Far had married what kind of circumstance is OK far marry

Now traffic more and more develop, do not be restricted region is remote married person has a lot of, actually far marry say the move is simple, the hope that should take pair of love and courage ability make this decision, can be faced with too much and too much take leave of after all.

Far had married

Far been marry is opposite. Marry was opposite person, much further it is happy, marry wrong person, a village also is patchy.

1, far marry to the woman, it is the problem of the distance only not just, oneself family member also cannot be relied on again after meaning her more, she can rely on have you only. Cherish the woman that is willing to be paid for you certainly please.

2, should far marry, make sure oneself can have enough charge to come home at any time first, the person that makes sure you are married next can cherish you to feel distressed sincerely you respect you, make sure oneself have certain speech right and place in the home again. You go establishing a family, not be to go of person dry-nurse.

Netizen A: Far marry do not see parents

I am Cantonese, my husband is northerner, now is us the 2nd year when marry. Respecting is actually far marry, hold out feel sad really. Although say to the plane has Gao Tie to have the train now, communication is a lot of easier, but also not be to think those who come home to come home to be able to be met. I can return the home every year now twice only, tomb-sweeping day, the Spring Festival is answered, the time of the others is used up go up with fuel on the job. Electrify word and video can be connected only when thinking parents, they have bit of what thing also cannot arrive for a short while, the feeling is quite owing to my pa Mom.

Netizen B: Far married expense is big

A lot of people say far marry not so terrible, but it is not far that I still feel the girl is returned as far as possible marry, unless economic capacity is right still. I am Guangxi person, my husband is Heilongjiang person, our home town lay between most therein country. Come back to visit father and mother by air every time, want a large sum of expense, if later two children were born, it is not easy more. Pa Mom sees me rarely, because be married too far, they also cannot sit plane.

Netizen C: Far marry the meeting is unaccustomed

Father mother makes me not far marry all the time, but I am far still finally married. Marry mom cried so that be no good that day, say to make me not far marry me must far marry. I am a southern girl, husband is northerner, although annual winter is indoor have central heating, but outdoor cold still to be no good. And a lot of more northward consuetudinary mix in my home different, I also understand their dialect not, connecting mandarin is discriminating. Consider the home very much really occasionally.

Far had married what kind of circumstance is OK far marry

What kind of circumstance is OK far marry

1. oneself disposition

Set out from oneself, want far married feminine disposition had better be to belong to extroversion model, the person of extroversion sociability, acclimatization capability is strong, have such nature, marry new city, taking a kind ” self-invited ripe ” idiosyncratic, it is a lot of easier to become one with with the person beside, also so won’t alone.

2. favorite degree

Generally speaking, feeling needs the equality that the men and women loves, and to far for married woman, “He loves you, over you love him ” , just be worth while you are far married requirement, with a thousand li of parental be apart, only this man regards you as mind flesh, protect you all the time, favorite you, ability won’t let you be upset by unkindness in husband’s family.

3. independent ability

The woman is in marriage, want to get person respect, have to have the capacity that makes money independently, far married woman is more such, have such capacity, have a good opinion of of ability of husband’s family person you, this also is the basic safeguard that stands firm in husband’s family.

4. parents manner

If the man is good to you really, parents also can look so that see, do good idea work, they also can agree, if parents thinks the man is bad to you, that still hears parental opinion more. Want to see the attitude of man parents additionally, if do not approbate you at the beginning, so after marrying approbated harder.

5. economy condition

Common saying says ” poor husband and wife 100 things sad ” , without the feeling of corporeal foundation, often be loose, it is far what is more,the rather that more married woman, if man home does not have good economic condition, the opportunity that meets with person of a married woman’s parents’ home after that, will become a kind ” luxury ” , so economic condition is far married key.

Far had married what kind of circumstance is OK far marry

Far marry and marry nearly have what distinction

1. woman is married nearly mean close from a married woman’s parents’ home, when husband and wife quarrels, bale minute minutes the thing returns a married woman’s parents’ home, live egoistically a few days. And far when marrying, husband and wife quarrelled, you yourself can go out only driveway, oneself him mood is digested, dark comes home all the same.

2. is far the real recent situation that married girl knows father and mother very hard, even if parents fell ill, also do not tell a daughter certainly, feel distressed of the daughter long-distance rush about. And the girl that marries nearly can lie between hill to need a married woman’s parents’ home 5 times, parents is uncomfortable, can accompany beside arrange is served. A bit closer from mom after all is good, never mention it what makes aperient profit now. Parents is in, do not travel faraway. General far married girl must not be too very set one’s mind at, because parental age became old, parents of for fear that can stumble a bit, and oneself are not beside, the meeting is very compunctious. The person is living, not only for love, time one long, love changes flavour, be in harmony is close affection, kiss affection, it is person lifetime give up not feeling.

Far had married what kind of circumstance is OK far marry

The schoolgirl marries what kind of man the meeting is happy

1, have the man that take on

Good man is one has the man that take on necessarily, can open a season for the woman with his powerful body. For this, in the career superior man can go all out in work hard, strive for higher position and more pay, give a woman wanted life at the same time. Meanwhile, the man still can balance the relation between good family and career, do not guard empty house alone with the woman allowing for business. Bad man, flatter oneself can earn a few money marvelous, look to complexion wife easily. Even because of the dinner party, do not wear every day. And have the man that take on, him hour the wife in the home. When going to work, work well, when coming off work, accompany heart to heart, the appropriate appropriate card that plans the life after marriage, let a woman set one’s mind at happy.

2, quite gung-ho man

Good man is faced outside all sorts of alluring, can restrain oneself, had not come and go with the opposite sex close. Even if has a woman active accost, also can control oneself, always remember with concern oneself are the Fu that has a husband. Fine man, total meeting has not little admirer beside, but the bottom line that they can guard themselves, won’t do absolutely I am sorry the thing of own wife. So, know take hold sense of property. When working, set his mind at to work, of nonexistent assuming want. The distance can maintain below illicit, be do not drop the wife that can take oneself to attend in evade, let alien know he is right the manner of the wife, cannot do it.

3, the man with strong ability

Good man, want to carry a weight that raises the home after all. So, this must want true original story with respect to requirement man, know aspirant. Can have some of man, light leans honey-tongued fool the woman come home, think from now on all things does not have care. The accomplish nothing on the job, time also do in the home swing palmar ark, what without giving thought to. Be opposite before marriage feminine acceptance, can make money hard raise the home, put money to buy a room to buy a car slowly. But after marriage however as before careless, work 3 years still still be young staff member, lose sight of future. At the beginning, the woman still can accompany you to be boiled together. Can go one year, went two years… the house car that is apart from your acceptance is further and further however. Such life lets her cannot see a hope, hold the post of exhaustion of whose metropolis body and mind, who to hold the post of to be able to want escape!

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