Let marriage last how to just can make marriage permanent last

A happy marriage is need two have real love between the individual, next of two individual intentions manage, maintain new move, make the little romance in a few lives, two people stand in same a battlefront.

How to let marriage last

The big event that recreation encircled the marital morality line of defence that recreation encircles good man yellow Lei to become partial person unexpectedly last year, remember with off the rails and relevant, for instance Xu Zheng is exploded off the rails, song Xiaobao is exploded off the rails, wang Baojiang by off the rails, lin Dan is exploded off the rails etc. Flashy friend circle is brushed exploded ” I also do not believe love again. ” all sorts of catchword. Appear in recreational group right good man, big boy remained Huang Lei a person, a female friend is holding fist to say: “If Huang Lei is off the rails, I did not marry really. ” Huang Lei became us unexpectedly the last marital morality defense line in one part will of people. How had some people asked they maintain new move? “Should feel, should hold in the arms. Do not have a thing have to Da. ” say unexpectedly very reasonable. He ever had narrated a setting on some program. “I am opening the door of the study in the evening, look meeting book, write write a script, tired I am sitting loiter of chair in the future, loiter can see to the doorway she sits in the sitting room to watch TV, back to me, very set one’s mind at. What is love? I think, this is love. ” warm so that explode. And of Huang Lei scanty, it is simply ” encyclopedia of beautiful conjugal love ” , dogs of all sorts of beautiful type cruel, all sorts of basking in wife, daughter. Huang Lei teaching is how to accomplish let marriage last continuously 20 years lukewarm Ge Zhuli has said authoress of one United States in the book in her: On this world, even if the happiest marriage, there also can be the thought of the divorce and the idea that take the other side by the throat 50 times 200 times in lifetime. So yellow Lei and Sun Li are together 20 old, be how hold this kind of position? Actually the life contrail from him can see.

1, expeditionary spirit

Two people are together, between its real time the more long, the thing that had not learned now even more is more. Want to maintain new move. Go together with her expeditionary, go trying more and amused, interesting thing. Huang Lei is scanty in say, other gives birth to a lot of important first time, he Sunli experiences together. Two people go he and Sun Li all day long journey, go to Beijing, Chongqing, Chengdu, abroad. Which have amused delicious go. . . . . . I am in before the article also has written the appointment after be together what to can do, conclusion is exploration, curious like the child. You bask together, go all out happy tall it is wonderful appointment. And every time when two people probe new thing, two people can have brand-new experience and memory. Remember know a sentence that attend: “Bad marriage turns the person into lunatic, good marriage turns the person into fool, best marriage turns you into the child. Best marriage turns you into the child..

2, good to her

True good, either you think is good to her very to her, the way that likes with her however is good to her. We make a mistake via regular meeting, it is the gives the other side one car pear that ego touchs type, but discover she says to want an apple later. We are in instead pester: I for pear of this one car how how painstaking, you why even an apple? But she does not want those, we are so called investment, also rise not to come certainly action. So need invests a balance, major comes up say even if the no matter be spirit,still is material investment that two people are together cannot difference is too big, otherwise easy generation is torn off. Actually common for, namely ” compare the heart the heart, equality is treated, the angle that stands in the other side more thinks. ” Huang Lei has mentioned: How can ability think of the other side more? Need a time really actually. Will form a habit, formed a habit. Bilateral investment can be balanced naturally. Particularly god-given is, huang Lei says, those important node in the love of he and Sun Li, he remembers. For instance a day that of love, a day that when get card, sun Li’s birthday, perhaps have some of agreement… . And 2015, love each other 20 years in them, still fill did a wedding.

3, fasten miserly love

Huang Lei actually very disgusting really, see a program want He Sunli to be together only every time, be about to kiss, want to hold in the arms. And also never be ashamed at be opposite the wife and daughter expresses love. Make dog food to us every day, but actually. Proper limbs contact is the osculatory memory that can hold two people, also be a kind of way that expression can get a gender at the same time. Everybody can see them scanty hold to each other @ , the behavior that is the other side ceaselessly and thought nod assist. For instance Huang Lei often boast Sun Li is a good mom, great dress up much more beautifully. Sun Li also is an ace that nod assist, fizzle out actually Lei hutch art so good, completely she nods assist to come out. Huang Lei makes bowl range casually, sun Li becomes aware deriving from personal husband is China young husband. With their word, that should be ” the process that marriage is a mutual appreciation. ” there is bit of person in us bleak without light, some colour and lustre are gorgeous glorious takes a person, but just can encounter a special person now and then. When you are encountered really, with respect to what not important. Two people are together, still need to be paid together, the investment that balances two people for instance, little surprise in giving each other safety feeling, production life, and these are to be able to pass study to get.

Let marriage last how to just can make marriage permanent last

How does ability make marriage permanent last

One: Oneself should love more after marrying

Some women are in after marrying, with respect to total heart investment arrived in the family, quited oneself job not only, everyday the task receives the child to learn up and down namely, do a meal 3 times even everyday next, disagreement husband appetite be blamed even, it is to want to raise a son to raise Laogong in that way even. Gave youth before he, the half a lifetime after now should be obtained everyday again resemble a baby-sitter same. The woman is the so most serious is to should love his, only oneself take oneself seriously, ability can cause the attention of others. Him put through does not want after marrying mother-in-law of a yellow face, occupied do not have a thing to shop to buy a new clothes to wear, oneself are only more and more beautiful, husband just can is opposite your be dead set, the man is willing to confront old woman of a yellow face everyday without which, young and beautiful girl is outside, husband can be gone very easily by accost!

2: Maintain economic independence

Since want to love oneself, that affirmation is about to maintained economy to become independent, if spend the money of husband to buy the dress to buy packet of bag to buy cosmetic every day, husband can cold-shoulder you to defeat the home for certain, and return meeting rebuke you everyday what does not work, know to spend money. So the woman must lean her salary to feed her. The colleague that the company came newly 35 years old or so recently, removed her housekeeping a little with us accidentally, he says not to want to let the child be defeated with us in the scratch line, wanting to sign up for an interest class so, but did not think of how husband doesn’t agree, say to waste money, still make child pressure big. Him colleague came out to earn money now, the educational field that is in later again also had own right, the salary that uses oneself signs up for interest class to also need not seek the opinion of husband again to the child.

3: With husband the station is in same a battlefront

After two individual marriage, what must want to face is bilateral parents, and a lot of women can ask her husband: “If I and husband are dropped at the same time,be in water, who can you save first? ” , small two individual stations are in the husband and wife that writes place to say same what station ordinates says is not to let husband feel embarrassed, husband in a dilemma does not let when be being thought up with the mother-in-law, common saying says well: “Bear temporarily calm, let unrestrained and far -ranging 3 minutes. ” , if you can accomplish respect, include oneself husband’s father and mother, husband also can feel you are a very nice person, also meet more love you.

Let marriage last how to just can make marriage permanent last

The method that marriage lasts

Do some of petty thing more for each other, if the husband sends a bundle of flower to the wife, do dinner; wife to hit cravat to wait to the husband. To the wife (the husband) complain a few lesser and censure, many a little bit are encouraged and include. Do not clutch the mistake of the other side is not put, excusing the other side also is to excuse his. To the wife (the husband) suspect a few lesser, many a little bit are respected and trust, communicate simply occasionally can dissolve the trustful crisis between husband and wife, accredit is a of hold together marriage main factor. Hiding the truth from the other side and association of opposite sex friend, bring about misunderstanding very easily so. Make public oneself circumstance that make friend, it is the expression that respects the other side not only, also be the optimal method of clear the air. The wife does not hold exorbitant hope to the husband, lest produce man of older psychological fall; ,also do not want those who ignored a wife to experience, should be listened attentively to more and take care of a wife. Had patronized oneself body, a healthy body can bring cheerful mood to the person, be in thereby of two people get along not easy generation is contradictory in the process.

Let marriage last how to just can make marriage permanent last

Such ability can let marriage last

No1, both sides is straight-out

Maintaining the method with a paragraph of best relation is to make opposite vivid between both sides reach consensus, at the same time between two people must straight-out. Be opposite especially a few money or a few with the relation between the opposite sex, sensitive respect is compared in these, both sides is only straight-out, in the life ability can avoid to produce brawl on these problems after. Two people also get along more harmoniously in the life.

No2, life has interest

so much lover holds on very hard after marry, because be born,be in work namely around wear what place of tea of fuel sauce vinegar undertakes. Between two people more around move these trivial issues, there still can be brawl now and then in discussing. Slowly can let person generation be tired of. It is so in the life must as far as possible have interest more a few. Go for an outing regularly for example, or 2 people of husband and wife develop a common interest interest. The collective topic that two such people are together is much, also reduced affray chance.

Accompany when No3, weakness

It is easy to should know to perfect, provide timely help is very difficult. This truth is likewise applicable in marriage. Say husband and wife is to be the same as Lin Diao originally, face with imminet disaster to fly severally. But often can defend the person that insists to come down, final ability can go final together. So if your old justice is in a career low period, just do not complain everyday. Complain he is done not have so hard, complain he is done not have so try to make a good showing. Won’t let him have enterprise more not just so, still can make him cooler and cooler to you instead. What think possibly in this moment woman is him say two more, the husband can listen to go in to be able to change the current situation. But who does not have weakness when. When your trip later, what I think you want to hear is the care of others and greeting, is not to censure you why trip, right? The man that becomes you so is come up against when the career is not arranged or quarrelling with someone else, his heart also is very weak. And this moment our complain to be able to let him feel only more sad. Why don’t we act as so the part of an intimate person? Go listening attentively to his affliction, go standing on his angle to be his consider. Include his weakness, such ability can accompany him to spend that paragraph of the most provoking time. It is when the man is weak, you are accompanying him. No matter how many new move cannot be replaced,this paragraph of affection is. Because he has begun from the bottom of the heart,depend on you. And this also is one of methods that make marriage abiding last.

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