The mother-in-law embarrasses everywhere I do a mother-in-law why to to like a daughter-in-law

In a paragraph of marriage, actually besides husband and wife it is very important to get along besides, of two family get along very crucial also, live together with husband’s family person especially, more crucial, so how should if come up against to embarrass everywhere,oneself mother-in-law do?

The mother-in-law embarrasses everywhere how do I do

When the mother-in-law points out your defect, be not refuted or argue, although she became wrong,also do not explain hastily. When she points out your defect, always support negative attitude to you, if you still stand opposite her, pose contradiction more easily.

It is tender that the wife that she and son think and comes home marries, either quarrel with her, it is the female that is not in the home. In the meantime, as daughter-in-law, control oneself emotion, communicate calmly with the mother-in-law, listen attentively to her sound, him exploration becomes bad place, correct oneself defect, the mother-in-law can see.

You can envy the mother-in-law of others. Hope oneself mother-in-law is lovely like the daughter also, asking while, want understanding to pay above all. In the life after marriage, also the family that somebody did not blend in the other side, often be said ” your home ” ” our home ” , often perhaps say oneself mother before the mother. How to manage marital affection? What does the skill that marriage runs have? Resemble such, if you say inadvertently, often let a mother-in-law feel you do not regard yourself as oneself, the barrier between you was formed if you say.

In the association with the mother-in-law, should do the mother-in-law one’s own mother to treat, institutional respect, give presents mother-in-law, let a mother-in-law feel his daughter is increasing, is not the female that bestow favor on is contended for with oneself before the son.

Know the mother-in-law’s interest, increase a topic. For example, the mother-in-law likes to jump square dance, can take off with the mother-in-law square dance, also can download popular square dance. So happy family atmosphere makes the mother-in-law’s mood ameliorates, rationalize affected the atmosphere of whole family after you take the home.

The mother-in-law embarrasses everywhere I do a mother-in-law why to to like a daughter-in-law

Why doesn’t the mother-in-law like a daughter-in-law

All through the ages of wife daughter-in-law relation is difficult, it is a difficult problem of human relation, hard to avoid of this difficult problem, puzzling a lot of people really. What is the common problem in daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law association?

The viewpoint of value of daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law is different. The daughter-in-law that takes life quality seriously encounters conservative, economical mother-in-law, ground of possible in quick succession poses contradiction. If the wife feels to spend his money, want to buy what to buy, why can you manage me? The mother-in-law thinks this daughter-in-law life is not quite good, want to teach well. Wife daughter-in-law contradicts even if such happening, who did become wrong who? Do not have actually unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease, the consumptive idea that is everybody only is different.

Wife fosters the means of children to differ. Educational child is the task of guardian, but fall in present Chinese national condition, taking the child to make the work of elder, the street of every city can see old people is bringing the child.

What wait as a result of knowledge of idea of the setting that grow, idea, literacy is different, the association between daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law can become inevitably unpleasant. Encounter the overall situation of the generation below education, ideal conflict also is met more intense. This perhaps is the problem that faces on daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law.

The mother-in-law embarrasses everywhere I do a mother-in-law why to to like a daughter-in-law

How does relation of wife and mother get along

1, esteem mother-in-law, it is good to cast its place.

Actually between wife and mother get along very simple also, the family does not say two words. Do not become the mother-in-law alien, such mother-in-laws also can so won’t slashing to you. You become the mother-in-law people on one’s own side, the mother-in-law also can become you from family. Be about to respect a mother-in-law above all so. According to the mother-in-law’s hobby, the place with same interest begins, believe to be able to get along very quickly harmonious. Even if occupied your err finishs sth affection, so the mother-in-law also can be in generation home to be able to excuse you. When doing not have a thing, chatting a little with the mother-in-law is right choice.

2, instigate not actively contradictory.

Everybody knows, contradiction is a kind of condition of mutual influence, it is the property concern that belongs to a thing substantially, live together with the mother-in-law after you marry, so a man and two women that love her live together, so contradictory happening is inevitable. So, a harmonious domestic man is to have main effect.

One compares clever woman, it is absolutely won’t instigate actively of the contradiction between husband and mother-in-law. But if produce a few contradiction when, if you stand on the angle of husband not merely, in that way the mother-in-law is met more hate you. But, the mother-in-law is helped explain with husband moon’s path manages together after understanding whole issue when you, the meeting in believing your heart in them more love you.

3, flattery mother-in-law does not make a noise to be troubled by.

Authority is actually clear, blindly quarrelling was not to solve a problem. Final result also is goodish. No matter be the mother-in-law that those who face is stranger or you, when producing brawl, others can think you magnanimous not quite, because a bit bagatelle is not,cannot make a noise cannot, not only the problem is not solved, still affect the feeling between you.

If be the mother-in-law makes a noise first,rise, but you very the disaccord of magnanimous she quarrels, she meets nature feel uninteresting to won’t make a noise again. When you go again when mother-in-law humor is bit better and she tells a truth, this moment mother-in-law can realize his error. Everybody laughs at enemy of die out favour.

The mother-in-law embarrasses everywhere I do a mother-in-law why to to like a daughter-in-law

Wife and mother gets along have what contraindication

1 do not quarrel with the mother-in-law. Without giving thought to what reason. Two people have different opinion. And, the growing environment of two people and social environment are different, is the old lady daughter-in-law? Experience and habit are different, chafing in the life is inevitable, each other think of a way is different, does not say to give whose fault to the view of the thing. As the daughter-in-law of posterity, I must know self-effacing gentleman. Fight abreact mood, cannot solve a problem. Make the issue very serious instead.

2 do not say to be not moved return old home. To you, native place is port, the person of native place always is to you, very be very fond of you. Because of kin, I more the person of attaching native place. But, if have contradiction, take no account of the word of the means of settlement, the time that returns old home can become much, the mother-in-law will be malcontent. Since we are inferior to native place, why to marry came out? Such going down, the husband also is not helped, can feel cheesed even.

3 do not speak ill of a mother-in-law before others. Saying the Eight Diagrams is the female’s essence, but the female always covers oneself mouth. The mother-in-law likes to say son’s wife together, daughter-in-law also likes to say a mother-in-law together. But, understand please, although the person says at the back of the person, always also say the word advocate side side, and can send a lot of people, completely ill-natured the meaning of original word. Right now, although you explain again, the mother-in-law also does not listen. The relation between you is very difficult also repair.

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