The schoolgirl professions failure dissolves awkwardness how to should profession just is correct

Profession when you when failing, want as soon as possible from profession go in unsuccessful sadness, it is very sensitive and flimsy in heart of a lot of schoolgirls, the schoolgirl professions need to rouse very great courage very much, after be being rejected sad awkward.

The schoolgirl professions how does failure dissolve awkwardness

1, be at ease the mood

The schoolgirl professions firm by refus, affirmative meeting is torturous, not happy, but anguish and grouchy trashy, the fact won’t be changed, want to learn to adjust the mood so, be enlightened a few things, if feel oneself are true love, it is to be not put really, that is not crestfallen, cheer up continue hard, go touching him, affection the setback on the road regards as the bramble on love road, behead is broken, the person that unless he has really,loves, we won’t become a third party.

2, thick next face, look for a time to make an appointment with him to come out

Chat each other, speak you to see the thing of countenance easy awkwardness, each other see happy written guarantee. Such word, when meeting, can make you more relaxed. Say, written guarantee with respect to heart of it doesn’t matter. If if the feeling feels embarrassed really,starting to talk, can pass QQ or phone, a little. Such, study of the following to you job and life meet what have profit more. Remember must thick live face.

3, say to have nothing to do with with the other side

Profession by refus, both sides is awkward, two people with original quite good relationship become suddenly do not have a word, you want this time atmosphere of delay vent one’s anger, do not make the other side difficult do, the other side rejected him to have a reason for certain now, or be still do not love, or it is oneself not quite outstanding still, or because do not like oneself strength,be, so you should show sympathy, say to have nothing to do with with him, concern to alleviate between two people, let the other side continue to maintain original relationship with oneself, after be good do hard.

4, continue to become a friend with him

The schoolgirl professions failure, friend relation is ceaseless, besides still wants to try hard again, still have an opportunity later. Continue to keep in touch so, continue to pay close attention to him, continue to follow the his word the daily life of a family, good friend that continues to become us.

5, in understanding his key point oneself

Can letting him say him is in his eye from chatting at ordinary times is how, look to whether have the defect that he does not like and strength, such we can have specific aim ground to change our, for instance he does not like the other side to play game, then you are changed, drop game for the person give up of love, for instance he does not like man small strength, that small strength with respect to him give up, become the good man in his eye slowly so, profession again later successful probability is higher.

6, the mother that failure is a success

Profession failure is summary experience at most, want certainly. Such, you can succeed, it is no matter learn or should learn to fall where in the life be about to climb where.

The schoolgirl professions failure dissolves awkwardness how to should profession just is correct

How should professioning just is correct

1, the image that high value establishs in heart of the other side before professioning

How to show high value, simple for the style of conversation that passes you namely and your behavior attracts each other, and rather than you are shown through the kind that display.

2, profession should sit in profession on the right side of the other side

Student of college of the block austral Italian Deng discovers, people is willing to hear others speech with right side more, the capability that passes information because of right side is stronger, make response effectively thereby. So, it is better to if you think,be obtained profession the effect, had better sit

3, profession should choose in the late evening, escape Zhou San

British biology scholar considers to discover, the courtship after the day is black becomes power to be able to rise greatly than professioning by day. This is because of system of margin of the cerebra after the day is black the activity is strengthened, people can become feeling is rich, be touched easily. Research returns discovery, in a week, the mood of the person when Zhou San is the poorest, sweethearts parts company happen the most easily also, because of this best escape Zhou San.

4, profession the flower that should prepare her to like is small perhaps gift

Like a person, always paying close attention to the other side not can self-consciously. Always want to feel oneself best, before boosting area of the other side. When professioning nevertheless, we suggest to understand the be fond of of the other side, reckon is worn the way that the other side likes, prepare a few favorite gifts, can raise successful rate.

The schoolgirl professions failure dissolves awkwardness how to should profession just is correct

5, build intimacy

What intimacy points to is, you are in get along feel comfortable in the process, communication rises relaxed lightly. The procedure that establishs intimacy is very important, what should accomplish above all is genuine, major person still can accomplish. The stand or fall that this process builds reflected condition the discretion of business. Of care of can of major condition business fail very unfortunately to carry assessment, always say the topic of disinclination of a few the other side in this process. Often those are careful and considerate, know comfort, met those who praise meeting taletelling to stay, everybody likes interesting person.

6, the affection connection that establishs deep arrangement

This phase relation begins to become very delicate, if your work force is deep, so a few weeks can be finished, contrary likelihood needs to spend many time, this depends on two people meet the frequency that communicate. Took these 3 technological process when you and your connection is very frequent still, you also had a background in the heart, next your profession will with might doubled.

7, look for the person’s little place to profession

In idol play, a lot of professioning is more high-key, but in actual life, still do not want to be imitated blindly, such likelihoods scare opposite party run! On the net those ” 10 move like that refus ” example did not say more. So you still should look for the individual’s little place, even if was rejected, also too won’t awkward, also won’t let the other side have psychological pressure, the person’s little place can communicate your thick love, such ability let the other side feel your intention.

8, the time that considers to the other side

How to profession to the schoolgirl be just accepted easily? You and the other side profession basically is to tell each other the affection of your adore to him, be not let instantly of the other side must give you a professioned answer. So you should give the other side enough consideration time, if you blindly go coercing, may cause the allergy of the other side, such not be to one’s profit.

The schoolgirl professions failure dissolves awkwardness how to should profession just is correct

Profession what does need prepare

1, have certain emotional base

Not be to who like with respect to what profession directly, need the scintilla that love has between two known people above all, if be to have certain good opinion each other, also cannot undertake professioning on anxious horse. Two people still need more commutative emotive to warm up, rely on a bit good impression merely a lot of moment profession without method successful, a word is called impatient cannot eat to heat up bean curd, be urgent inside feeling so do not get.

2, circumstance

If want the object that admires in the heart to oneself to undertake professioning, must find appropriate occasion, professioned circumstance scarcely wants too too coxcombical, because a lot of people do not like the circumstance in the public actually by person courtship. Because there may be the pressure of a few outsides in public circumstance, perhaps can promise temporarily in order to force the other side to profession, but if consider long for, not be to suit exceedingly, possible meeting causes emotive to change flavour.

3, romantic atmosphere

Profession the romantic atmosphere that must add an environment, no matter be man or woman, like romance exceedingly, if be in what professioned environment increases the memory of a lot of romance to make, can let the other side feel what touch very much. And romantic means also is a kind of kind that adds two favor touch, romance also can let a person feel exceeding happiness, if want,profession romance can be this to must want let the other side be experienced.

4, open-armed

A sincerity is being had when profession is important, because let the mind that the other side knows you are true, let the other side experience your love, because because just can go,everybody is love,arrive one case. Professioning also is to need to take those who hold certain sense of property, the manner that is full of sincerity is to be able to let a person feel you are a person that is worth reliance, the life that there are you after thinking of is exceedingly dependable, always be especially won’t other with one’s tongue in one’s cheek long.

The schoolgirl professions failure dissolves awkwardness how to should profession just is correct

5 kinds of men and womens that have an affair with the most easily concern

1, female bosom friend or La Yan is intimate

Is there pure friendship really between the men and women? Asing if is done not have, because so called beauty, La Yan’s bosom friend is not male dark love this female, it is this like this man femaly, always have one party to another dark the passion that love, the care that does not seek get one’s own back next he, take care of him. . . . So this kind of relation is to belong to what have an affair with the most easily the sort of relation.

2, with sister younger brother or brother younger sister gets along

You also may discover, there are a lot of people in the life with sister younger brother or brother little sister gets along, it is especially in the school more common, because like, so idea tries to identify him to become elder sister or elder brother, for can closer take care of a care him.

3, the opposite sex closes hire

The opposite sex adds up to hiring also is very incidental ambiguous relation, because the men and women gets along time one long, meet slowly understanding the other side, the show that there often also is this kind of opposite sex to close to hire and fall in love with the other side gradually in teleplay is piled up.

4, network lover

In the understanding on the net, know the other side slowly, recount everything what oneself happen everyday each other next, resembling is real life medium male girlfriend is same. . . . .

5, red hears an object

Perhaps work in the same place in the school between, because two people concern,be being said nearly is such-and-such some likes such-and-such. . . . Once get about, they also can go gradually among them cannot extricate oneself. . . . Although ambiguous feeling is very good, but 1000 interesting gentleman still remind everybody to kiss people, had better reject to have an affair with, love a person intently. . .

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