How should the wife after marriage live how should the woman after ability happiness marriage manage feeling

Oneself learn to manage love well, ability lets ourselves obtain happiness, want to hold oneself individual fascination above all, find the life that belongs to you, not too count the other side, disentomb more the flashy dot on body of the other side.

How should the wife after marriage live ability is happy

1, the woman after marriage wants old mannish of slam the door dress up

During the child and lactation are born especially after feminine marriage, appear via often can wearing a few dresses that do not take tone raunchy, let the opposite sex be surprised. And middleaged woman often can like dress again a few actualer than oneself ages are old a lot of dresses, the result is to let his more appear arrogant on account of one’s seniority, cannot draw the eye of the opposite sex more. Proposal women are OK according to his professional characteristic, profession requirement, individual is savoured, individual character characteristic, wearing as far as possible a few can him make public individual character and the dress that does not belong to bizarre dress, if do not have requirement of this family economy, can be cleaned out very much to costume market. Middleaged woman must not carry those to appear brunetly to be able to show her sedate garment, also do not cut the hair arrogant on account of one’s seniority, in that way you can lose opposite sex eyeball really. You leave otherwise a long hair try, it is OK also to even if be,plunge into a horsetail plait.

2, the woman after marriage does not complain easily

Love blames the common fault that is a woman, a what thing wants to say on a few, when Tan Lian loves, the man still can respond a few, feel that is a topic, but after marrying, the man feels that is gibberish, it is torment, auditive metropolis gives birth to a chrysalis child come. The man prefers at leisure than the woman, when feminine dumb moment, be aware of when him some less what when, he himself can cannot help saying on a few words, had the desire that talks with her.

3, a thick-skinned wife should be done after marriage

The woman cries easily in emotive world. Two life are together alive, can have the generation of some of misunderstanding more or less. Perhaps, this moment, he said offensive word, did the thing that can’t bear. After the event, after he is clear that these are misunderstanding, fear a woman writing down again go up in the heart. The woman should learn not to want bear grudges, if the word of enemy is driven beyond forbearance really, also can sign up for on the spot, must not conceal in the heart. Let him wash the bowl of a week for instance, pull the land of a week, next, do a food that he likes to eat to bring gift to he is one.

4, the woman after marriage should read more

The book is the lover of feminine eternity, do not abandon do not leave, constant, it is dedicating forever, never seek get one’s own back. The book is a woman forever protect skin to taste, without failure period. It not only protect skin and protect a heart. To the woman, the inside and outside on the world holds the thing that protect concurrently only book. Book or woman carry a magic weapon of own glamour, a woman with times synchronism, it is the woman that a love reads for certain, she from in outside arriving, sending out attractive elegant demeanour.

5, the independence that the woman after marriage wants to learn certain level to go up

In marriage, feminine independence is conditional, how to hold good balance significance especially, it is a knowledge that the woman must have mastered certainly. Say commonly, it is bad to hold that the balance in marriage is spent, the woman if too too independent, can let a man cannot find a sense, the woman can not let again independently too the man feels too tired, so, independent woman is among real life, must have the thing with some of woman very flavour, will regard a balance as an a magic weapon that concerns between husband and wife, this is decision of the woman’s inherent sexual characteristic place. Do to become independent already the woman that the in some way counts a man, ability makes marriage can stride smoothly ahead.

How should the wife after marriage live how should the woman after ability happiness marriage manage feeling

How should the woman after marriage manage feeling

1, know conversion to think, fasten in the life too selfish.

In the life, no matter touch,go up what thing, between person and person get along, need to know conversion to think, the angle that stands in the other side more goes pondering over a problem. Occasionally two people produce difference, each other are dissident, conflict does not fall, might as well the angle that stands in the other side goes wanting. Come so, you can discover, not all problem has who certainly to who wrong, the position that is each other only is different just. Know the person that conversion ponders over, just often can understand must show consideration for and understand, just can have include. And no matter be,be to include, it is the one part that cannot lack surely in matrimony. Know conversion to think only, two people are in the life that gets along for a long time, ability can reduce contradiction, each other just can be communicated more smoothly, such matrimony ability more harmonious, avoid needless brawl.

2, marriage is indispensable accredit, concern otherwise hard harmonious.

It is actually in our respective life, not difficult discovery has common feature, the marriage of a lot of people does not have what problem actually, but some people always think however too much. And consider too much source, because lack credit,be, always have a lot of jealousy and suspicion. Because the heart has jealousy, do not have accredit to the sweetheart, encounter any small businesses so, can inquire into the root of the matter, bone is picked in the egg even. Because jealousy is mixed,also suspect, always cannot help examining the sweetheart’s mobile phone everyday, examine a sweetheart communicate record, if see the sweetheart communicates with who,time grew, metropolis interrogate after all. Have more very person, can dog even, the sweetheart that investigates oneself, do oneself whackedly, also let bedside person be agitated unceasingly. Want to learn to give the other side credit more, let while oneself feel relaxed, also let a spouse feel comfortable and cheerful, after all marriage is all one’s life thing, suspect the other side every day, not be to want tired dead oneself, more fasten Tan Xingfu.

3, the mouth that has run oneself, do not do ” complain Fu ” .

A lot of women are tender also before marry sensible, both neither makes a scene, also take not without manage be troubled by. But, as after marrying, want to go to work already, handle chore again, bring good child even, the pressure on the job, the busy be agitated in the life, accumulate, mood nature form smoke into smother. If oneself husband does not feel distressed on booth again, more depressed. If things go on like this, woman chronic jubilation blames He Xuxu be favored with, as ” complain Fu ” . But the life is his, if domesticity place needs, you should go to work, so housework and look after children should by husband and wife 2 people are assumed jointly, the father and mother that perhaps has both sides helps. If want to manage the home,Wu is mixed look after children, so the job searchs relaxed. Everything, have settlement idea, the bad mood that does not let oneself affected his normal life, give birth to oneself forcedly virgin soil forces ” complain Fu ” , this is not a good appearance, do not have which man to like the woman of babble after all.

How should the wife after marriage live how should the woman after ability happiness marriage manage feeling

4, ” little worry about ” , matrimony cannot too nervous.

Once some women married, have the heart that does not hold. Worry about for instance the dress that the husband wears today is reasonable, worry about for instance the husband drinks again, worry about for instance the husband has a meal well in the company, worry about for instance the child follows classmate be difficult with sb in the school, worry about for instance grandpa mother-in-law quarrelled again… such woman, there is little bagatelle to worry about in home of in every case unceasingly, worry at the same time, at the same time admonish, help at the same time, at the same time blind do sth over and over again, finally oneself so tired that suffering can’ts bear character, still do not get the understanding of others. But, no matter how the life passes, have the idea that it goes down too. Marital dress is comfortable and clean neat good, the husband goes drinking call it is good to exhort to come home not to drink earlier, the child communicates means with what there is themselves between the child, grandpa mother-in-law quarrels also is the life of themselves, which have the thing that so much need worries about, force oneself so that insomnia has a headache. The wife must look so that leave, in the life little worry about, important matter and domestic person are discussing to come, bagatelle arranges its nature, absolutely cannot too embarrassed oneself.

5, now and then put a holiday to oneself, love man loves a family to should love his more.

No matter be the job, in still living, the business is not done, even if you keep 24 hours work, have the business that need does always also. On the weekend or in the evening, if the child goes going up class of take lessons after school, pulling the husband to see a movie, loosen loosen; on the weekend when, making an appointment with young lady younger sister to shop together drink drink coffee, the thing that look after children still has the child his pa. If busy to be answered all day long,arrive in the home, oneself are very tired really, two people do not want to cook, the dining-room that goes out together with respect to the family then eats, loosen oneself while, also add different flavor to ordinary and flat life. The woman must learn to have a holiday to oneself, must not embarrass oneself, want to have oneself time and oneself space, is not oneself all energy dedicate family, best after all marriage family, it is build and two people are paid together, is not your one individual responsibility.

6, let the husband partake housework, marital eventually is two the individual’s things.

In relation of a paragraph of marriage, if the woman is housewife, the man is in charge of making money raise the home, need to take without the child again, so the woman is done in the home good housework and cook good meal, also be reason in. When doing chore, can the husband takes grip, quite good. If if has the child’s circumstance to fall, the woman looks after children, housework should have a man to partake together, bringing good child after all is not a relaxed work. If 2 people of husband and wife are office worker, so no matter be housework, look after children behoove is be assumed by two people jointly, after all the thing that marriage is two people, the home is to belong to two people’s common home, the singles that management marriage is not a person more is fought alone. If wife should go to work already, want to assume household responsibility again, look after children even, the woman of all-round of so such decathlon, even does the husband have why to use? Didn’t that man become no use to still need to take care of in marriage ” is the decoration tasted ” ? In matrimony, only each other assume the pressure of the life jointly, two individual ability more those who know each other is not easy, just also can have more understanding and include. Good marriage, not be to let the husband become ” treat a customer ” , should let him participate in come in. A few bagatelle in the life, look be like negligible, but it is the one part with happy indispensable marriage however. Want to capture happiness, have to know the feeling that manages marriage and each other well. Always thinking a man how to should be done, always also do not think him move wants to do a lot of things, should do how perfect. In the final analysis, marital leading role is two people, so go up in any problems, need two people collective hand in hand before row. Occasionally, a bit bagatelle in the life, look very ordinary, but can have big effect however. The marriage that wants oneself is happier, still need to rely on oneself. Unfortunate marriage has each misfortune each, happy marriage, roughly similar. Wish your marriage, what can expect like you in that way, happy and well.

How should the wife after marriage live how should the woman after ability happiness marriage manage feeling

How to let marriage last

One, often make romance for the other side

This thing can let romance two the individual’s love last, because everybody likes romance, the mood that romance can let he is smooth comes into being wave motion. So, the woman that enters marital period must learn to make romance for the man, because can invite opposite party so more be full of new move, can feel to be able to be compared together with you pleasurable, so, anyway, must learn to create an opportunity to give the other side romantic sense!

2, small do not get the better of newly-married

Domestic member especially between husband and wife, do not want of course to think what thing wants together. No matter be two people with again close relationship, it is need gives each other a few spaces. Accordingly, we can be made from a few bagatelle, use for instance on the weekend, the time of short holiday accompanies respective friend to go out beguilement, perhaps use the opportunity such as unit collective activity, travel apart. These are a first-rate opportunities, he can let our human relation become better, also won’t become cheesed to matrimony, contrary meeting values each other more.

3, the husband should assume a responsibility

The husband in marital relation is having crucial effect, it is the person of the family that guard not only, also be the coordinator that the family concerns, it is the hope of the wife more, to marriage last the husband should be assumed have this responsibility, do not let a wife become disappointment by the hope acedia even, do not make domestic concern confused can’t bear.

4, the woman should maintain tender beauty

Carry a woman this some is tender and beautiful, marrying is not get sth done once and for ever, must perfect oneself ceaselessly, buy a few beautiful clotheses to oneself, want be willing to part with or use to spend money for oneself, do not like pretty woman without the man. Do not think married, OK river east lion growl, neither one man likes the woman of willfully make a trouble.

5, everyday a hug

How long had not you embraced your sweetheart? Everyday circumstances or style of departure is hasty, struggle for the life. Forgot to still can be embraced it seems that. Before going out in the morning, after next coming back, might as well the sweetheart that tries to embrace you, as time passes, can form a habit, happy feeling also is met greatly increase.

6, the interest that holds oneself

What your husband loves is true you, the characteristic that must not abandon oneself becomes a young woman that can turn round him only, what he wants is a wife, is not a baby-sitter.

How should the wife after marriage live how should the woman after ability happiness marriage manage feeling

How to maintain the new move of love

1, should remember the important time between husband and wife. Want to remember each other birthday, wedding anniversary, all sorts of festivals are waited a moment, you want these days to act somewhat, must not want precious gift, occasionally a little article also or it is the intention that the dinner that prepares food personally can express you. Anyhow lets her feel your warmth exists momently, these attentive behavior can let your love warm up continuously certainly.

2, to love cannot ignore cold heat up suddenly. You always should maintain a blazing heart to love, how to maintain? This needs each other again the joint efforts between, develop common interest for example, pace of one start of a race, see a book wait a moment together, this kind accompanies the soul that can accompany your lifetime interestingly again however soundlessly. Good-looking leather bursa is machine-made, interesting soul is carried 10 thousand lis one.

3, now and then surprise and romance are created to each other in the home. The article with a long already expectation, an everybody congratulates etc. Have fasten Yu Ping weak daily, always a few things can arouse that empty spirit, arouse myriad billows, it is incorporeal collision subsequently.

4, maintain curiosity. Life of each days is new challenge, of course your other in part also is. Try him what discover all sorts of differring, him when the job, he when libertinism, he what be together with the friend, him with your depend on each other, and he when the recreational activity that he has all his place love, everybody has different face look in the metropolis below different situation and behavior, same you also are, besides each face postures that discover the other side, also want to let the other side know you are you not merely, everybody is changeful, because these are changeful,be and bring up

5, remember affectionate. The scientist confirms, the hug can reduce the angst of people, can increase our happy index. Limbs contact brings warmth for the body not merely, also can pacify uneasy mood at the same time. If two people are not remote love, at ordinary times pull hand, hug and kiss, it is the way with hold together the directest feeling!

6, maintain uncanny sense. Openness is trustful foundation relatively. But, this is not represented all everything should be before him honest. For instance, I want to do a modelling to make him surprizing. Occasionally, maintain the uncanny sense of a bit oneself, conduce to the attention that lets him be all the time on your body. Love makes a person infatuate, countless people exhaust lifetime goes going after that flowery colour, have not feels total however somebody to touch interior beauty then. Also do not have the love that get sth done once and for ever can live to old age in conjugal bliss, love needs joint effort, those who need each other is attentive caress. No less than the word of a well known: New move is not experience same life with different person, explore sealed world with same person however. Wish we can find our real love.

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