Why the man is fed up with by the feminine be nobody’s business of feminine Guan Congming

A lot of moment won’t follow a lot of man students the track that oneself other in part shares him, do not like the sense that is being provided, if ask too much he can be disrelished irritated, actually love should withhold certain private space.

Why the man is fed up with be in charge of by the woman

Woman, want to had been in charge of oneself only, personal classics is very marvelous! Should provide a man why on earth? Obedient man need not is in charge of, indocile man canal also is in charge of. Good to you man won’t let you be in charge of, the man that loves you need not is in charge of, do not love your man, annulus do not be in charge of to you. Those who say is very right, every time when I and husband are angry, I can remember these words, tell oneself, do not ask to other so much, he also is Everyman, why wanting to transform him into perfect man? He loves you, natural meeting changes, force him to do him not to like the thing that do, it is did, also not be to love me. Go getting used to the other side, do not try to change opposite party. Be sure to keep in mind not to want mouth of be favored with of be favored with. Do not become chatter young married woman. Remember the person does not have perfect man. Him itself not the regulation of perfect, it is OK to beg Great Harmony to keep little surprise the woman that give up makes what all men are fed up with is vixenish is ill.

1, often do not explore man, more not in order to part company as menace, often give him suggestion of this kind of psychology when you, his subconscious can have made the plan that part company.

2, the right that does not love your absoluteness him dilate because of the man, do not interfere his ideal, belief and pursuit, do not want flatter oneself you are more farther than what the man looks, he is certain some are idiosyncratic your place does not understand.

3, often not be late, do not think the man loves you he should have infinite patience, the patience of a person has limit, patient fritter away was over, with respect to love of this fritter away.

4, do not want believe in this word ” you love me, you should know what I think ” , this is a lie completely, do not have a person to be able to know what the other side thinks completely. Because the man does not have the think of a way that knows you in time, and the conclusion that reachs the man does not love you is very foolish.

5, often do not call a man to accompany you to shop, without a few men true jubilation shops, forced final final result revolts namely.

Why the man is fed up with by the feminine be nobody's business of feminine Guan Congming

Clever feminine be nobody’s business

One, without giving thought to the man’s whereaboutldirection

The man has his cause, have the dinner party on the job, have the communication between the friend, plus oneself be fond of, want oneself space, should make him free. But also should remind him to answer the newspaper in the home late restful every time, blind concern reachs him lest suspicious.

2, without giving thought to the man’s purse

The man has the capacity that he makes money, oneself spend the authority of money, there is enough money in man purse, just have honor, want to know outer part of man stationary point.

Want him to be able to give you the money of enough flower only, do not have overmuch opinion. Of course he is willing to let you become financial minister, you should be known how to go housekeeping, run all financial risks in good home, not when discovery of urgent beautiful Qian Shicai is impoverished.

3, without giving thought to the man’s information

Mobile phone and QQ are the culprit that poses the contradiction between husband and wife, everybody can have his privacy, he is not willing to tell you so called secret, just do not hope you think in disorder, misunderstood not happy, also be well-meaning crammer! Actually a lot of misunderstanding, because feminine exceeding is sensitive,be, original and regular contact, was inspected closely by you however, the meeting in his heart feels exceeding at odds. A conscientious man should believe him, everything is attached most importance to with the home like meeting and woman. Now and then thought gives the action that course is normal man, although have a female bosom friend, also fasten acetic interest too sufficient. Can prove he is outstanding attractive more in that way, at the outset oneself eye does not have a fault. Feminine heart wants in relief spot, self-confident dot, happy place, ability has glamour attract the man’s heart more. Neither one man likes tired one day returns the look that the woman sees even in the home.

Why the man is fed up with by the feminine be nobody's business of feminine Guan Congming

The man does not like a woman these a few behavior

1, outer do not give a man outer part

The man is shabby-genteel person, so no matter two people are furtive in how, even if can give the boy friend,do damage, but go out outer woman should give sufficient man outer part, when for instance the man takes a woman to go out to see his friend, the friend that must invite him feels your boy friend is the old of your home, show you to love him very much even, your what word listens his, such your boy friends are met very glad.

2, the woman does not have breeding, say bad word

The man likes beautiful woman, this is not had can refute, but the girlfriend’s appearance unalterable, so they ask feminine spirit also wants the United States, goodness has love, who can like slovenly of a life again, glibly vulgar language, lose rubbish underbred girl everywhere, such feminine belt goes out to be able to let a man lose face only.

3, still contact with predecessor

A word says so ” the predecessor that cannot forget, have not quite good new sweetheart only ” , this word still has stated reason, disaccord predecessor connection also is pair of esteem that currently hold the post of, you are returned and predecessor connection can let currently hold the post ofhow to think, entered this paragraph of feeling, so you must want concentrated, otherwise of the man narrow-minded also be very fierce.

4, turn over old Zhang

In quarrel, turning over old Zhang is most let a man be fed up with, since the thing previously went, why to carry it even, be to want to make a man acknowledge a mistake? Should not be, you are to enrage him only probably, because of the man really very be fed up with be turned over old Zhang, so this kind of behavior of the woman very let man allergy, can hurt two the individual’s feeling only so.

5, he leaves black when make trouble

A lot of schoolgirls always like to let him make a choice in game and oneself, do not know what these two things have to be able to compare a gender really, the man plays game to shop with the woman same, have respective interest severally, he leaves black when you make trouble, be like double 11 like breaking your mobile phone, do not force the other side so what thing.

6, you are too strong

The man likes to compare effeminate young woman, is not dry what thing does not discuss him to do with the man advocate, calculating you is a female strong person outside, you are not overmuch also what show you before the man is strong, can let man allergy only so, the man is thought of old man creed, those who like is the feeling that is relied on mostly.

Why the man is fed up with by the feminine be nobody's business of feminine Guan Congming

Why is the man fed up with a woman to say other man is good

1, because this is self-abased,do not think

The man is one kind is had desire very strong animal, his love is feudal in be not to allow other man sortie, this is the instinct of the animal actually. But some of woman does not understand this, it is good to always say before the man other man has many. At that time, if the man disregards those who reach a woman to experience, have a fit is very possible. If the feeling of attend to woman, he will be very so quiet that he check the woman continues to say, the means that perhaps uses a kind of cold treatment is treated. Can treat anyway, these words of the woman are influential to the man, because of the man most be afraid that the woman takes he and other man to compare, that meeting lets him produce a kind of self-abased move, those who include pair of him faculty is self-abased and to love self-abased. So, the wife should grow mug-up, if you love this man, do not say before him other man is good, otherwise he because this is self-abased, the meeting is scanty at loving you.

2, fear the woman loves another person

After man love, often meet an other man beside the woman to regard rival in love as, those men are right itself is a kind of potential menace for him. But have some of woman,consider a man far from experience, unbridled is good in what other man speaks of before the man. At that time, the meeting in man heart produces a kind of menace to become actual sensation, it is right that he can feel the wife says other man is much better other man has good opinion, he can fear the woman can love another person in spite of oneself, and the meeting in his heart has similar ” I am so good to you, you still like others however ” sound, this is extremely adverse to love. The woman wants to remember, when it is good that you say other man before the man, you this man before can is opposite because of your word your love fear.

3, this is a kind of pressure

Say before the man when the woman other man is good all the time, the man has been shown obviously not happy, you still continue to say ceaseless, that can create pressure of a kind of psychology to the man. He loves you originally, want to make you happy through your effort, already very go giving the operation hard, but you say before him other man is good, the ground can can’t help to have that man in oneself and your mouth comparative in his heart, this kind can let him bear a kind of burden quite, always wanting to exceed that man. But, the person’s energy is finite, he gave himself because of your word to plan one pile issue, when these things cannot be finished, this kind of pressure can turn over times. So, the woman should love a man really, need not give him pressure through this kind of means. You want to let him ameliorate a bit, tell him how need is done directly go, do not take he and others to compare, otherwise you are in namely covert mistreat a man.

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