The spouse thinks when salty fish you can be accepted the spouse wants to should lash when salty fish or be accepted

Have the person that has seen strange flower of newest first phase say, not should unfamiliar to this problem, if oneself spouse does not have a dream to do not have pursuit, think the word when a salty fish only, are we should be accepted or lash the other side?

Does the spouse think when salty fish you can be accepted

1. cannot be accepted

The spouse wants that he cannot be accepted completely when salty fish. Two people are to grow jointly together, not be each other be a burden on, it is collective progress, not be each other laches. What I need is not the spouse that seeing those who see dress night clothes comes home in the evening in the morning still is dress night clothes, what I like is young the partner that has green energy. When career and domestic affirmation have conflict, how to coordinate need collective Xiu Lian mixes two people overcome, is not manage of one individual place to go a person looks on indifferently. Active up social part makes a person self-confident, can make a person decadent only when salty fish. Do not work go attend school also is to be future to lay next tamp foundations, also very assist!

2. can be accepted

I do not have anything line of business to go up to the spouse expect, I expect him to learn to cherish my body only, health is he gives I and child the greatest gift, hard I meet this kind of word say to oneself only, the spouse has right freedom to choose, and the confess of the chiefest condition I feel is I know he is met all the time for company I.

The spouse thinks when salty fish you can be accepted the spouse wants to should lash when salty fish or be accepted

The spouse wants to should lash when salty fish or be accepted

Can lash, but not excessive lash.

We go asking the other side is aspirant may do not have end, do not pass to have oneself only because of what the person can ask just. Although say to be opposite of other in part include, show consideration for and love be us first heart, but this bit of reason is not quite sufficient still.

Touching is one and the same, but reality is other one thing, how many person is willing to enjoy the pleasure that takes branny pharynx course, and lash the other side also lashs oneself, a change progresses jointly had better, it is easier that you can know outstanding person is met happy, because have money. Do not become hard excuse, him child is brought up slowly, need to go to school, need housing, this is the reason that try hard and lashs and necessity.

The spouse thinks when salty fish you can be accepted the spouse wants to should lash when salty fish or be accepted

How does look upon spouse want to become salty fish

Everybody should be him, wish the likelihood that the person beside us also admits us, wish we are admitted by the other side, appreciation and love. Wish the look that we have an opportunity to give our alive, go out alive most the most comfortable position, be close to us true immanent. Wish we have an opportunity to become our, also wish we can become that need not so control, be willing to accompany the other side to grow the spouse that is oneself.

If cross the promise of superior life for him implementation, on one hand him effort act vigorously is entered, on the other hand lash spouse, husband lashs in what he keeps next doing pass a lot of works, but like be being done not have however, succeed, to do not make his disappointed husband became the look that she wants alive, discover actually husband is joyless finally, have some of time actually, because then the portion loves,people is willing to be changed for you is, but when if he thinks,stopping, you can because love him, also accept him sometimes faulty!

The spouse thinks when salty fish you can be accepted the spouse wants to should lash when salty fish or be accepted

How does the change want to become the woman student of salty fish only

Actually, want not to consider a change, still should rely on oneself finally, if you want a change really, people does not say you also can look for method to change your, if you do not consider a change, 100 oxen are pulled do not move you. Want to become the woman student of salty fish only intently, if want a change, true conference is very difficult, because want to become the woman student of a salty fish intently, from go up at all for, her heart is already right him throw the helve after the hatchet, belong to broken jar to defeat fall, mix eat mix drink those who wait for dead type, want a change really so, the heart that must allow salty fish woman student above all is really real the change that produces materiality just goes.

Above all, if you want to change her, you must let herself realize the life of own instantly cannot be taken, let her realize her 3 view are deviate the right path, want to let salty fish schoolgirl have the change on the thought first, just change her thoroughly likely.

As alien, if think really,change actually, belong to the word of the schoolgirl of the type of salty fish, that or true not allowing are easy, after all how the idea of alien says again also is not him other people the idea in the heart, you do not understand her, this is the most important. So, want to change her, want to understand her namely above all. You want to become one with with her, the credit that makes her complete you, next resumptive the road of your advise. After the credit that obtains her, you are about to begin to change her.

The life that you want to let this undivided attention think the woman student that becomes a salty fish knows to be not salty fish only is how good, let her see the wonderful point of the life that is not salty fish, let her by inside and outside want to cast off oneself the sort of salty fish state of mind ability is OK. Next, you can help her build new target and way, remember, aimless the person with direction, do not have distinguishing with salty fish! Help her make a plan, be encouraged to her next and confidence, cheer together with her, believe soon, you can help her cast off the sort of think the state of mind when salty fish only!

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