, good for protection oneself, you can hold off the arrow that Cupid fires.

5, the person of love does not love you, you do not like you of love again unluckily

Socially, single number is not little, but they are not to do not have a person to go after actually, did not come up against a person that true true be sure to lets they are enchanted however. There is perfect love on this world actually, love is the process of a kind of mutual choice, although before that he is not very perfect, but it is good to go to he waits for you attentively at least enough, other include each other went. Although you are not willing put up with, having perfect creed idea, but also ask you not to fear, step one pace bravely. The person growth as the age, also can encounter open-armed person more. Although you do not know,did not come that he is what kind of, but a kind of happiness that asks you to retain pair of love is expected, then the individual always can come, hope to be awaited in those days, you can meet this love with best condition. A bit tiredder, be indifferent to, a bit slower, also be indifferent to, most those who be afraid of is you had abandoned thoroughly.

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