Lost expectant matter to lose the interest to love how to do to love

Present marriage is led lower and lower, mention love, be like a lot of youths and do not have much large interest, some people are to live to be given cram by the job, some people were to be hurt heart, next contemporary youths are summed up to lose expectant matter what to have to love below.

Lose expectant account to love

One, had not encountered real love, what had encountered not so good, let you be done not have to love so expected.

2, had encountered very good love to be done not have together finally, let you did not believe love so, also do not expect.

Lost expectant matter to lose the interest to love how to do to love

Lost the interest to love how to do

1. goes from the story previously:

A lot of people defy love, perhaps say lone very long, follow occasionally in front a paragraph of feeling has very big concern, because in front a paragraph of feeling had eaten very big deficient, a bit scared to love, so lone all the time, dare not begin new have a love affair.

2. contacts opposite sex friend more:

Still have very big one part person, because of the reason of oneself environment, there is the friend of what opposite sex beside, lack the experience that interacts with opposite sex communication, experience needs slowly education, what should do above all is much understanding go contacting more.

3. shifts the focus of the life:

A few went up the kid of age, the time that the flower is meeting friendly love to go up can be compared young a lot of less, because want busy career,basically be, I suggest move goes out one part-time, the career is to go up, nevertheless emotive thing also is essential.

4. makes a plan to future:

If you are right main threads of an affair of present life it doesn’t matter, do not know to should struggle first career, still look for friend of male and female at the same time, hit at the same time spell the job, I suggest you make a plan, as it happens is the beginning of the year now, according to oneself age, want to be clear about, what is him urgent affairs.

5. makes clear his target:

Preparing (when perhaps planning to begin have a love affair afresh) had better have a level, want to seek a what kind of target, want to consider from conjugal angle, when choosing so may relative complex, successful nevertheless rate also is met more tall.

Lost expectant matter to lose the interest to love how to do to love

Why the youth does not think Tan Lian loves now

Not be not to expect to love, boycott in the meeting when feeling is thorough however, because have very strong psychological defense mechanism,be probably.

I also do not like to who fall in love with, become independent because of me of major while reason, but once love, count the other side very easily, perhaps be a center with the other side, and the demand that overlooks oneself, this kind of feeling lets me very fear, because I know I still have very important thing to want to do, and I am current the relation of very unmanageable also feeling and career.

Not be to do not have amative demand so, just understood this world, besides love, still a lot of important things want to do, to the acceptance of family, to oneself acceptance.

Lost expectant matter to lose the interest to love how to do to love

Why can do not have interest to love

The person that I can be opposite this end at was not being encountered only, before me when also can have love very troublesome, together time grew to begin to feel cheesed to this kind feels, but because 3 view should not,the likelihood is, when I am together with accurate husband, calculate do not speak two people’s quiet slow-witted move is happy also, want to meet everyday, one day does not see what the feeling does to do not have motivation, he is my energy source, inscribe so advocate you should not be right love does not have interest, do not have interest to beginning that person after love truly however, what after be together, you discover he imagines without you probably is so good, your a few habits, discussion a few topics are not to close very much, when be together, also not be so happy, the feeling still is staying as oneself, I think to look for a spouse to some of moment follows looking for a friend is same, always want actual contact to rise to just can discover the other side suit you really, want to cheer duck so, do not feel oneself have a problem, it is improper only just.

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