Schoolgirl be lovemakinged should say what is proposed how should reply

Proposing is a very common thing, propose the thing that wants preparation has a lot of, propose the feeling that should wait for both sides is stabler, seek a right time next, propose sincerely like the other side, otherwise the other side may be at a loss.

What should schoolgirl be lovemakinged say

Propose suddenly what face a man, the schoolgirl falls in the case that prepares without psychology, may feel do not know a fault, cover than what as usual sees mouth reaction. And at the moment in brain fast also flash a series of idea: I am this agree immediately, be still redo consideration? Should after I agree, say what is good? This how present evade? Of course, whether to promise his courtship, still want to make judgement according to the emotional relation of your instantly. Above all, do not want an amative time length to should make the standard that enters marriage. After all marriage unlike love, need to do sufficient psychology to prepare certainly, otherwise inside the heart certain and anxious with repulsion, probable meeting translate into in the future the problem in marriage. Next, because,do not want of the man apply press and decisive agree, to avoid awkwardness, the courtship that can accept next men first article, show with the man need gives him the time of a few considerations. Preparing to fall to be proposed without any psychology after all, serious consideration promises you again, also be to us the future of two is in charge of. For instance, whether did our instantly have the base that marry? Whether can instantly marriage affect respective a few development, how should mediate. Etc. If wait for these to consider to be clear about, promise him again, can be more sensible decision.

Schoolgirl be lovemakinged should say what is proposed how should reply

Does the word say to be proposed how should reply is he good? You give here a few recommend:

How does the courtship that promises a man reply

1, the reply that the part acts

For instance, “See you waiting upon this empress so well usually, promise you, to you one is taken care of, serve, ministrant I all one’s life the chance became good ” .

2, flat reply

For instance, immediate response ” good ” ” go getting card now ” ” accurate achieve ” ” good ” etc.

3, the reply of tender feelings

For instance ” I am willing ” ” can marry you, I am very lucky ” ” we can be together forever certainly “

Warmth hints: The man proposes to you, hope to get your enthusiastic feedback more, so speech does not want too exorbitant cold and calm. Utterance cooperates language of upper limbs body is greatest to the man absolutely encourage. Conversely, the man also can have the possibility of self-respect be goinged to by the injury.

Schoolgirl be lovemakinged should say what is proposed how should reply

Defer to promise to propose how to reply

1, the reply that the part acts

For instance ” this queen had some of feeling disorder recently, lovemaking thing waits for reconsideration of some other day. For the moment receives you try bridal thing. For the moment receives you try bridal thing..

2, flat reply

For instance ” I brain is a little random now, your courtship is too abrupt, I need to consider again. Be in charge of in the future for ours, I should adjust the time of mentation “

3, the reply of tender feelings

I also want to marry you very much, but really still a few things are pulled tying me, taking such mood to promise you also is expression of pair of our feeling carefree. Dear, give me consideration of a few time again? Ready, I tell you certainly.

Sweet clew: Although you are in what some defy a man inside the heart to propose, also wanting blow gives on utterance, hurt its proper pride. Pass euphemistic means expression as far as possible, will to both sides take superabundant land.

Schoolgirl be lovemakinged should say what is proposed how should reply

Be proposed how should reply

1, below the case that has ring: Very beautiful ring, give me quickly to wear, do you want not to think I am taking it all one’s life?

2, below the circumstance that does not have ring: Such ah! You can be gotten serve me well.

3, see you waiting upon this empress so well usually, promise you, to you one is taken care of, serve, ministrant I all one’s life the chance became good.

4, good, hey · of · of · of · · ·

5, when do I begin to wanted to marry you after all.

6, accurate achieve, does what time go getting card?

7, I did not listen clear, propose those who get ready the word reads aloud me 10 times to promise you again!

8, you say again, I record a sound, otherwise after you not how does acknowledge a debt do?

Schoolgirl be lovemakinged should say what is proposed how should reply

Whether should the other side agree immediately when be being proposed

One, if this kind of abrupt courtship is below the circumstance that does not have someone else,undertake, if you love him greatly,raise your head and look already to his courtship in order to long for, the tears in eyes with affirmative excited meeting spills over happy sweet and promise him. If you do not want to accept his courtship or feel the opportunity is immature still, euphemistic rejection wants when decide hard shilly-shally, indicate the intention that oneself reject, perhaps say to had not considered maturity to need time to consider carefully, it is clear to wait for a consideration reply to you again, this also is right we of two marriage responsible. The decline of mood straight face that notices not to want the language with stimulation and Gao Leng, with implicative language skill indicate true intention, with conserving the proper pride of the other side is a principle. Although be not done,become a sweet heart so, unapt also fall out can become a friend into Chou Hai, be helpful for the association of regular job and human relation.

2, if be,propose accidentally to you in masses circumstance, hypothesis proposes this is the desire that you long for day and night all the time, this romantic accident proposes the happiness that can make you clinking, promising him is must. If you are willing to promise his courtship far from, perhaps resist this kind of form, be sure to keep in mind not to want impulse to refuse in vain continuously with ultra language, want to uphold the man’s dignity before everybody, lest hurt the proper pride to him. Can accept next men first try bridal thing, show with the man this proposes too abrupt, need gives him the time of a few considerations, waited for a consideration to be clear about reply again you, take superabundant land to both sides thereby. Although you love each other, and the courtship that you do not like this kind of form resents in the heart, also want to maintain his dignity and image before everybody, what complaint is solved under the counter, sensible processing problem, ability conserves to interact normally.

Schoolgirl be lovemakinged should say what is proposed how should reply

After be being proposed, consider first at 2 o’clock

1, have male friend to prospective program

The accident of amative time is not to think the exclusive criterion that whether male friend fits to marry, relative to character, spend to the heart traverse of male friend already very tall, him heart has expected to cross the setting that he proposes to you a lot of times, in the program that has brought into him oneself, that promises him with respect to what hesitate none, give both sides a happy memory. If oneself are right,get along the accident of time very care about, hard to avoid can be in the following get along change trains is marital problem.

2, male friendly outer part conserves when proposing in public

Often have a kind of such circumstance happening, it is the romance that the schoolboy prepares meticulously proposes setting is ignored by the schoolgirl, or it is direct go off in a huff falls in the testimony of everybody. Such psychological harm to the schoolboy are very big. If you are a little nervous to the courtship with male abrupt friend, so might as well the courtship that receives next male friend first article, show oneself need time consideration, discuss through male friend is being made an appointment with again after sufficient reflection, this also is pair of both sides is responsible.

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