The skill that schoolgirl first time dates the first time appointment skill

Date for the first time everybody is very nervous and excited, first time appointment leaves your the first impression to the other side, must behave well so, when dating, do not want OK and feigned, it is to be able to be done true oneself are good.

The skill that schoolgirl first time dates

One, definite date target

Him understanding wants, define a goal. What is what the person always should be clear that he needs. When appointment, if discover what what like to the appearance of the other side, disposition is not you, perhaps do not know the word that respects you, so the time that this moment does not want to waste each other, end first time appointment to leave as soon as possible.

2, maintain good image

Maintain good image, the attention eats. During dating for the first time, a lot of men and womens did not notice her this. The first time meet, leave the impression with good the next to give opposite party, when having a meal, besides normal talk, when having a meal, mouth had better close, do not show the food that is chewed and the voice that give out mastication.

3, telephone message reduces frequency

Call in appointment or send message. First time appointment is very important, if one party calls ceaselessly to perhaps send information to be able to let a person feel to do not have courtesy extremely, if be the problem that goes up because of the job, behoove explains reason to the other side. Such ability let the woman see your sincerity and esteem, so continue next association ability is possible.

4, do not carry predecessor

Allude predecessor friend. In dating for the first time, no matter the men and women hears the news about predecessor of the other side, it can destroy atmosphere. Additionally one party can begin to take the predecessor photograph of oneself and the other side compare. If encounter not the person of sensible, ask about your answer, can be the appointment of start sth but fail to carry it through only so.

5, bearing is fastened too flirtatious

Bearing style of conversation is too flirtatious. Life of present love of individual and young men and women is confused very, this is right not only feeling is irresponsible to his more. Although you are in,like the other side, also do not want too urgent expression purpose, want to know successive, cause the attention of the other side first, developing the relationship go down, such ability are long during.

6, proper query

Ask some of question, for example what is your life aim? Are you the person that gets angry very easily? What is your interest interest? What are the book that you like most, film, exhibition or game? Talking about love is the life not only, ideal of career, family, individual also is perforative among them, so this problem is in life aim it is better to when first time dates, ask.

The skill that schoolgirl first time dates the first time appointment skill

The first time appointment skill

The first: Expect the value does not want too tall oh

Of you and appointment of Ta first time before today in the evening, meeting excitement must sit stand to be installed hard, so happy perhaps that catch a wall to flinch Where is sofa? Do not want first with joy too early! This word sounds very feel disappointed, it is a very good advice however: Reduce you to expect to be worth to what date for the first time, such although date process not very happy, you also too won’t disappointed; and if appointment undertakes very smoothly, this to you character is an accident surprise cough up!

The 2nd: Did not forget appointment can make varied

Do all in the day’s work in the home together with Ta, or playing a TV game together is a right choice, and go out to have a meal see a movie to be compared, this was not an appointment kind that can allow you to understand Ta better definitely, between two people interact to also can become more!

The 3rd: Do not choose everywhere the place of belle of handsome young man dates

You and Ta date in hall of a coffee, and distribution centre of belle of a handsome young man is near this coffee hall, the process of appointment but so won’t successful. When you are sitting face-to-face with Ta, you still must provide your line of vision, won’t wave to wave as the around opposite sex that is full of alluring magnetic field, this is a how thorny issue! Of course, the Ta that believes to sit before you also won’t very good over- .

The 4th: Put on flat bottom shoe!

Perhaps you are thinking, first time appointment should be beautiful beautiful, how can little high-heeled shoes? However the fact is: Date for the first time or put on comfortable flat bottom shoe! You do not know how your appointment develops, perhaps two individual photographs talk very joyous, he offers to be in the park near your home to take a walk finally, can you refuse? Still put on your most comfortable flat shoe so, the first time that meets you dates!

The 5th: The garment inside sex appeal rises fully!

Although you date for the first time not with ” passion 4 shoot ” means ends, the underwear that puts on sex appeal can let your confidence at least times add. And, if you are final ” passion 4 shoot ” , you always do not hope your tight jeans falls is ” grandma class ” small lovely!

The 6th: Taking chewing gum!

If you are in,the Western-style food hall of an atmosphere romance has a meal, you rise gracefully, come to closet, discover dental floss, chewing gum does article to was not taken however, be so helpless that want to flinch wall? Return table to go up, listening to Ta to talk of everything with you, you however mouth of can awkward attack by surprise is laughing, this can not be what favour. Did not forget to carrying the article such as chewing gum and dental floss, because Ta is falling one minute to appear before you likely, invite you to come an accident First Date!

The skill that schoolgirl first time dates the first time appointment skill

The 7th: The friend that invites you is hit to you encourage

If you are nervous because of the first time appointment with Ta unceasingly, the good friend that is inferior to hitting a phone to give you is sought encourage! As your good friend, not stint cherish is opposite their fine long hair your praised word, also can let you be before appointment so confidence times add!

The 8th: Be not worn too sexily

This is your first time appointment, won’t always undertake in nocturnal inn? Be not worn too sexily so, this perhaps can let him feel unhappy!

The 9th: Understand beforehand!

If you lack collective topic in appointment process, the data that understands him on the website that make friend beforehand can have very great help, perhaps ” innocently ” say a video that appears on his Facebook homepage can open a topic!

The 10th: Do not let Ta know you give the data of Ta turned over a De Chaotian

Perhaps you begin to used your powerful search technology to translate the individual data of Ta in the name that knows Ta a De Chaotian, this is not what evildoing, but what still do not let Ta know is good. Just think, when if be in,you chat, you are imperceptible the ground with respect to respecting his before the cummer, band that he likes most, it is that funny hairstyle he is 5 years ago even, is he what sit opposite you afraid can be you frightened so that do not say to give a word by you? So, powerful technology flows, conceal this preterhuman competence first!

Eleventh: Do not become appointment bender

Small drink one cup perhaps is a right choice, but must not when date oneself fuddle. Your drunken and wild action can cause a paragraph of potential concern likely end ahead of schedule. Before drinking, you are gentle and quiet little lady, malty hind you change the body is violent queen, can be average man student frightened to run?

Dozenth: Did not forget to maintain a smile

Perhaps your appointment because a variety of ” natural and man-made disaster ” becoming is not so make a person happy, but did not forget optimistic in appointment process state of mind. If you are in,date that day, weather becomes cold, cafeteria closes, by chance the car of Ta is bad still, believe your smile can allow this time this appointment becomes so not bad.

The skill that schoolgirl first time dates the first time appointment skill

Date for the first time 3 skill let him be you enchanted

1, punctual arrive or be late a few minutes at most

As the lady, punctual perhaps be late a few minutes do not have a problem, dan Chi arrives too long, rather a little too not courteous. The woman is in of appointment subconscious in, existing conclusive the element that be late. But it is the apology that was late a few minutes to arrive to also want to express you, do not let a person feel you are very proud. If you are afraid that the palm charges bad time really, also can arrive ahead of schedule, be in next all round turn, be familiar with appointment environment, alleviate intense sentiment. But, arrive not early also too long, if let the other side know to be able to feel you are very agog, sensory resembling is paid back, do not cherish you instead. So, when this means next interview words, he asks you ” to very long ” , you must say ” not, just arrived ” . Additional, when dating for the first time if encounter sudden situation really, what you should do above all is to phone the other side to say the thing to be clear about, express regret, is not to make a man foolish wait, met to just explain with him.

2, meet greet sb awkward silence at an occasion of avoid by all means

Appointment most those who abstain from is ” awkward silence at an occasion ” , two people do not know what to should say, what should do, the situation becomes tight at the beginning, say what continued very hard again next. If the other side does not know to want what to say, you can need not approach a theme continuously, want to use the topic that loosens quite to guide the other side and you to chat however, for instance ” before had come with the friend here, how do you choose here to come? ” ” when coming, the person on the car is very much, you, how come? ” etc. After every word, leave the doubt with little the next, give the other side the chance of an answer, let him the word can say, must not a person speaks with fervor and assurance in that, without giving thought to others.

3, hold the first time chat measure and show glamour

The first time chat, you must master the scale of very bilateral talk, do not want him to ask you answer, the others time is silent as the grave, the speech that also regarding whole field talk as is him is met. Be in proper when, put forward a few oneself view; actively to be not interrupted casually when the other side talks, know careful listen respectfully, let a talk go on wheels at the beginning, you may not be clear that the other side is interested in what topic, at this moment you might as well p reaper ground spreads out a few, and always looking attentively at his eyes, his act, see him whether want to enter this topic really. If the look of the other side everywhere wallop, facial side direction at the same time, so probable this topic is very as dry as a chip, at this moment you should consider to change a topic.

The skill that schoolgirl first time dates the first time appointment skill

What should first time appointment notice

One, do not apparel too much famous brand

Is the schoolgirl that wears name tag what to showing off after all? Be to show off you much money, still allude the other side do you want rich ability and me to talk about love? Arranging talk have a love affair is very common very natural business, get without necessary lane so high end, apparel too much famous brand goes dating to be able to frighten the schoolboy very easily run.

2, make up

Do natural, true oneself need not not make up on behalf of you, proper makeup facial expression or very be necessary, but need only weak makeup OK, if dressing up too coquettishly, be being looked like is woman of a prostitution, he is in and you shop is to be able to feel very factitious.

3, show the most natural oneself

The schoolgirl dates in first time when need not sedulous project oneself or flattery other, the truest the most natural oneself are shown it is OK to come out, what the schoolboy likes actually is not feigned, without conceal, the woman of natural and graceful, so you were not necessary to turn your into the perfect woman in memory of the other side, although you turned that into successfully the individual for the first time, in the following appointment he also can discover that slowly true you, conceal occasionally too much, the meeting is cloggy each other understand one another.

4, the agreement meets the next time

If you think this man student is good, if can continueing to talk on, did not forget you and him the next time, restrict the time that meets next time surely, go what doing to wait a moment, those who let the other side see you is active and this paragraph of emotive admits possibility.

5, the attention holds a theme

Novel of the Han theatrical work that the schoolgirl likes, love, recreation encircles the schoolboy such as the Eight Diagrams to often be interested not quite. Do not sit to talk about which Korea especially with respect to prate occasionally very handsome ah, who and who is troubled by red what to hear again, schoolboy besides ” oh oh oh ” besides be afraid also do not build on what word. The trial goes searching everybody’s collective topic, the interest interest of the heat that can talk about nowadays for instance, the other side is waited a moment, becoming first time appointment is a person ” alone part is excellent ” .

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