Maiden first pregnant marriage will be happy maiden first the schoolgirl of pregnant passes how

Actually maiden first pregnant is in the thing that this generation youth does not calculate what is very curious on the body now, a lot of sweethearts marry after the woman is pregnant, so maiden first the marriage of pregnant after all can happy?

Maiden first pregnant marriage will be happy

Actually maiden first pregnant is mixed after all can happiness is two different matters. Resemble just what a certain netizen replies is same, if the man is right you are good, you are first the pregnant after marriage and first the marriage after pregnant is same if good to you; encounters broken bits male, you first the pregnant after marriage or first the marriage after pregnant is euqally right you are bad.

Say to I hope when to be pregnant not happily with you actually so the concern is not big. Depend on can happy reason depends on, this man is conscientious, the man that is willing to be in charge of to you.

If a man thinks after you are pregnant is how to fool you to destroy the child, or how of low go cheating your marriage, again or he is flat a pair of indifferent appearance, seem to be willing to be mixed to you far from to you the child in abdomen is in charge of, that encounters such person is the; with won’t happy absolutely and a conscientious man is in after be informed you to be pregnant, regular meeting is double to you good, caress you cautiously, to you and you the child in abdomen is in charge of, be willing to struggle for you and child, such man is worth your entrust, want him to be in charge of to you only, you too won’t bitter.

In a home, want a man to be willing to assume domestic responsibility only, use up him ability to do what can do, go struggling make money will raise the home, with respect to the material that calculates you the life cannot get all satisfaction, at least your heart is sureness, you know to one individual station keeps out wind and rain before you, go struggling for you and child.

Maiden first pregnant marriage will be happy maiden first the schoolgirl of pregnant passes how

Maiden first the schoolgirl of pregnant passes how

01, my close elder sister is maiden first pregnant, but betrothal gifts has 10 thousand only, our home still is paid back 339. To now the child two years old, the husband’s father and mother of elder sister sent a bathtub of 50 money to bathe to child, from arrive before marriage now, besides that 10 thousand betrothal gifts and 50 bathtub, did not have, the cost that produces check, unripe baby repeatedly is he goes out. Him husband besides not off the rails, other asing if is general kin like, child was not raised quickly.

02, I also am maiden first pregnant, still more than 10 days prepared to marry now, male friend is troubled by disposition with me now, say he did not love me so before, because was pregnant to just considering,just marry, actually this marriage writtens guarantee or do not written guarantee was indifferent to, if writtening guarantee, he cooperates me, what should do what does he do, if writtening guarantee, still say betrothal gifts money is enough also go to a hospital hitting the child. I do not know how to should do now, cannot say with parents again, feel good intention is acerbity.

This is me before the sort of circumstance of respecting, when live together, must have decided two people should marry, otherwise the man is patted pat the buttock to go person, who do you look for to cry to moment.

03, I have a friend, with her male friend is talking, acceptance of original man parents buys a house. Was pregnant because of my friend later, raise the issue of the house far from. Now the child a year old many, my friend is being taken, the man works in different ground, make a divorce every day, say so maiden first pregnant can see clear really child person.

Present marriage is like is like food is being bought in market, because maiden first pregnant, not be costly in that way before so, if come again a few points, that is worthless.

04, still see a person, at present I also am maiden first pregnant, the boy friend is very happy I am pregnant, mom of boy friend pa is very good also talk, the old person of 5978 sits daylong car comes to my home seek a marriage alliance, and still answer the thing that my requirement did not say to I am pregnant to my pa Mom, my home wants betrothal gifts 120 thousand, 2 old also opinion of it doesn’t matter. I say to the boy friend the house keeps my name, he also agreed, nevertheless I also won’t keep my name really, basically see him how reply.

Maiden first pregnant marriage will be happy maiden first the schoolgirl of pregnant passes how

Maiden first pregnant should marry

See a person, appear maiden first the phenomenon of pregnant, if encounter good man to be able to make a paragraph of a much-told story, and encounter broken bits male can compunction is lifetime, a lot of conservative elder, it is very deprecatory maiden first the phenomenon of pregnant, so, below the circumstance that whether is worth you to go to such paying without affirmatory the other side, do not make you regretful because of temporarily impulse. The girl must learn to protect her, before deciding whether the other side can take care of you all one’s life, did not lose oneself.

Maiden first pregnant marriage will be happy maiden first the schoolgirl of pregnant passes how

Maiden first pregnant why bad

1, before meeting experience marriage ” Jew ” :

Those who a word says is quite right, word coarse manages not coarse, “Want to give betrothal gifts less, get her gut big ” , the man is very actually clever, you conceived the child, the chip of the negotiation can decrease greatly, do not believe go because be pregnant,ask those and by ” Jew ” girl. For instance, at the beginning the mood is quite good still, respectfully, betrothal gifts 80 thousand, want to have a house, head Fu Ye can be accepted, but be informed later had been pregnant, face changed, do not have any goody one’s words, house, it is OK to have the house that builds oneself, betrothal gifts 80 thousand too much also, we can not give. ” anyway my home can give so much only, you love to marry do not marry. Do you say you are married is the meeting happy after is such family affirmatory in the past?

2, the child’s health cannot get safeguard:

Maiden first pregnant, both sides of male and female did not undertake pre-marital check-ups and equipment pregnant are pregnant with respect to the accident, fetal health gets very hard ensuring, also go against health of woman body and mind at the same time, if the female detects to already had pregnancy hind, , in often be in ashamed, angst, blue, insecurity or scared mentation, , and without periodic pregnancy health care, without enough rest and nutrition, health of its body and mind is damaged.

3, can let marriage become not stable:

My pa Mom knows I am maiden first pregnant, urge me to marry rapidly. And marrying is not 29 days say the knot can written guarantee, choose a day what to inform close friends of even, and my requirement through male friend, occupy in the home of male friend, he says such convenience to take care of me, but as abdomen bigger and bigger, marry should promote agenda quickly, marriage gauze is illuminated, journey of bridal, honeymoon becomes hurried, and male friend says I am pregnant always however, what thing can save with respect to the province, the stuff that promises before this, became empty talk nowadays, you say such marriage can become not passivity, stable.

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