How is marital need managed had managed a marriage to whats need

Marriage needs two people to be managed jointly, because feeling is each other, marriage needs all sorts of emotive to maintain, need two people’s joint effort, love is marital foundation only, the family that has a happiness needs a lot of.

Marriage needs how to be managed

Mu Le of · of L of a sociologist ever put in marital motive ‘s charge it is 3 kinds, already economy, children and feeling. And present most China female often was ignored after marriage a bit the most important. Negligence, caused marital error. They are a good mother good son’s wife probably, couldn’t get the husband however praise. Face the negligence of the wife, the husband puts forward to protest. Those who hear marital protest they also make fun of disapprovingly the husband, it is dot disposition and child jealous really. This comes give an example is specific explain:

Marital case: My student, once also the husband off the rails marriage fails, ascribe to flat life. Feel to resemble treating a profession to be tired of disease general, the husband is in day after day insipid in look for an a third party to regulate the life. She thinks simply to add trifling and new move to be able to redeem the husband to live afresh to matrimony. Those who get also is the result that does not give an accident, she failed. The husband is in even be informed after she is witting, the flat divorce that put a word. The student also is to be enraged again regret, bellyful subdues the confide of a head. She respects husband’s father and mother, ferial in also considering them more, treat like close parents. But husband’s father and mother is in witting after this thing, besides scold scold a son to do not have other again. Marital friend, love comes to her home have a meal she also is being entertained enthusiasticly what half word does not have, the result knows person of off the rails neither one and she has alluded the husband. The angriest still is the husband, say the child directly bring up authority to also give him. A home that hardship takes care, so was torn open.

Case analyses:

1, internal cause introspection

After waiting for student mood be pacified, I just analyse one by one: To husband’s father and mother, your respecting is to be able to let them be in really when facing you to be in charge of contradiction a little deflection you. But, the son had been brought up, they can be not done for the son again advocate. To the child, you are in charge of taking her your husband is in charge of accompanying her to play, even if divorced is he can you still accompany the child to play? Those who say is a bit more beyond the mark, you this ground can grow a crop, other Tian Ye can. To the friend, is the friend mutual between the man is provide cover for very normal? The enthusiasm before calculating you is entertained, also do with the wife of their friend. Who do you think to the wife of friend and friend they can choose? They do not tell you, also be normal. Your marital fault is off the rails inside marriage, and you are wrong the identity in wrong him acknowledge. Safeguard marriage to concern, it is spouse concern. Next, just be relation of filial relation wife and mother. Marriage, it is a sociological noun. It has a lot of complex main concerns. And after the woman did a mother especially, often put children to the first place, oversight feeling. The man cannot get the attention of the wife for a long time in the home, the life that bout arrives home to be shared besides the woman is trifling with the parent in short look after children namely. The feeling between husband and wife, thinner and thinner, the position that is in the home returns the little pet that you raise be not a patch on probably. At this moment, appeared a seemingly complete body and mind cares the body in him to go up, bring him the woman of life energy afresh. From the back, also need not say more.

2, wrong acknowledge

And your redeem how to build the acknowledge in the mistake to go up to you can succeed again? Take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure. Ask you to want to become you old, accompany you to go towards evening square jumps of square dance is the old fogey; beside warms to you be being accompanied what you seek theatrical work by the nest also is the old fogey beside in the evening. A family, only spouse concern has been handled, this home just is warm, ability gives the child better growing atmosphere. Your if cannot find even the reason,redeem, how can you succeed again? Know marriage afresh, find marital error, find out a man to leave your prime cause. Grow a bosom friend, ability not photograph doubt; not photograph doubt, ability grows a bosom friend. Redeemed secret of success, still depend on yourself after all. If you are for a purpose only, is not to realise the mistake wants to redeem him, such redeeming still meet finally follow the same old disastrous road. Realize an error, will begin afresh with cordial state of mind, this ability is those who redeem is germinant.

How is marital need managed had managed a marriage to whats need

Had managed a marriage to whats need

One, the couple should have common interest, although marry before not, wait for after marrying, also should foster, can develop common language because of common interest only, till 3 view of husband and wife close, a lot of husband and wife do not have common interest just about, no matter say the word still handles affairs to do not have tacit understanding, when notting have, do not engrave be troubled by contradiction, marriage is met naturally swaying in the midst of a raging storm.

2, husband and wife does not haggle over every ounce, marrying to be meant is a family, the interest community of be worthy of the name, husband and wife wants in all advance and retreat, all day long of if husband and wife haggles over every ounce to evening who is paid much or who is paid little, just can grouse had not been paid even, from this a variety of meetings bring about a family to do not have peaceful day, after all domestic home has the classics that reads aloud hard originally, only it is better that make concerted effort of husband and wife undertakes possible meeting reads aloud more reading aloud ability, conversely, without the classics that reads aloud the hardest, have the classics that reads aloud harder only, divorce even if escape optionally.

3, no matter friendship, close affection or love need,be a foundation with faithfulness, if does not have faithfulness, all without exception of so called friendship, close affection, love is falsehearted, especially marriage, if both sides betrays each other, just perhaps betray another, will bring about feel without accredit but character, the probability that although have,excuses is small also small, after all once disloyal, 100 unused view, husband and wife is striven for will betray eliminate in budding phase.

4, man and feminine in every case marry, henceforth, both sides did not suspect each other qualification again, can shake because of suspicion only marital cornerstone, many husband and wife divorce, because,be speak or act on hearsay evidance, the result did not find conclusive evidence, instead can harm the relation between husband and wife, the person of a won’t trustful others, won’t be trusted by others absolutely, have pay ability what kind ofly to be able to have what kind of get one’s own back, you want to let others how treat you, how do you treat others with respect to need, apply to management marriage all the same.

5, husband and wife should build the base in equality over, both sides should give each other respect, no matter important matter or little affection are such, did not respect between if husband and wife but character, although marriage is done not have, but dead end of be better than, a lot of husband and wife consider as an old couple oneself, it is more and more informal to wait for conversation to perhaps handle affairs, if things go on like this will harm marriage at aeriform.

6, husband and wife goes out outer need is tight-mouthed, although alien covers his word to also want to do not say a single word, after all the thing in the home is recounted to alien can have corresponding risk, no matter favour or evildoing are such, meddlesome meeting by person envy and hate, evildoing can be mocked, altogether management marriage should be certain silent the truth that is gold.

How is marital need managed had managed a marriage to whats need

Happy marriage wants how to be managed

1, no matter be sweethearts or husband and wife, this is both the feeling between is each other. The woman can love to ask for particularly occasionally, married husband salary gave you, still ask money of old be away on official business accompanies you to spend all sorts of red-letter days, buy a gift to send a surprise to you, that can have some of willfully make a trouble. Occasionally we also should turn round to want, how much did we pay for the other side? We need care to caress, same opposite party also needs these affection need, so, feeling is each other, not blindly wanting to ask for, also should give oneself sweetheart many somes of consideration.

2, give each other enough space. Did a lot of marriage get namely all sorts of manacling: of ability trend cracked? Does  join Juan steal neon to go straight towards cliff of bamboo-plaited basket or suitcase of  of Yao of Piao of Qian of teach of  of  of Ru bad trade yellow Er wash faithful post catfish faithful is black of post Bao male pressed well does Long of  of Home Yuan Gou twist yellow partridge of chaos of  of Yun of cook over a slow fire of ostrich of bridge of Chuo of  of vomit Piao Yao   ? Does the tip wish does ┳ of noise of   broadleaf plant make an appointment with drought to look tip of silk of  of the  that occupy clear complains yellow partridge of cliff of round bamboo-plaited basket or suitcase of courtyard of tip of silk of raw meat or fish of  of sole of  of Fu of Ke of  of Zheng of wash rainwatering in puddles to be contrary to along magpie sincering feeling does Wu of reef of shelfing  of  of  of  of  of couch of  Beng how manage canister?

3, should have include heart. Unripe vivid brawl is unavoidable after marriage, and most of this kind of brawl is ” fair say communal reason, the mother-in-law says the mother-in-law is justifiable ” , cannot solve a problem what say more again. Before marrying two people give birth to domestic surroundings and means to differ formerly, since can written guarantee,be husband and wife, respective overpay gives a few love, include each other, excuse each other, time can grind two the individual’s edges and corners, this is the suit course that marriage needs.

4, the appeal that promotes oneself. Is there is a word the: that such saying? Fraud of  of high and steep of word of correct of reef Wu suck knocks at  of bifurcation of  of those of chasm of modular   to knock at?0 building, you just take 2 floors, so he saw better landscape, does fulfiling one’s promise meaning return 2 buildings to see that bit of landscape that has seen? Do not stop to learn in marriage so, want to always enrich oneself, most him at least wants can him have a good opinion of, want to pay attention to the capability that promotes oneself, make the person often looks Chang Xin. Happy marriage should rely on two people to be managed jointly, husband and wife is in the emotional life of day after day, the defect that wants to mask before can be exposed one by one come out, marriage and love are different, marriage needs all sorts of emotive to maintain. Also hope authority is some more in marriage mutual between include, give each other many somes of space, promote oneself ceaselessly, produce a surprise to oneself, also give Ta surprise…

How is marital need managed had managed a marriage to whats need

Avoid to affect the 5 big factors that marriage concerns

1, communication: Lacking effective communication is the number one killer that marriage concerns

Communication should maintain everyday between husband and wife, can wait through language, expression and limbs movement undertake communicating. Although one party does not want to talk, but the talk that still should keep necessary. When having serious talk with the spouse, want to shut mobile phone and TV. The eye is staring at the soap opera that like to be the same as conjugal speech, can let both sides become unpleasant only. If if husband and wife starts to talk,be about to quarrel, can discuss an issue to public circumstance, it is at least over there two people won’t again make a noise about sth. Want to make a good bend auditor, do not interrupt the other side to talk, and should realize oneself did bad thing, say voice ” I am sorry ” very important.

2, accredit: Mutual trust is very important in marital relation

Accredit won’t be built between one night, need time undertakes breeding, and the couple can try a few ways. For instance, accomplish suit the action to the world; does not want storytelling, honesty is the crucial; mutual respect that wins others credit, want to respect conjugal opinion especially. Should cherish safeguard other to trust to his, because the faith of other is very bad,be broken and regain.

3, money: Not very glorious quarrels for the problem of money between the spouse, but this always happens however

When marriage talking perhaps talking to marry after marrying, both sides should look for an opportunity to sit to talk about respective belongings and consumptive outlook. If one party is very managing, and extravagant of other one party, very fast two people can produce conflict. Both sides should negotiate the bank savings that gives his, debt, end, be in as far as possible and collective opinion is reached on consumption.

4, envy: Of the spouse before the spouse is to bring about envy the mainest reason that psychology appears

Other reason includes to be anxious to be able to be abandoned by the spouse, once perhaps had been cheated by the spouse. Trustful problem also can be brought about envy psychology. Once appeared to envy psychology, must tell to the spouse come out. Tell those who give oneself to experience, look can find settle way. If one party had gotten harm in the past, he (she) ought to learn trustful spouse, do not let negative experience affect marriage to concern.

5, husband and wife lives: Be in love with each other and do not mean the husband and wife between the spouse to live to be met very perfect

Both sides is opposite probably contraceptive method is put in different opinion, just perhaps compare demand of husband and wife of other one party to want much. Returning a likelihood is the way of love of husband and wife that the spouse wants, other one party cannot be accepted etc. Without giving thought to what case, life of husband and wife is the one big factor that brings about marriage to give an issue, can cause a divorce even. Accordingly, if the husband and wife between the spouse lives occurrence problem, must tell to the other side come out, nevertheless must the proper pride of attend to the other side, should tell mild and indirect, but it is clear to he must he tell in the irritated care on life of husband and wife, offer the proposal with acceptability both sides.

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