Before marrying, must be engaged be engaged flow is how

The thing that we need to prepare before marry has a lot of, a lot of places have to be engaged very big exquisite, also some places are not paid attention to be engaged, should visit the place in woman home when marry so consuetudinary.

Must before marrying, be engaged

Be engaged without legal effectiveness. It is to let bilateral family member see look familiar all commonly, and the affirmation that is accurate to this marriage. Depend, if both sides reachs a family member to do not have an opinion, it is OK to get card marriage directly. It is OK to want both sides of male and female to love each other only, order not be engaged to just take a form!

Before marrying, must be engaged be engaged flow is how

Be engaged flow is how

1, elder of both sides of male and female decides order marriage appropriate, although now is the times of free love, but in marry before the important event such as this, still need to solicit the opinion of parental elder and proposal, because this needs before be engaged,communicate with bilateral parents elder order marriage appropriate. Be in especially the family with relatively traditional idea, big perhaps familial, be engaged is whole and familial important matter, must want to follow elder consultative.

2, betrothal gift, major place has be engaged the view that gold acts the role of, be like 3 gold or hardware, this is the man need those who offer the woman to order wedding, include: Catenary of hand of dangler of golden necklace, gold, gold, a lot of people can say golden ring, its implementation is a lot of more acting be engaged to had not needed golden ring, very big what use partly is to plunge drop. The gold that belongs to the man to give the woman besides these of course is acted the role of besides, both sides of male and female still needs to prepare gift to the elder of the other side, this part is contemporary be engaged flow has done not have special limitation

3, ring, in archaic engagament, the man needs to offer golden ring to the woman, but enter China as diamond, and the change of people sense, be engaged plunge drop more and more get of broad youth men and women love. Be engaged especially the implied meaning of ring, it is to choosing to be engaged when ring most care about, e.g. : The ring of exclusive impress because its distinctive concept: Lifetime can buy only, became be engaged the first selection of ring. Mean when sending you this ring when a person, what you become opposite party is exclusive, exclusive impress ring is representing lasting love. The sense that resembling is diamond is same: Diamond constant is ages ago, one always circulates

4, affianced place also is very important, the parents of a lot of women hopes the man can be visited actively to woman home, in order to show the respect to the woman. The place that is engaged commonly so can choose to be in the woman’s home, the talk in the everybody in the home is opposite also at the same time for kinder, prevented foreigner disturb. Also have a choice of course outside the hotel is held be engaged, this kind of condition is probable it is opposite big familial have a meal together agreement, the taste that must take care of bilateral family when choosing a hotel is distinguished, and hotel environment, must choose the hotel in quiet grace.

Before marrying, must be engaged be engaged flow is how

How to choose be engaged 3 gold

1, should buy 3 gold to regular store, and remember must mixing bill check certificate has controlled the country, if have what problem later,still can look for a businessman so.

2, weight of weigh in hand: The density of gold can compare the metal such as silver-colored, copper, lead, aluminium bigger. Gold is put on the hand to be able to wait for other metal than silver heavier, have the feeling of heavy.

3, see colour and lustre: The purity of gold jewelry is taller, its colour and lustre also can be jumped over deep, the pure gold facial expression that we purchase normally is Huang Zhong is fully violet.

4, hear phonic musical sound: Throw golden jewelry on the ground, the sound that gives out when be born is low frowsty, thick, heavy, do not have lingering sound. False gold has the sound that should become, still have lingering sound. Still have even if what true gold drops to go up to the ground is jumpy so acuteness without false gold.

5, try hardness: Just compare of bullion small, use a hand to be able to curve it. And false gold is harder, so nick also is more ambiguous.

6, the friend that if he was not sure when buy,can have experience please takes you to choose gold act the role ofing to taste.

Before marrying, must be engaged be engaged flow is how

Be engaged headgear has what demand

Now the engagament nowadays headgear, had done not have the requirement with specific what. Modern woman is completely capable to be her the headgear of the engagament that the choose and buy likes, besides her female, some parents also begin to offer a few headgear that get married for his daughter, the family circumstances with him proof is very pretty good, the daughter that is having him hope marries the man when the meaning that is not bullied. But the woman still has need to be engaged above ring, asking commonly is to plunge drop, if can be carat diamond,that is best, if the man’s condition is not very good word, most at least also if be controlled 30 minutes plunge drop. That is to say, present engagament also is existence man of the habit of donative woman headgear, just choose now more be it is gold no longer, however diamond.

1, budget. The engagament that must have decided oneself want how much to buy less than of how many money first headgear, see the headgear in budgetary next again, such ability choose the price and heart Lidouman of meaning be engaged headgear. Because this is very real problem, if you did not consider a budget, went looking casually, next settle on is very beautiful, exceed favorite headgear, exceed a budget to be not accepted however, those who stay is desolate and regret are mixed only not happy, affect affianced happy situation.

2, buy place and brand. Be engaged headgear buys a place commonly to have: Buy on bazaar shop, net, the friend that looks for a letter to had been gotten is custom-built (above all you must have) of this kind of acquaintance, below the line on the line some inn contrast are bought. Be in commonly the traditional brand of bazaar shop, the price is can higher, carry out hind is more convenient also nevertheless, quality respect also has quite assure. The friend that looks for a letter to had been gotten is custom-built, do not rely on chart with respect to dot having a place, quality respect guarantee against, after also making work, between the friend exchange a purchase of bad also fall out of what. Unless be the friend that very unusual letter has gotten, can try.

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