2 marriage man loves first wife more why does 2 marriage man put no less than first wife

A lot of men are good in what first wife just knows after losing, what husband and wife discovers after the divorce or first wife is good, but this moment often had had not enough time, so can the man of 2 marriage love first wife more?

Does 2 marriage man love first wife more

A lot of men are to only the ability after losing is known cherish, ready to do sth always is inside the first paragraph of marriage. Divorced finally, just discover or had firsted wife. Had experienced vicissitudes of life only, they just are known best before it is all the time beside, it is oneself are cherished without there’s still time only.

Actually this also has a reason, because first wife is junior when hit together with the man go all out come over, some men are very poor, some men are immature, first wife for company they grow together, make money together. This process is very bitter very hard, but first wife still does not leave,do not abandon.

On this world, such ties of friendship also once. If divorces, even if encounter other woman again, she is impossible also that experience crosses the about when you are junior. You arrived middleaged, matured, rich, at that time the money that what the woman loves is you or talent. Unlike first wife, she has seen you are all confounded appearance, still do not leave to you do not abandon, what she loves is your advantage, also love your defect at the same time. This ability is great love, this ability has included love.

2 marriage man loves first wife more why does 2 marriage man put no less than first wife

Why does 2 marriage man put no less than first wife

The ancients once had said: Of chaff wife no less than hall. After all, or husband and wife is good, digamous person hard to avoid can have disloyalty, remarry especially there has been the child before both sides, meet from mentally partial oneself child, have mentality of a kind of guard to his stepson, because of the child’s relation, causing a lot of people is be strange bedfellows, meet a person not lay one’s heart bare. First wife can follow you for money far from abstracted, the matter that some men say to he has done final regret followed present 2 marriage wife to marry namely, because very tired.

The man is such, when having, do not understand cherish, always cold-shoulder first wife this is bad that is bad, when after the divorce, bedside person be dead, he just can remember with concern those who have each other is all.

The family is happy 80% above depend on goodwife. If your father marries a fault woman, so your childhood will live in anguish; is like you to marry a fault woman, your middleaged the; in also will living in anguish in case your son marries a fault again woman, you will end this miserable life in alone anguish.

2 marriage man loves first wife more why does 2 marriage man put no less than first wife

2 marriage should maintain what kind of state of mind

No matter be first marriage,still remarry actually, we can encounter a lot of problems, do not have completely necessary will remarry those who want is too horrible! Marriage is a protracted battle, we cannot lose confidence because of defeat, but we cannot lack patience, take out courage to face future! To remarrying this kind compares special family, true love should be had of course between husband and wife, both sides is honest to include each other, at the same time both sides of husband and wife should take out more wisdom to adjust state of mind, straighten a relation, only such, digamous domestic ability warmth is harmonious, recovery happiness!

2 marriage man loves first wife more why does 2 marriage man put no less than first wife

How to judge 2 marriage man the value is undeserved marry

1. man is gung-ho

Because,reason of cracked of a lot of marriage is male insufficient faithfulness, or pregnancy is off the rails. To such man, the female is detest, divorcing for the first time especially is the female because of this kind of reason, more be fed up with and collide. Accordingly, wanted the man that marries with 2 marriage woman to ego thinks and should be analysed, if you are animal of below half body, rapidly bypass!

2. family is harmonious

Because,the end that a lot of husband and wife concern is not bilateral emotive burst, however the influence of family is brought about, a cruel mother-in-law, an unreasonable farther-in-law, if still one pile eventful 3 aunt 6 mother-in-laws, such marriage is then same still very dangerous, much more polyphase part still wants before marriage so, well below judgement.

Whether does 3. man have take on

Marrying is not trifling matter, the woman of 2 marriage is more such, what they can think is more, also can have more considerations and worry, because of this moment, maturity has the man take on to appear particularly important.

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