How to see the mother-in-law is good get along what kind of mother-in-law gets along the hardest

How is relation of the wife and mother after derate marriage on bad terms, after marrying actually, be mixed and it is best that the mother-in-law lives apart, but if indispensable, that is about to keep away from bad mother-in-law, the mother-in-law tangles hard bad to get along meeting very the life after influence marriage.

How to see the mother-in-law is good get along

1, look to put on airs

It is to follow oneself after all ” grab ” son, especially strong mother-in-law, meet the daughter-in-law of create difficulties for sb that can’t help certainly. The ideal first impressions are strongest of difficulty of wife and mother, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are to wearing blinkers seeing the other side, see this mother-in-law often put on airs with you, carry oneself social status.

2, looking is prejudicial

This sees monetary side, seeing a mother-in-law is treat equally without discrimination, buy to the son of thousands of do not feel distressed, is the daughter-in-law bought of hundreds of rise to not was over with respect to the nag?

3, see love do not love Suo

Feminine nag is very common, old person nag is more much, especially mother-in-law, actually, proper nag won’t affect feeling, but the issue with the large sesame seed that is not the head that do not have li chatters several days, can resemble Sun Wu wanting to be patted dead euqally for nothing really otherwise the Tang Dynasty monk.

4, looking is conservative

Very much mother-in-law is old idea, the daughter-in-law wears a dress to also can gesticulate, the child’s education also should insert one leg, always feel oneself are a n experienced person, all sorts of broken before him son broken read aloud, know understanding only domestic ability is harmonious.

5, look to often raise exorbitant requirement

This bit is very important, the female of new era, need to go to work everyday, clear away housework to see the child even, what salary compares husband even is tall, but the mother-in-law’s idea is traditional still however, bilk a bed on the weekend with respect to all sorts of supercilious look, do not wash the dress to be met all sorts of nags, the woman of new era is very tired.

6, look to say offensive word

The woman wife and mother of tall record of formal schooling concerns most difficulty, because know too much, for instance scientific feed child, be afraid this is nodded can follow a mother-in-law a lot of contradiction, if the mother-in-law is not sensible, say a bad word in the country, perhaps bring a lawsuit against then in husband, the relation of some provocative even children and mom, waiting for bitter fruit to eat.

7 look to whether respect private space

This bit is the most sensitive, some mother-in-laws often do not knock the room with respect to discrepancy son and daughter-in-law, move private goods of the daughter-in-law in disorder, think in her the son’s is him, forever the attitude take advantage of one’s seniority of a pair of mom.

How to see the mother-in-law is good get along what kind of mother-in-law gets along the hardest

What kind of mother-in-law gets along the hardest

The first: ? Is  of miserly star Xiao Zhe of cangue carbylamine Tuo to show?

Chinese culture is broad and profound, while we are learning advanced concept to abroad, also want slam the door we the thought of a few traditions. Traditional idea has been it seems that in the brain of people confirmed, wanting slam the door for a short while is very difficult. Male honour female low, heavy male light female such thought had continued thousands of years in our country, after all the mother-in-law is wherefrom the times crosses comer, already confirmed take root is in this kind of idea in their brain, have a few grandmothers their serious male light female thought is especially other and serious, no matter use,what kind of method can let you give birth to a son. What present youth accepts is the education of equality of men and women, feel unripe to schoolboy daughter is her mind flesh, it is very important to be done not have, but one is weighed male light female mother-in-law always is met of try every means let you give birth to a son, in their eye, as if you pass a tool that receives era namely, continuance burning incense. Because of such thought, the mother-in-law is bad to get along, after all your mental level is absent same an administrative levels.

The 2nd, very feel distressed marital mother-in-law

In the idea of older generation, always feel the woman should include all housework, give the hall that get office, the kitchen is gotten below. Everything of all these is the obligation that the woman regards a wife as. Have a few grandmothers she very feel distressed oneself child, no matter you call the husband what to do, the mother-in-law can feel you are wrong, say what make carding comments to you you are lazy thereby. In the idea of our modern, the family is two the individual’s things, also be bilateral between the result of the joint efforts. Housework also should one person half, after all oneself do a full-time wife without the choice. Everybody is very tired after coming off work, some mother-in-laws very feel distressed oneself child, when seeing the husband is doing chore, always be face about scolds you.

The 3rd, like participate between you emotive mother-in-law

A lot of people contradict needlessly to cause, won’t live together with the mother-in-law now. But the idea that some families are big family, must live together between wife and mother, can cause thereby a series of contradictory. Quarrelling between husband and wife is a very normal thing. Common saying says the head of a bed quarrels bed end and. Because the bagatelle of little has stick to one’s position,always meet, the contradiction between needs ego adjustment, anybody does not get participate. A few mother-in-laws like the feeling between participate husband and wife, when they begin to quarrel, the mother-in-law always meets the safeguards his son that endeavor, no matter who is right who is wrong, scold the daughter-in-law what do not divide green red black and write, such mother-in-law gets along very hard, never treating you as because of him is oneself person, from only then be in eventually oneself the child that safeguards oneself.

How to see the mother-in-law is good get along what kind of mother-in-law gets along the hardest

3 features of evil mother-in-law

1, the defect turn a blind eye to to the son

No matter the son is mud is not helped up,go up wall, still be a son is bilious, calculate a son to have again much drawback, in mother-in-law eye, her son also is baby a knot in one’s heart, between son and daughter-in-law, greatly small business, she meets deflection son.

2, marry into our home, daughter-in-law is the servant of husband’s family

Be in the place with a little old very serious idea, return existence daughter-in-law to marry even come in, not be oneself person, also not be alien, however servant! Daughter-in-law has forever those who do not work is the housework that does not do, tired, and these metropolises are should, because you are married,came in! This still included your belongings, your income, these metropolises become be husband’s family, of husband, of grandchildren, but won’t be you or be a married woman’s parents’ home.

3, before the person one, rear

It is good that some mother-in-laws have many in the daughter-in-law that him boast always is before the person, but rearward always cold-shoulders his daughter-in-law however, still like to bring a lawsuit against even. Such going down that can make daughter-in-law relation more embarrassed only, because this brawl fights noisely,still meet even, to whole family the relation is brought very big disharmonious. Since daughter-in-law is willing to marry his son, be about earnestly and sincerely treat, a few less heart, many a little bit trust and understand.

How to see the mother-in-law is good get along what kind of mother-in-law gets along the hardest

The face posture of evil mother-in-law is what kind of

Posture of the first kind of face is the mother-in-law with eyebrow protruding very atrocious eyes, the eyebrow bone of this kind of mother-in-law is raised, and brow is very weak have hardly. The eyes when seeing a person is very callous, this kind of person is very selfish, ten million cannot touch her interest. If the mother-in-law’s brow is very shock, plus very atrocious eyes, explain personality is very strong, so encounter such mother-in-law to be able to be far from only, because this is planted,the person of face posture gets along very hard, and a person’s mind is not quite kind-hearted also.

Posture of the 2nd kind of face is forehead forward and raised, the person of posture of this kind of face most be good at turning over small intestine, like to take bygone love say. This kind of mother-in-law likes dispute daughter-in-law most a variety of incorrect, period of time can take every other to say, your person is borne hard. If forehead is of all directions form and go to both sides be overflowing with, such mother-in-law makes do the hardest, and very much brains knows the imposing manner that uses his to press a person, let daughter-in-law carry do not start. Encounter such mother-in-law, can hope daughter-in-law can come down alive normally only.

Posture of the 3rd kind of face is face the person with very small very tall nose, if one individual face has only thin a thin, and two cheek do not have the flesh, such mother-in-law does not have the milk of human kindness, do a thing to won’t discuss human relationship, very acerbity and callous. If bridge of the nose is very tall forward and raised, the wife of posture of this kind of face is very selfish, affection meets all things to set out from his angle, and very great-hearted, think everybody is inferior to him oneself. If encounter such mother-in-law, can explain all one’s life on daughter-in-law built evil only.

Posture of the 4th kind of face is Gou Qu of face wider nose, the person of posture of this kind of face is very bossy and strong, like to intermeddle, and can hold the property in the home. The most crucial is, everything wants a canal, make daughter-in-law very helpless. If there is an eagle to tick off on the nose, and bridge of the nose is raised, dragon of my piece Xin thinks such mother-in-law most be good at intrigue against each other, very selfish also, and psychology is dark and unidentified, do not know next meetings do what business. Encounter such mother-in-law, daughter-in-law can submit to humiliation. These are the face postures of evil mother-in-law, look to make a person shake with fear. If the woman has such grandmother, certain be in easy circumstances is less than the day where to go. Although do the young son’s wife of a submit to humiliation, also meet those who suffer a mother-in-law censure. If cannot be borne really, still be far from her! Fasten another the life below eave

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