Marry not to hold wedding to marry not to hold wedding to lose face

Although wedding says to new personality it is a very important ceremony, nevertheless also a lot of new personality can choose not to hold wedding now, going out to travel with this money actually also is very good choice, so, can be if marrying not to do wedding, everybody accepted?

Marry not to hold wedding

Doing not to do wedding is possible, want two people to had discussed to go only.

The life needs ceremonial sense really, a lot of people also long to have a good and unforgettable wedding, however the current situation is major wedding become already in alive popular feeling ” receive member fund ” one large dine together, more somebody is what happy post says ” gules bomb ” .

Marry not to hold wedding to marry not to hold wedding to lose face

Marry not to hold wedding to lose face

Actually this is to should look marry bilateral, as long as getting card is lawful husband and wife, it is the bridal ceremony that every schoolgirl wants a romance only just. Had done not have, it doesn’t matter is lost do not lose face, close illegimate, it is to look marry bilateral. Oneself come how happily.

About marrying otherwise should do wedding this controversy, also be in 80, the 90 youths after prepare what moment begins to appear to get married, grow one generation to be sure dispute often cares about this flow, be located in the villages and towns with human complex society especially, if marriage does not do the sentence of wedding feast, still meet action person give directions.

But the idea that major now youth has him more and more, the thought of parental generation also changes as the times and change somewhat, appeared more and more new marriage means, the most typical is viatic marriage.

Do not cross in the final analysis, what wedding builds basically is feeling of a kind of ceremony, care to do a bit bigger, pay no attention to cancel to also be indifferent to. There is no lack of on the net have news, to make preparations bridally two family are troubled by so that cannot leave hand in, final even the concern of relatives by marriage that hammer of two iron plate presses is done came loose, this is not to the loss outweights the gain. Wedding is for declare two individual evermore had cannot intersected fetter, but do not go with wedding test two the individual’s fetter are firm. Want to have love only, have wedding what to concerns again.

Marry not to hold wedding to marry not to hold wedding to lose face

Marry not to hold bridal netizen opinion

Girl of @ month Jiu

Wedding is divine indispensable life process ah! Basically live together before marriage now especially, or else does bridal sentence, the life is invariable really and do not have a meaning!

@ Li Na

Ceremonial feeling is opposite work is earnest, it reminds the serious person in our life and hour, experience from which love, hope and lay the force that lays not to cease.

Wine of @ small Pi:

What do for the most part is a form, what do ceremonial move truly still is minority.

Marry not to hold wedding to marry not to hold wedding to lose face

Why to marry not to want to hold wedding

The a bitth, actually a lot of moment, to a lot of people, wedding is for ceremonial feeling not just, however to call in money of a few member, look in me, wedding is unusual a thing that fatigue civilian overtaxes his nerves, after contrasting, I feel and beloved person is in cathedral or seaside wedding ceremony has a ceremony to feel more instead, is not a group likelihood the person that not very knows gathers eat wedding breakfast, the last few years is not a lot of people say to fear the person of marriage fearing wedding namely actually!

at 2 o’clock, I feel to be returned so that see capacity of economy of the other side, marrying is all one’s life important matter, if capacity of economy of the other side allows, the wedding that which girl does not want princess of the prince like a dream ~ but if the economic condition of the other side is no good really, the girl does not think the word of put up with again, need not hold wedding, two people go out travel marriage, also have not cannot. Do not to do wedding so, more wanting that see actual strength of the other side.

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