Patchy marriage can be what ending patchy marriage can be long

Have a few youths, the age with arrived certain, or the pressure by force of the society, or the pressure by force of parents, can appear more or less a few marriage that make do with together, so, what ending can patchy marriage be commonly?

Patchy marriage can be what ending

Say marriage is encircle a city, the person outside thinks, the person inside is thought up. Marriage this road, resemble the Tang Dynasty go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures of monk Western Paradise is same, need experiences too much cross, final ability has perfect final result.

“Patchy, put up with ” marriage, it is the portraiture of marriage of nowadays great majority. Relevant data shows, feel marriage is happy occupy only 20% the left and right sides, the marriage of 15% is to be in an abyss of suffering, see even if torment the sort of, so the great majority that leave is to call ” patchy ” marriage, namely eat regularly in gets along.

The woman can is full of inherently to love illusion and yearning, with respect to this paragraph of word that writes like Zhang Jiajia: I hope to have like your average person. If the early morning between this hill is general and bright relaxed person, if hurry off to the person with average sunshine of ancient city way, warm and do not roast meat hot, enclothe me all skin. Arrive from start night, arrive by Shan Ye epistolary, the answer of all problems is very simple. I hope to one is like your average person, carry out future, the fair guidepost that figures life… each girl, it is queen namely, it is small princess. Proud, weak.

Patchy marriage, ending has only. Patchy marriage forever won’t happy, the love behind schedule that does not suit comes loose as breakfast, do not regard departure as a kind of burden, wish you can find that that person that cannot make do with.

Patchy marriage can be what ending patchy marriage can be long

Patchy marriage can be long

Very difficult long, patchy marriage resembles is the house that does not have foundation, need not of fierce wind sea destroy, time one long collapsed. One just relies on the feeling of hold together of put up with, give you impossibly happiness forever.

Two people do not have solid emotional base, each other defect is magnified indefinitely, time became long more can say nothing, this kind of marriage is torment to any one party. If you chose the marriage of put up with, need to do so sufficient the preparation that receives all sorts of disappointment, harm, anguish, because of marriage of your put up with while, marriage also is in put up with you.

Patchy marriage, it is the put up with on choice object not only, also be marriage shines after red light, the put up with of nonfeasance. Two people that agree again, although do not go managing this paragraph of feeling, become likely also unfamiliar and scanty from. If marriage appeared to contradict, should know be communicated in time and mediate. Honest misfortune encountered the person that cannot adjust, ask seasonable get away.

Patchy marriage can be what ending patchy marriage can be long

The person that makes do with together is what state of mind

1 for child drift along

In real life, can have a lot of husband and wife ” seemingly in harmony but actually at variance ” , have husband and wife’s name, do not have husband and wife’s fact already however, playing the banner that is child consider, maintaining early this terminative marriage. Actually, look be like in for child consider, but think this is completely irresponsible to their child carefully. Because sheet relies on the marriage that child hold together wears, the family won’t be happy, the child grows in not happy family, also won’t happy, in atmosphere of this kind of family, can affect the child not only, to husband and wife for 2 people, also be a kind of torment.

2 ages are old, hold a hope no longer to love

Arrived the person of father generation, can think male should marry greatly when marriage daughter greatly, all close friends, begin take turns go into work urge marriage, 7 great aunt 8 mother’s eldest sister, begin to raise a target to you, just began you are very repellent perhaps, but time is long, with respect to meeting compromise. A lot of people are being urged everlastingly marriage after dating, can hold a hope no longer to love, the man feels to seek a tender and virtuous woman, had held out all one’s life too, it is good that the woman feels to seek a condition, the man with good moral quality, entrust lifetime is pretty good also, this kind of marriage does not have love, this kind is thinking meeting with the passing of time to lay condition, and ” patchy ” marriage, more it is frustrate.

Coma of 3 bottom of the hearts, to requirement of love it doesn’t matter

The wind,flowers,snow and moon of love, can be in rice grows after marrying, almost all marriage are such. Tan Lian loves to still wanting to make some of romance, but all tending is met after marriage insipid, love also transforms slowly get married affection, the life is tea of fuel sauce vinegar only, be opposite between husband and wife the demand of love, reduce gradually, inmost coma, seem not to need love, the life that lives oneself to follow the prescribed order is very good. Outer person looks, concern of this kind of spouse stabilizes conjugal love, but actually they experience a few cross, this kind of relationship is very easy disintegrate breaks down. “Patchy ” marriage won’t be very happy, also won’t grow long do not come loose.

4 each other cannot straight-out photograph is waited for

Without love, “Patchy ” move get along, the biggest question is two people cannot straight-out photograph is waited for, existing in the heart diaphragmatic, the quality of the relation also is met only lower and lower. Trust each other between husband and wife, genuine photograph is waited for is the key with long marriage, if between husband and wife cannot straight-out photograph is waited for, however ” patchy ” move get along, this kind of marriage, because,meet sooner or later of one party disloyal, drab or what opposite lives is right the other side feels cheesed, and at the trend.

Patchy marriage can be what ending patchy marriage can be long

What kind of marriage divorce is better

1, cold war, cold force

Wearing of make a row lives not to pass normally again between husband and wife, do not have not not be another kind of flavor of the life. The husband and wife that can quarrel can make a noise more only feeling is better, and if one character disagreement meets husband and wife only,begin cold war, cold force, may be emotional experience crisis then begin. The beginning of cold war does not do not have feeling between delegate husband and wife, want to achieve oneself goal with this however, mutual between do not compromise, hope the other side can acknowledge a mistake first. Quarrel to hurt feeling admittedly, but most harm emotive or cold war, the time became much spouse concern also was broken. Say to the thing is encountered to should understand each other between husband and wife so, include.

2, each other does not care

When liking every day adhesion the other side, wish to contain opposite party in the mouth, hold in both hands go up in the heart, do not consider departure momently. If one day, mutual between each play each, won’t care each other between each other, holding the state of mind that eat regularly in gets along in the arms. This also is feeling appeared the circumstance of the problem, it is moment should think well.

3, close to other different sexual relationship

Know and other opposite sex maintains a distance, marital ability is more stable. A friend is in when turning over the chatting odds of his husband, casual see husband and other opposite sexes had had close chatting record, be like,contain a few close term: Da dear darling. The friend enrages quiver all over interrogatory how does his husband return a responsibility. Did not think of her husband is the answer of mention lightly only: We are pure friend relations only, you think too much. Be she thinks too much really? Since was together, do not maintain those who be apart from certainly will to cause other in part to suspicious with other opposite sex, the feeling also appears necessarily crack.

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