Why is has divorced wife willing to remarry has divorced woman likes what kind of

Although say now society already very open, the woman that has divorced nevertheless or meeting are buckled to go up more or less the label of public opinion, actually not rapid also move begins themselves the 2nd paragraph of marriage, so why is has divorced wife willing to remarry after all?

Why is has divorced wife willing to remarry

1. enjoys lone status

Marry have those who marry is good, lone have lone clever. To divorce woman, wanted to solve economic problem only, everything other is not what big question. One individual life is very comfortable, work not easily also one everybody child housework, also need not rise early to sleep late everyday, busy in busy outside, single state is so comfortable, must look for a blame to suffer why?

2. suffers enough man

Marriage if if quality is high, that is happy pronoun really. But if marriage is only apparently very happy, that is a kind of torment actually. To the woman, it is very important that as good as man gets married, the complexion that the man looks at after everybody does not want to marry after all lives.

But what Bei urges is, not all man is good man, the metropolis after a lot of women get married generates the fear that is controlled by the man, the woman wants to see this least of all. Such marital contradiction will be more and more serious, of the man do not cherish can force so that the woman divorces, because the woman suffers really enough see man complexion life. Once the woman had shadow of this kind of psychology, you want to let her remarry after the divorce, she is met very defy.

3. is afraid of delay the child to grow

The woman has divorced, if the child follows him, the wife grows to the child with respect to meeting attend to, abandon oneself marriage thereby, after all stepfather is very difficult genuinely and sincerely treats the child. The woman builds good surroundings to give the child, she can subdue herself, help sb to fulfill his wishes the child, because the child is hers,hope only, the child is the ligament of first marriage, however to remarrying, the child is the obstacle of be worthy of the name.

4. dare not believe a man again

The woman after the divorce dare not believe a man again really, believe their word no longer, their assurance and acceptance, choose not to believe, won’t have disappointment, can not get hurt. Those marriage that be mixed by the man injure the women that spend, if if oneself are lone,pass more happily, that is delighted lone good, not too the idea that cares about others too, a person also can pass very happily.

5. does not want to accept marital obligation again

“Dry should remarry, my person passes well, or else wants to accept marital obligation. ” watch niece Hua Huatian is born is a person that likes independent, freedom. Original marriage is right for her, it is one kind is manacled. She was cast off eventually now, also do not want to install oneself in marital cage again.

Why is has divorced wife willing to remarry has divorced woman likes what kind of

Has divorced woman likes what kind of

1. is conscientious, conscientious it is a kind of habit actually, conscientious meeting reflects the man in a lot of respects, no matter be the job or life, if promise the business that pass to be able to endeavor,had done only, break his promise anything but. When middleaged woman remarries, look very again to sincere letter of the man and responsibility heart, because they are clear, the male qualified personnel that is in charge of to the thing to the person only will be responsible to love, responsible to marriage.

2. is sedate and dependable, because disappointed assemble arrived,divorce of middleaged choose of female person selected is certainly acme, wind storm rain is so old, if do not have special account, the wife won’t want do sth over and over again, they may encounter a lot of times betray, the likelihood realizes the man is right she already a bit does not have love but character, wanton beat and scold, they arrive from disappointment acedia, decide to abandon eventually. Had experienced treason woman, have good opinion more to the man of sedate sureness, they do not hope to experience again betray.

3. economy is bounteous, although say ” money is not all-purpose, but doing not have money is absolutely incapable. ” the woman that has married is sensible, in a paragraph of marriage, if do not have particular economic actual strength to regard as,prop up, the feeling of two people is very difficult long, love can be in one ground chicken feather gradually abreaction, stay have more and more contradiction only. They are clear, “Biscuit ” be indispensable in a paragraph of marriage, if the middleaged woman that divorces so remarries, scarcely can look for a poor boy.

4. understanding is fond of a person, two people divorce, because circumstances changes,a lot of moment are, once the man ceases to be faithful, can call in all tenderness, so, special longing is loved the woman of the divorce, they hope to be able to marry ” know a sweetheart ” man, they long to be doted on, hope the man is meticulous and thoughtful, all matters ground is him consider, such man ability gives them enough safe sense.

Why is has divorced wife willing to remarry has divorced woman likes what kind of

Has divorced woman remarries the meeting is happy

Because of the person different, what do not cross happiness is little, many not happy, arrive because of drag in predecessor, the child, money is waited a moment, if processing is bad marriage is be between the beetle and the block. Love this thing it is not invariable, perhaps will love very much today tomorrow, this everybody says bad, the person that has divorced should be this bit more reasonable. When doing not have divorce love, it is same sweetness, why to marry to still divorce to finally? Produce change because of be in for the person’s feeling, who is unwarrantable oneself marriage is met forever changeless, but should trust understanding is communicated more each other between husband and wife only, I believe to calculate not dynamic, but the fire that also won’t extinguish love! Happy key still sees you be managed so this paragraph of feeling and maintain this home so.

Why is has divorced wife willing to remarry has divorced woman likes what kind of

Why doesn’t the man like has divorced woman

1, maiden complex of the man

The open degree of even if sex exceeds greatly previously, but the more such, of the man ” maiden complex ” as before deep bake in a pan is in in one’s heart. Many men discover after marriage the wife is not maiden, the metropolis is pettish, and after this kind of mood also can become him off the rails excuse. The man is exacting the other side is maiden, in the depth of knot of this kind of heart, besides hope for the other side never by person encroach on besides, the woman that still is hiding to will love hits her only the exclusive desire of one the individual’s brand. Specific for, holding in the arms secretly in his heart such one kind expects: The woman that is the same as maiden body interacts, probably can according to oneself period make will develop, model her.

2, the man likes feeling the woman with small business

As different as the woman, the woman hopes the man’s affection is a bit richer, just know in that way caress oneself, and man, they hope their woman is a piece of white paper, look in them, woman affection history is too rich, also meet those who the body goes up pay for certain. The woman that old man creed forces them to hope is foolish forever foolish, such ability can give them sense of a kind of conquer desire, achievement.

3, the man is rational animal, the woman is perceptual animal

Every are in love with, affection arrives in, the woman can touch weep bitterly, and man all the same persist one’s old ways, before the woman that abounds in affection history especially, the man’s not can self-conscious concede one pace, they feel female favor history is rich, also meet fantasticality, ability prepares high, actually they do not ask for the feeling that feels without safety so, they want a simple woman only, can the woman that the palm charges, such ability can let him have more safe feeling.

4, the man does not like to have live together history woman, do not be willing to accept more maiden first pregnant

Have the feminine hard to avoid that abounds affection history live together history, him man can be ace of a sexual love, but he is not willing however and ace is enrolled too on the bed, this is his maiden complex be caused by not just, it is them more the sort of conquer is about to mix place of the face of old old man, dignity cannot accept. Same, they also won’t be accepted maiden first pregnant, do not be willing to become off-the-peg father more.

5, the existence that the man cannot accept her woman predecessor, especially many predecessor

After be willing to enjoy oneself wife marriage without which man, return with before male friendly connection, before male friend at the woman character is a kind of dangerous animal, if fishbone,at the man character also is in larynx. Accordingly, the woman with affection rich history unless you can break predecessor male friend forever, otherwise your marriage is not gotten all the same quiet.

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