The bride wants him what to buy the thing that thing marriage bride must buy

When marrying, bridegroom bride needs to plan a thing, because the consuetudinary meeting of every place is distinguished somewhat,everybody wants preparative thing, the schoolgirl should be clear that in planning dotal course what need prepares.

The bride wants him to buy what thing

One, dotal

1, furniture home appliance

Big home appliance: Air conditioning, TV, freezer, washing machine

Small home appliance: Electric meal Bao, thermos two, hang hot machine to wait a moment

Without giving thought to article quantity price how many, new personality had better be to had discussed beforehand, the word of furniture, general chest, desk and chair, sofa is possible.

2, bedding

More practical is 2, 3 beds quilt. Winter one thick, the summer one thin, age another is covered, very practical.

Some meetings prepare 4, 6, 8 quilts

4 quilts, the implied meaning is: Twin store double lid, meddlesome and geminate

6 quilts, the implied meaning is: 66 arrange greatly

8 quilts, the implied meaning is: Send hair lifetime

10 quilts, the implied meaning is: Perfect

Some bridal bridegroom both sides prepare 4 beds quilt severally, implied meaning lacking in initiative and overcautious (the bedding such as the pillow is covered 4 times in quilt form a complete set commonly in)

3, articles for daily use

Life respect should prepare to basically have: Things of the clothings shoe, things that wash gargle, dress and make up, tableware, specific include: Slipper two double, bedgown two, sock two double, underwear two (it is a men and women each one) , cup of tooth brush tooth 2, toothpaste 1, bath dew shampoo protects hair element, gules washbasin 2, carry Gai Gong barrel 2, the child bathes red basin, towel two, bath towel two, make up box contains specular comb (the mirror wants a circle cannot square) , soapbox.

4, custom things

Glory-box, gules bucket, descendants bucket, glory-box is used commonly put a few articles for daily use.

Gules bucket, descendants bucket: Package of bright red cloth is used outside, 8 appearance article is placed inside the bucket. It is respectively: Branch of a packet of a bunch of 5 red earthnut, red jujube, longan, red duck’s egg, popcorn, chopstick, bumf, cypress a bunch small. Another bucket puts full rice, what place above is red jujube, longan, two cypress branch all is set above the bucket (bunches small) He Gongxi word, red cloth laps. (About above dotal things of preparation, specific still should join the opinion of the elder in home town custom and home more again)

5, house car

The marriage of some places custom is woman preparation room or car, treat specific condition and decide.

The bride wants him what to buy the thing that thing marriage bride must buy

Marry the thing that the bride must buy

1, headgear

Small before making up, had told to everybody before marrying, the man buys 3 gold to the woman or the marriage common of hardware, buy to the woman besides the man actually beyond, the woman also needs her to buy jewelry of a few gold, the most typical is dragon phoenix bracelet, namely the golden bracelet that bridal mother needed wedding to be worn to the bride in the morning that day child, and other gold jewelry depends even and decide, either must, but the bride likes and if the budget is enough, prepare a few when dotal also just as well.

2, dowry is relevant

Besides headgear, still having a lot of things want preparation as bridal home, e.g. the article related dowry. E.g. , the dress of dowry, the bedding of dowry, happy egg, earthnut longan big jujube, control box fund, still dowry box is waited a moment. The article in dowry box puts order can be: Dowry dress, gold jewelry, control box fund, scatter big jujube of longan of on a few earthnut to wait again finally, the money that press case can put the figure of scallop, or circle, such already good-looking auspicious.

3, the bed is tasted relevant

What China marries to having a bride to want to prepare a bed to taste from of old is consuetudinary, the red that needed that day besides marriage room is fond of by beyond, still need more practical bedding, summer is for instance cool by, quilt, the sheet that uses daily, pillow, cushion for leaning on, blanket is waited a moment, and the area is different and consuetudinary different also, some areas should prepare 8 beds, some areas should prepare 12 beds, these should be decided according to local circumstance, but basic it is even numbers, the implied meaning is worn ” meddlesome and geminate ” .

4, formal attire is relevant

Wedding needed 3 formal attire commonly that day, beautiful kimono, marriage gauze and propose a toast take. Although these dress must not let a bride prepare, but small write a proposal, if new a form of address for one’s wife has the word of time, still prepare to had been compared personally, because only oneself just know those who want what to is him, what suits him, and oneself prepare to be able to approach a theme continuously, won’t waste so much time to communicate, also can keep the memory of a lot of happiness when choose

5, other goods

After the bride prepares the thing that he needs, a matron of honour that still needs to be oneself is considerate! Prepare formal attire of a matron of honour and shoe for a matron of honour, hand flower and bosom are beautiful, the most important still is to want to be them to measure a body to have something made to order according to the be fond of of a matron of honour one accompanies hand ceremony! Besides, receive the prop of whole a legendary venomous insect of close game, the prop that him bride boudoir decorates is more indispensable, prepare article of a few jury even, e.g. incarnadine silk socks, invisible underwear render pants is waited a moment, in order to have untimely needs!

The bride wants him what to buy the thing that thing marriage bride must buy

What does the need before bridal marriage prepare

1, formal attire of gauze of bridal bridegroom marriage

No matter be him bride,prepare, still be bridal bridegroom prepares jointly, perhaps choose hire, need a cycle of songs in a traditional opera that according to local custom flow of bridal perhaps plan decides formal attire of good marriage gauze, can divide to go out gauze, ceremonial gauze, propose a toast take.

2, parental formal attire

The formal attire of bilateral parents also is necessary to prepare meticulously one time, marry even if want beaming.

3, marriage shoe

Marriage shoe can differ according to the style of marriage gauze formal attire, preparation goes to two pairs.

4, bridal bag

Prepare a gules package, with the private article that will place a bride, keep by a matron of honour commonly, basically be little thing of a few lash-up, can be these: Charge small hairpin of treasure, hussif, small clincher, brooch, black, comb, straw, sanitary towel, reserve filar socks, achieve can stick, BB of towel of dry wet paper, small snacks, chewing gum, slipper, air cushion.

5, the formal attire of a matron of honour that accompany man

At present the indispensable a matron of honour in wedding is mixed partner man, on the choice of formal attire, bride and bridegroom also want floriferous idea, cannot optional oversight.

6, headgear of marriage give up

Most of headgear of general marriage give up is man preparation, but the bride needs to get ready before marry, marriage give up is must a matron of honour beside is custodial, so that be used the following day, what the headgear of other can take is OK belt, direct perhaps belt marries to waited with the headgear of marriage gauze form a complete set, hair act the role ofing that day.

The bride wants him what to buy the thing that thing marriage bride must buy

The need before bridal marriage prepares what red bag and gift

The red bag that the bride needs to prepare basically is to give bridegroom home the kin in, those who have some of place is consuetudinary it is bridegroom is received when kissing, bride here need gives red package, and some places are bridegroom receive bridal; or should giving red bag ability is the dot that the bride prepares red bag to attend wedding, or it is the aglow bag activity in marriage banquet, red bag size can be pressed small, medium, big will divide, 10 a bit smaller, 20, 50, medium of 300, hundreds of a bit bigger OK. Additionally the bride prepares a few gifts that give bilateral father and mother even, can be him bride gives money, also can be bridal bridegroom gives money jointly, basically be delegate new personality the be thankful affection to parents. Marry now, the preparative work of early days looks very much, new personality needs to expend idea more, what the bride also wants to identify true him preparation is dotal oh ~ serves as one-stop bridal guild hall, the beach outside Hangzhou Hua Cheng 22, provide the service of chamberlain type, of the intention have together with new personality marriage, it is difficult that for new personality platoon care is solved, do one’s best makes perfect wedding for each pairs of new personality.

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