Dare not be close to favorite person how to be close to favorite person

A lot of people just begin in love when, dare not be close to the person that oneself like, for fear that can affect each other the impression to oneself, but emotive can be affected to develop again if be close to, so, the person that how is close to oneself to like is best?

Why dare be close to favorite person

A reason is be swayed by considerations of gain and loss, fear to lose, fear to be rejected, fear to cannot get, the person that fears to like does not like him, fu Zhidong spreads the sentiment that fears to pay. It is cowardly as a whole and cowardly, fear all ends, reject all beginning then.

Like one individual foreplay too much, be afraid of disturb, be afraid that the other side does not like you, be afraid of was close to be fed up with to wait a moment, these oneself just feel the other side does not know, began to with a rustle quiver, feel to like a person or should have been compared a bit more bravely.

Dare not be close to favorite person how to be close to favorite person

How be close to favorite person

1. combs the relation of you and Ta first. Want to know the impact of you and Ta above all, do not know, it is understanding, a bit ripe, general friend, ripe, very good friend only / classmate, be which kind of so that suit the remedy to the case.

2. lover begins from the friend. The individual feels develop slowly and normal love should come, bilateral of course the circumstance that falls in love at first sight is some, but it is minority after all. Never realise understanding, realise familiar, be familiar with each other good impression arrives again lover, this is cannot little.

If you and Ta are not known or 3. is only know or be not ripe, that is about to develop your relationship further first, become the friend that can talk to develop downward again first.

4. strengthens connection is very be necessary, but be sure to keep in mind to give Ta often to call, such likelihoods let Ta feel to feel disgusted, can chat more with Qq, but also do not want Suo, appearing is sedulous, letting Ta feel you and he is contacted is purposeful. Very natural a little with respect to OK, can let Ta feel so also be a person in Ta life.

5. often pays close attention to the information of Ta. This very be necessary, it is the necessary way that you concern to develop further, can the trends that the friend where from Ta perhaps knows Ta in Ta space, encounter Ta inconvenient offers care and help silently, the channel when the mood is bad, let Ta feel you are the friend that a Ta can count.

6. is occupied seek a help actively also to Ta, if you are only blindly one-sided is paid, this is adverse to your concern progress, general who also won’t the acceptance of for no reason at all of others too much, make a person so easily abashed and refuse, after all does not want to who owe too much, but the sentence that is mutual help is different.

Dare not be close to favorite person how to be close to favorite person

Dare not not be close to favorite person is what psychology

The person feels in love he is admitted by the other side without hundred ground only when, ability can fear to be close to favorite person. This seems to do not have the love of safe feeling, you are before him discharge makeup the heart has Qi Qi, and truly stable love, it is you two together ugly photograph all goes out, you had been patted by him 10 thousand pieces of ugly photographs, but you know he is loving you, you are being loved, it what do not have is good to what do not have be afraid of.

How does safe feeling come, come from at be being admitted, this kind is admitted of course include the not quite good still part on your body, for example you had made a lot of clumsy before him, a lot of muddy, but you see him or the station is over there, do not want to run far.

Comfortable love is the love between two trash, mutual jokingly, mutual rebuke, but understand in whose heart actually, you are loving me, I never am afraid that you cold-shoulder me of any version. Person, affirm oneself are being loved by another person, just dare expose oneself before him ” bad ” part. Want very warm, can include your faulty, be much better love.

Dare not be close to favorite person how to be close to favorite person

Dare not be close to the case study of favorite person

A lot of people like a person the more, dare not be close to her the more, I think prime cause still comes from at the heart self-abased!

You do not know what the flashy dot on him body is first and last, what can bring to the other side, you know only ” good to her ” , but how good, toward where good, how good way is utterly ignorant. Because such, you talent is small all the time attitude, because you are in which,oneself do not understand the requirement that where is good, want to match to see the requirement that feeling to just be pleasant to the eye in your heart, you have self-abased feeling for certain.

We should face up to ourselves truly, the existence that makes clear oneself, appear what does to the other side character mean, what can bring to the other side, such you get along to be met fair, is not the almsgiving that waits for the other side. A kind of part cannot be acted mediumly in the life, no matter be pursuit career, pursuit consequence, still go after love, to finally it is the implementation that going after self-worth!

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