The man distinguishs the distinction in where wife and lover with the sweetheart to wife

If a man loves what your your meeting experiences sincerely, actually a lot of men follow a sweetheart to wife have very big distinction, the man can share wife and lover very clear, the wife is the person that accompanies lifetime in all.

Where is the man with sweetheart distinction to wife

One, the body that the sweetheart worries about you, the lover worries about your financial capacity

In sweetheart heart, you are the partner with her sole this life, the consideration that stems from love and family can care your body very. And the financial capacity that what she worries about the lover is you only, what the lover needs to consider is the interest that you can give her to bring corporeal sex. When you do not have money to did not counterpoise, the sweetheart still does not leave to you do not abandon. The lover is the man that won’t respond to do not have money to did not counterpoise.

2, lover birdie depends on person sweetheart more like female fellow

In eye of a lot of men, marry old wife has had enough charm no longer, cannot let the feeling that when you enjoy love, is adored. And the lover looks at you in the eye that uses admire all the time, make the vanity in man heart greatly contented. Birdie resembles according to the person’s lover is a nutrient of flower hour need, the sweetheart blows rain to hit through the wind of the life already all previous practice becomes the rose that brings thorn.

3, the sweetheart loves to answer to you to your meticulously lover pay no attention to

The wife with old life is already know sth thoroughly to your habit, hobby at the heart, get up in the morning whats need not are in charge of OK and clad have a meal person. The lover is to read the state of mind to you, the meeting when the humor is good says two mood are bad to still need you to fool more. The man is met after you had been experienced clear, the lover exhibits the luxury on ark namely, everybody can look and price is high person, and the sweetheart is you are changed with sincerity, also use open-armed redound your, love the talent is you to cannot be short of surely.

The man distinguishs the distinction in where wife and lover with the sweetheart to wife

The distinction of wife and lover

What is a wife? Be the woman that you are willing to give her to keep the saving what is a lover? It is the woman that you date to be afraid that the wife is met by chance again covertly with her. What is female bosom friend? It is the woman that you can say some secrets to her to listen to cannot say to listen to the wife however. The wife is a kind of tie, restrain you to cannot interact with other woman casually the lover is a kind of compensation, the female bosom friend that compensates you to want to get cannot getting again however then from the wife is taught one kind namely, teach the labyrinth in your heart. The wife accompanies you to get along, the lover accompanies you to spend money, female bosom friend accompanies you to talk about chatting wife to cannot replace a lover, because she does not have a lover to lover of emotional appeal; cannot replace a wife, because she did not have the wife of; kissing affection of the wife and lover not to replace female bosom friend, that is interior need.

The man distinguishs the distinction in where wife and lover with the sweetheart to wife

What do lover and wife have to distinguish in man eye

Above all the a bitth lover is a shadow, the wife is sunshine. Actually in man heart very clear, the lover is the existence of light of not to be exposed to, get impossibly also all round of the person approbate, and wife is different, she is formal wedding is married those who come home, can receive everybody’s blessing not only, and still law is approbated, so person of plead for mercy for sb is a lover forever, become wife impossibly. the man perhaps can be paid for the lover at 2 o’clock a lot of, e.g. time energy, more money are waited a moment, but they won’t abandon him wife for the lover, because the man knows, the lover is hot like hemp very hot, eat much deleterious body, eat impossibly also all one’s life. And wife just is staple food, all one’s life most the person that cannot leave. The place that has wife is the home, have appetizing meal, have neat home clean, and the lover’s place, the Zhang like running water is only odd. at 3 o’clock lover most is selfishness, all things is a center with oneself, what consider for oneself is more, requirement man does this to do that for her, because the lover belongs to him not just, still be the be on intimate terms of others likely. And wife is different, wife just meets the person that genuinely and sincerely considers to get along well with you. She always is met for this home, fine long hair is paid termlessly, so occasionally the man knows him wife is not easy, also very feel distressed she, but be unable to bear loneliness again, was on treason road then. the lover was parting scenery 4 o’clock, the wife just is the remainder of one’s life that leave. Man lifetime will be a lot of more transient the place with beautiful scenery, like to enjoy the sort of feeling of beautiful scenery, but a place looks much always be meeting be bored with, and the most important is, he roams freely all over the world impossibly on the road all the time, he should come home from beginning to end.

The man distinguishs the distinction in where wife and lover with the sweetheart to wife

Wife and lover’s most essential distinction

1, the lover is passing traveller only

In long life, the lover is a passing traveller that you live only just, because you look for her because of loneliness originally, not any feeling exists, and this kind of relation is people place despise originally, won’t last so too long time, but the wife experienced love and marriage to go to now all the time with you however, you were experienced together so much, the existence that has been a kind of close affection, it is your consciousness is less than only just.

2, the feeling that the lover does not have the home

When perhaps you are together with the lover, can have the feeling that differs completely together with the wife, but what however only you lack this kind of sense at that time, won’t be forever. And the family just is your final a home to return to, you still want regression to go in the family, only so wife ability gives you domestic warmth, because she is true,want to pass all one’s life with you.

3, the lover is the surface only

Have a lot of time, you can feel you are together with the lover just is the happiest, but when you should make a choice truly, you can discover the presence that there still is a person in your heart lets you cannot leave, it is your wife. You just were familiar with too too actually, be familiar with won’t notice at ordinary times, but when wanting departure really, you just discover you cannot leave her, this is the distinction of wife and lover!

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