Marry to want to prepare detailed list of things of what marriage espouse

Marry the thing that wants preparation is very much, the thing that the man and woman should plan is different, everybody needs to notice the thing that needs place gets ready when preparation marries, such ability won’t make mistake.

Marry to want what to prepare

1, order feast

Do wedding inevitable little not feast, close friends happilies gather under the same roof, toast each other a hall that testimony walks into marriage to new personality. Feast is bridal appearance, feast does well to be able to let new personality have outer part very much, also be the esteem to guest. Accordingly, the need before marrying arranges the relevant matters concerned of good feast beforehand, order feast, it is to choose a hotel not just, hand in money to come to an end. The food that it needs to go up to feast tastes collocation, seat arrangement, setting waits field a moment the respect undertakes making an on-the-spot investigation.

2, do wedding

Now nowadays, the marriage that the bridal metropolis of a lot of new personality asks major celebrates a company to hold do, marriage celebrate a company to be able to be mixed according to the be fond of of new personality budget, devise different type, the wedding of different class. The need before marrying accordingly chooses very professional marriage to celebrate a company, discuss very bridal relevant matters concerned, no matter be to ask marriage celebrate a company, or oneself are prepared, wedding does lifetime of general of do one’s best satisfactory and goodly.

3, order ring

Marry the mainest keepsake, it is to plunge drop of course. And propose profession gift, no matter be star sweethearts or ordinary people, chose in spite of oneself to plunge drop in succession. Get Buddhist monastic discipline to solemn to profession to propose of the gift choose optimally.

Marry to want to prepare detailed list of things of what marriage espouse

Knot marriage marries things detailed list

One, detailed list of woman wedding things

1, marry marriage gauze formal attire.

2, propose a toast take.

3, marriage shoe two pairs.

4, the dress that answers the door.

5, the headgear of tie-in marriage gauze and formal attire.

6, red bag wraps.

7, red lid head.

8, slipper of male and female each one double, male nightgown each one, sock of male and female men and women of each one double, bedding each one, underwear of male and female each one, tooth brush of male and female and tooth cup each one, toothpaste of male and female each one, towel of male and female each one.

9, bath shows one bottle, shampoo one bottle, gules washbasin 2, the lady makes up box, mirror 2, comb 2, soapbox 2, be fond of baby apron of one right, kitchen 2, cosmetic, red bag bag a certain number of, .

10, big home appliance: Air conditioning, color television, freezer, washing machine, swing dry machine to wait a moment.

11, small home appliance: Electric meal Bao, tableware, chopstick two box, thermos two, hang hot machine, blower to wait a moment.

12, gules bucket, descendants bucket

The need inside gules bucket puts: Branch of a bunch of small a packet of a bunch of 5 red earthnut, red jujube, longan, red duck’s egg, popcorn, chopstick, bumf, cypress 8 kinds. And descendants bucket should put full rice and red jujube, longan. Two buckets want to encase with red cloth, need to put branch of a bunch of small cypress and happy word above.

13, two gules washbasin.

A red puts the shoe that bridegroom parents buys, sock, tag. Need puts sock, earthnut, red jujube, sugar inside shoe. Another red washbasin needs to put the evergreen of seed of a healthy level, belt, need to put a few red jujubes, longan and branch of a bunch of small cypress inside 2 basins, affix happy word even.

14, bedding prepares 2.

(The tradition that 1) gives bridegroom father and mother is gules 100 child by, green Long Feng by 1.

(The eider down that the pad that 2) him new personality uses is built by 3 beds, new personality, abb, silk each 1.

(The pillow that 3) new personality uses 2, the two-men block that new personality uses 1.

(The gules bedding that make the bed of 4) new personality uses.

Marry to want to prepare detailed list of things of what marriage espouse

2, marriage celebrate detailed list of company articles for use

1, gun salute:

Ligneous. Steel structure archaize is royal gun salute, type of steel structure Europe is royal gun salute, JD02 of artillery piece of colour of simple tube be born and JD04, gull type marriage celebrates combined-type colour to prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan (3 tubes blast off) rocket type artillery piece of 4 tubes of colour, JD01 of electronic gun salute is simple and easy model (put noise) only. JD-2 combination (noise adds colour to spend) . Noise of JD-3 luxurious combination imposes colour pattern, JD-4 combines a car to carry greatly model. JD-5 for military use is luxurious combine gun salute. Gun salute of for military use of JD-6 simple tube.

2, series of filler of colour artillery piece (colour is played. Colour umbrella. Colour paper. Colored ribbon) :

Artillery shell of colour artillery piece: Finished product is played, medicinal powder play, delicate parachute, striped colour piece, modelling, bright striped, hand casts colored ribbon, fan colored ribbon. 5 colour piece. Golden scale paillette (rainbow machine is special) .

3, ceremony guest flower and series of gun salute fittings:

Colour artillery piece aerates equipment, colour prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan sealed skin fills in. Stage of remote control of electronic gun salute reachs relevant fittings, ceremony guest spends remote control emitter, artillery shell paper cutting machine, colour artillery piece casts chassis, ceremony guest spends gas tank of new moon of ABS crude oil, drawing iron gas tank, gas tank of simple principle bottle, mould of a complete set of of gas tank of new moon of ABS crude oil, artillery piece of bag of box of sparkplug, remote control, high pressure, storage battery, red silken flower, colour is pressed.

4, ceremony guest spends series product:

The earth the firework in red, sky, fiery trees and silver flowers, happy event falls from the day, have mutual affinity, ring everywhere, get rich model, golden scale colour piece model, the hand casts colored ribbon, hand to cast colour to spend (grow) of.5 great variety from 40CM-90CM.

5, ceremony guest beautiful remote control launchs case: Flower of electronic ceremony guest, electric equipment.

Marry to want to prepare detailed list of things of what marriage espouse

Bridegroom home cannot take the place of buy must marriage article

1, quilt

The quilt is the bride gets married one of thing that must want to buy, normally, the amount that the quilt needs to buy is larger still, general need prepares 4. But what need remembers is, the color of 4 quilts cannot identical, can choose red, green, violet, tangerine these 4 kinds of color are same one.

2, leather case

Leather case great majority just uses an illuminative, generally speaking, can put a few money that control one’s store of valuables, this also is a kind of lucky view, besides what put a few money outside, still need to place marry Yi Hexi candy.

3, red bag

Marrying is not it is OK to accept red package only, new personality also is to need to wrap red bag to go out not little, but the amount of these red bags does not need too big, basically be the relatives and friends that before sending, will help and partner man a matron of honour.

4, bag

This bag bag basically is used at packing the clothes, generally speaking should cotton comes fill, such word implied meaning is worn the life of new personality in the future will be very rich.

Marry to want to prepare detailed list of things of what marriage espouse

The bride must need to plan what thing

1, dowry article:

① furniture home appliance: Prepare furniture home appliance, had better discuss with bridegroom home.

② bedding: It is preparative even numbers commonly, 8 or so.

③ articles for daily use: Marriage covers 8 times: Cup of washbasin, comb, tooth brush, tooth, mirror, slipper, towel, soapbox.

④ custom things: Bucket of glory-box, descendants.

2, bridal dress kind:

① goes out gauze: Beautiful standing grain is taken very festival, and with the garland happy a word inside marriage room special collocation.

② ceremony gauze: Ceremonial gauze can choose to pull the gauze of marriage of one word shoulder of end greatly, build supplement to match an imperial crown again, integral modelling is exceedingly elegant and dignified.

③ : Propose a toast take: Choose a red to propose a toast take, deserve to colour gets adornment above the dress.

Gauze of ④ exterior marriage: Exterior marriage gauze chooses gauze of marriage of end of a fish, great figure, after taking outer door scene, be equivalent to much gauze of a marriage is illuminated.

3, bridegroom dress kind:

General bride home should be bridegroom wedding the dress things that day, include articles for use of bridegroom whole body 12: Billfold, leather shoes, leather belt, cravat, business suit, stickpin, sock, watch, cuff, shirt, hat, razor.

4, the ceremony that accompany a hand

The ceremony that accompany a hand places affection to differ a bit with what be fond of candy, not be everybody sends. Give close good friend only commonly.

5, marriage room decorates kind:

What marriage room decorates is small adorn be like,taste: Have the happy word that the design feels, the word of balloon of form of young folding fan, letter, little happy event that is aspersed on the bed.

The young stage property that receives close play if: Point to chicken of pressing plate, shriek. Last film, other kind of prop.

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