Matrimony pays attention to feeling of proper limits for speech or action to manage marriage why to cannot have exerted oneself to do sth. fierce

In matrimony, actually feeling of proper limits for speech or action is very important, calculate again close relationship, still also want to notice the proper limits for speech or action that get along, otherwise sooner or later one party can feel tired, how should notice in marriage proper limits for speech or action feels so?

How does matrimony pay attention to feeling of proper limits for speech or action

1. ” give ” differ to acquire contented move at be in marriage. It depends on not only the stand or fall of communication result, contrary, satisfaction is spent come from communication result and the difference that compare a level.

When us one is willing to give the partner of 50% , when we hope to get the get one’s own back of 50% in this marriage, our satisfaction is spent the meeting is very tall. When us one is willing to give the partner of 50% , but we think we are 100% valuable when, our satisfaction is spent the conference is very small.

Do a lot of people think: ?  of Bo of  of axil aspic gum compares? of  of reef of Mei shaking industry in fact, your pay what cannot be equal to get at you, contrary even: ? ? of copy of Mei of Φ of Wen of ツ of  of Kang of fawn on of Wo of aspic of  lament mother rising abruptly is together to be able to become more uncomfortable only to altruistic men and women. The union of egocentric and altruist is human spouse.

2. reduces unrealistic to marriage expectation is the greater effort that increases our satisfaction to spend not only. When you conceivable when the affinity of a happy stability, you also can reduce the value of the result that you should get from inside this kind of relation, obtain higher satisfaction to spend at the same time.

How is marital affection problem eliminated? How does marital occurrence crisis do? Reduce a result to be worth and do not mean satisfy at perfect, arrange its nature however. For example, the thing that the spouse that we often depend on us will come to get we are couldn’t get (the money of 100% and the love) of 100% , expect he helps us get it.

We are incontrollable the other side is right the value of expectation result of marriage. If the other side is willing to pay and be accepted only 50% , although you were paid,you must believe 100% , you are unalterable also result. If the other side is willing to pay and be accepted only 50% , 50% what you also can be paid only and expect result value. Contrary, it is OK from go up at all raise the other side to be spent to marital satisfaction.

The comparison that 3. drops the other side the level is willing to pay only when the other side 50% but expectation gets 100% when, you need to consider what how reduce him to compare a level, are such his ability satisfied to the result that communicate? This kind of result can produce, it is on one hand because of too much force brought to bear on since you are long-term, the promotive value that causes the other side increases, think you are more valuable.

On the other hand, this is the habit that grows ceaselessly as a result of another person, when he is for instance young 100% get parental love, and believe after he is brought up, regular meeting gets the love of 100% . You must understand, if you cooperate his desire, give too much effort, the result that you get is not the marriage that stabilizes happily, increase his redound value ceaselessly however, make he is paid to yours more and more coma, more and more break away from reality.

Accordingly, do you need to say to be clear about: in your communication? Curb brightness dare Sun aspic?0% , I expect only 50% . Since I am right your requirement is not much, you also should not ask to me too much. Do not try to face the issue that exceeds your capacity bravely, candid ground admits you are not done, good to each other.

Matrimony pays attention to feeling of proper limits for speech or action to manage marriage why to cannot have exerted oneself to do sth. fierce

Why cannot have management marriage exerted oneself to do sth. fierce

Close relationship resembles sapling, “Excessive overworked ” resemble unplugging seedling will promote grow. Apparently, the tender bud of love appears to had sprouted, but the test that they do not undergo harships. Any tiny contradictory metropolises destroy them.

Once unbalance exceeds critical point, accumulative pressure will drive a balance to drop, spouse concern will drop quickly. The brawl between big wood and young friend is it seems that by ” do not fold the dress ” and ” do not cook ” the contradiction that pose.

In fact, this is the rejects to continue hard after excessive overworked and marriage result before marriage, caused the rupture that marriage concerns. Do we have wrong understanding: to affinity? Armpit of  of skip of impossible of  of Bo of large of  of faze of Bi Mou of  of bright of raw meat or fish! Does G drink is Wan impossible archives troubled by locust of persimmon bank ⒉ [live abroad of  of  of Bo of  of Wei of  of  of catfish call on [ of  of Bo of  of  of Ping of  of catfish call on dare Mu Qiao  of lament of  of Wei of  of Jing Miao Guan?

Matrimony pays attention to feeling of proper limits for speech or action to manage marriage why to cannot have exerted oneself to do sth. fierce

How should be matrimony managed

1, learn from good examples face short board

Life road has case have fall, matrimony is same also, when passing unlikelily so that be like amour everyday general and melting, the first paragraph of matrimony is to come up against bottleneck. Between the method that solves merely, different, if your matrimony is come up against short board, need not be avoided and cover, answer instantly, in that way ability is OK many sided resolves difficulty. A lot of personal marriage personnel are come up against in matrimony short board when, be handled all the time with avoided method. Before two people thoroughly not close, arrive one case because of loving to come only, the unavoidable of basic necessities of life of morning evening relativity has grind, can give the difficult problem with sundry , eruptive sundry difference, but the difficult problem that can solve is not difficult problem, the difference that can resolve also is not difference, confront this kind of difficult problem, difference, ground of confide in sb treats two people, is not to have difficult problem to be avoided, that Zuo difficult problem will be more and more, resemble a snowball rolling bigger more euqally. Below the situation that also did not assume so easily again to you, your matrimony can have danger .

2, grouse less, much dot includes

Can take no account of brilliantly when amour to actual, but just began to be affliction of basic necessities of life after get married, the fragmentary thing of daily life can let each man-made become the condition that blame. Be especially in a lot of homes after having a child, it is hero completely commonly outside female advocate inside. The schoolboy assumes mouth of the paste that raise the home, the female assumes reasonable. Outer Bian Chuang swings the schoolboy, unavoidable is upset by unkindness, can feel tired, what if also want,answer wife is various in returning the home grouse, change doing is you, are you glad? Same, take child to hold housework concurrently to be not an easy thing, not demit is careladen Jian fruit also wants those who assume husband to despise, everything one woman also is not admitted on. Grouse much, feeling will be weaker and weaker. Little place grouses, many somes of praise, what just can drive matrimony in that way is harmonious.

3, mutual understanding

The person that matrimony that is to say loves 2 greatly binds ligature to be together, henceforth everybody is person of act as a matchmaker, this represents the world that this world already was your person no longer, the actor bad of mood of other one party can endanger you instantly. Left hand and right hand did not have harmonious also can produce a drop occasionally very much small grind, it is the old living person of 2 versatility then what is more,the rather that more, two people basic necessities of life is together indispensable meeting has small grind, learn mutual understanding even at the moment, sometimes two people each other does not let, cross verbal swords, saliva 4 splash the ground to be in of mutual blame other one party is not, and even go attacking another with acridity language, this did not need thoroughly. Both between afterwards regretful, return be not a patch on to be awaited in those days not show off of one tongue fast. The affection that good boudoir honey follows the man is very good all the time, they get married that Zuo is very old, because quarrel,I never see them and flush passes. One when she speaks however after the envies jealousy affection that cannot think of my general oneself pours out to good boudoir honey laughs. He says what do not quarrel where to have a couple, people also makes a noise, we use only every time distinctive methodological be pacified. Former good boudoir honey and brawl of her husband every time are ” crossing-over quarrels ” . The person arrives in a fit of anger, the cent that press a root is not clear that oneself tells what the statement that give brings about to another to damage, good boudoir honey and her husband made a noise several times disclosure is bad in that way, again much affection also can be made a noise to come loose, their couple is accordingly affirmatory, every time brawl comes to another statement recapture to attack another, Jian fruit did not tell a few to feel no less than coming noisy.

Matrimony pays attention to feeling of proper limits for speech or action to manage marriage why to cannot have exerted oneself to do sth. fierce

Marriage how ability is long

1, do not say to part company easily

No matter the spouse still is husband and wife, no matter be man or woman, wanted two people to love each other only and was together, do not say to part company easily, someone may say, some of schoolgirl says to part company is irony actually, want to prove he loves not to love him only. Take part company will prove the other side does not love cannot be taken, and also be very pained, part company 2 words to the any person that love each other, prickle the heart, be in so love or in marriage, no matter encounter what trouble, want how to be solved above all, is not to part company will coerce.

2, trustful the other side

Accredit is the basiccest principle, no matter be friend association it may not be a bad idea, still be between life of husband and wife, each other accredit is the most important, should be only before oneself most trustful person, oneself just can be loosened completely come down, chat what be without reservation with you lay one’s heart bare. If say in marriage two people connect the most fundamental faith to be done not have, can have always between two people so cannot the chasm of exceed, if this chasm appeared in two the individual’s marriage, again good feeling also is met before that vanish completely.

3, misunderstanding must be solved

When having misunderstanding, wanting to solve certainly, be adult, not be dot, life can be not solved, all things should discuss to come well, also do not want willfully make a trouble, marriage is two people live together, a person says what is that appearance is won’t happy. Often not be willing because of you namely occasionally, go solving those misunderstanding, let feeling become weak, also become not true, the husband and wife of final conjugal love must be on the situation of the divorce.

4, should conscientious and take on

When a person faces difficulty, so difficulty or a difficulty, but when it is difficult to be faced jointly when two people, it is the difficulty of one person half, this makes partake. To the life between husband and wife, both sides of husband and wife wants conscientious with the consciousness that take on, should can behave from the way one speaks or what he says of the other side in, feel the feeling of the other side, at the same time the society partakes.

5, contact of many bits of body

The intimate contact that says here is for instance hand in hand, put on sofa, from time to time come a hug, natural when talk perhaps handle is put on shoulder of the other side or on the hand, the talk that can discover you so becomes very close. After brawl, want the genuine eye that looks at the other side, do not get angry in disorder, come down to playing his hand calmly, can alleviate not only the state of mind that you think to get angry, listen to him to say patiently, return sentiment of can promotional husband and wife.

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