Feminine extramarital affair is off the rails to harm woman of the man mostly with divorce wind up

The men and women is off the rails now very common, no matter who be,actually off the rails metropolis lets the other side feel failure and disgrace, to him inner harm is greater, it is very big that a man faces such blow.

The harm of feminine extramarital affair to the man

In light of current society, woman and man are in extramarital affair is mixed on the moral level of this thing on result of after the event, still imparity. Feminine extramarital affair should suffer greater harm, likewise other in part also can get hurt accordingly. As old man canal does not live from already wife causes Gong Xing to give a wall, can feel to lose the man’s dignity, carry before the person do not come at first, lose enterprise thereby, individual sentimental man still can lose the nerve that be an upright person.

Cite a case: The nephew that has a comrade-in-arms raises chicken to Hainan island with his newly-married wife, he returns the mainland to come alone later, let a wife continue to stay in island to raise chicken. I remind him to say: “Are you right wife so be at ease? Be careful she ran with others. ” he says: “Won’t. ” unfortunate place call the turn, his wife eloped with a male youth before long. The comrade-in-arms’ nephew feels shame is become hard, pesticide suicide is drunk to die under stretch. What that woman gets extramarital affair and man is dead although do not have inevitable causal, it is immediate cause however. The thing of extramarital affair was known by the man, thunder of day of Yu Qing of as good as, the feeling is extremely deep disgrace. If this man is to loving her greatly, do not want to be scolded to her, so again much suffering, also can bury in the heart, nobody when cry bitterly, also dare not show the expression of a bit anxiety before the person, drink down period of time, but cannot be true forever however in the heart bear this fact. But likely also the man loves her no longer, that is her nightmare, can torment her all the day, let her regret to do this thing, but when be late already, await her will be a divorce, worse even result.

Feminine extramarital affair is off the rails to harm woman of the man mostly with divorce wind up

The woman is off the rails mostly with divorce wind up

The woman is off the rails it is wind up in order to divorce normally, still come thousands of years with our China normally confirmed traditional idea is relative. The ancients thinks, the woman is the man’s furniture, once marry a person, “Lay the person that is a man, it is the man’s ghost to death. ” although heat up the progress as the times, old old idea is improved somewhat, but after if one paragraph feels,affection ends, we can think to be in an unfavorable situation normally, wasted youth, it is a woman, is not a man. Go to school in us for instance level, teacher and parent can say with us normally, do not want to be loved early. And the parent can exhort especially girl people, do not want to be loved early, can be in an unfavorable situation otherwise. Again after for instance both sides of male and female divorces, be in apparently current society, has divorced man, compare has divorced woman to begin additionally one paragraph of marriage more easily afresh. And in a paragraph of sexual relationship, the man is in aggression on the movement square, have active right, and the woman is to bear square, opposite for more passive. So we can see, no matter be to be on mentally or physiology, at least at present till, the man still takes dominant place. Man proper pride is additionally strong, be concerned about face-saving quite, in one’s heart is bellicose. Normally we say, the man is off the rails namely ” the wild flower that picked roadside ” , this potential implied meaning is a man off the rails it is to go out to gain extra advantage unfairly. And contrary woman is off the rails, the perianth that is the backyard in the home was picked, more idiom cries ” backyard on fire ” , anyhow, the woman is off the rails it is a kind of loss. The man of good outer part does not have a law to tolerate for certain.

Feminine extramarital affair is off the rails to harm woman of the man mostly with divorce wind up

What is facing what off the rails man of the woman thinks

Self-confident heart of the man, having one most is to come from that woman at him back, of the woman off the rails, it is blow not only to him, also be the biggest failure in life. Look in them, it is oneself not quite outstanding, it is oneself cannot satisfy her, brought about her to choose better than oneself man thereby. The man also can be made with oneself and its off the rails object quite, because he wants to understand, where does he compare himself after all strong? Why are oneself inferior to him? Why can oneself woman betray her? This is the argue between the man, also be the disgrace that belongs to him. And when the woman, when having off the rails history, every time the man sees her, can remind oneself, oneself once had failed, oneself once were worn to pass green tag, this kind hides in inner failure and ashamed feeling, it is very difficult abreaction. Actually to the man, the woman is off the rails be harmed to his and do not have so big, harm is the greatest, because the woman is off the rails,still can let the failure that he feels and disgrace, the harm on spirit of this kind of consist in, also make a man essential also won’t resemble treating his wife again in that way before again.

Feminine extramarital affair is off the rails to harm woman of the man mostly with divorce wind up

Man and woman treat the distinction with the biggest extramarital affair

A man said such word: If the woman is off the rails, most man can choose to divorce, and if the man is off the rails, most woman can choose to tolerate. Just listened, in the heart very indignant. Dan Jing comes down to want, abrupt special anguish. Female factitious what is hesitant? Have a reason only: The woman compares a man more care about the child. Be pregnant October, in one day separates evening, next, the woman quited her appearance, job, it is a future even, it is to give this child a best childhood merely. She is to accompany the child’s seniorest person, also be the deepest to child feeling person. Her hope gives the child a the most complete home, but this hope is undone. So, she can endeavor to shrink the harm to the child only the smallest. Carry original state, hold a family complete, whats do not let the child know, let him grow happily as before, do not go assuming this sadness. Without any woman, when those who face a man is off the rails, not be indignant, of sadness, painful, want to end this kind of relationship immediately. They go tolerating, because pay no attention to,not be, still have a person that loves more because of them however, need goes protecting. They do not make a noise, do not be troubled by, it is to tolerate even, it is to still have a child nevertheless. They want to consider for the child. That man is the child’s father after all, harm him, bring shame on him, do not have a bit advantage to the child. Yes, they are very weak. But, they also once field of Chi Zha duty, they also ever all-conquering. Why are they met weak? Because they abandoned their firm armour for that off the rails man,be, because they work to make a man OK and normal,the is guarding them to love most that home; of systemic heart is, the child is short of lose love, and the opportunity that abandoned making oneself powerful.

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