Why to often quarrel with husband husband and wife often quarrels how to do

Quarrel what can injure two people is amiable, nevertheless two people quarrel together is unavoidable, no matter be above important matter or bagatelle,two people quarrel, want to first one individual admit defeat apologizes.

Why to often quarrel with husband

Netizen an account in one’s own words: Do not know why to always quarrel with husband, although some of thing husband also has wrong place, but not so serious, but why I always am be troubled Yu Huai. After quarrelling with husband every time I very sad, do not know why I want such turn from side to side oneself and him. See husband is afflictive every time I feel distressed he, feel he loves me again, meet in the heart much more comfortable, if he gets angry, I can cry be troubled by want to divorce, because he does not love me. I do not have safe feeling particularly. How should do after all, good be fed up with such psychology?

The teacher answers doubt: Can feel the conflict of your heart and anguish, it seems that you know on sensible level you are done not have necessary often quarrel with husband, but oneself always cannot be controlled on affection, cannot help wanting to look for him to make a noise. Look from the surface, your act cannot understand, but after quarrelling, your reaction can answer your doubt it seems that. It seems that you need to use such ” do sth over and over again ” means will beg card husband to love not to love you. You say to see what you feel he is to love you husband is afflictive, if he gets angry you feel he does not love you, it seems that you need to use such ” do sth over and over again ” means will beg card husband to love not to love you. Affinity him since concerns with his, also be the relation of oneself and other. To you, how be just the show that loves a person? In your imagination, if he loves you, what kind of reaction should when you quarrel, he be? Whether he needs to be admitted termlessly, include, pacify you, consider your affection need, where is the feeling that takes care of you? If we are enough lucky, degrade when us baby condition when, have a such partners like perfect parents, can the relation that repair is damaged between our one’s early years and parents, slowly, we can know, the spouse can endure us to be atttacked to theirs, and won’t retaliate us, such our meetings experience him is worth to be loved, safe feeling can be built slowly. But unfortunate is, so perfect companion can in consist in illusion, in actual life is almost impossible to encounter. When our in actual life, repeat such gut ceaselessly with the spouse, when asking for affective nutrient ceaselessly, can choose the partner instead. So we do not have a law to send a hope to go up at putting safe touch in others body.

Why to often quarrel with husband husband and wife often quarrels how to do

Husband and wife often quarrels how to do

1, learn dispassionate mood: After husband and wife quarrels, very difficult become reconciled, because two people are not known,most circumstance is first dispassionate mood is solved again, after had been angry, the one big reason that the mood calms very hard immediately, because annoy,be when, body is a few more endocrine corresponding hormone, the body that invites us feels anger, quarrel in two people after come to an end, although realize oneself ought not to be angry, want to restrain a mood, but the reaction of the body has not caught up with. After saying husband and wife is quarrelling so, we often need sober, in order to avoid once more a slip of the tongue, also can help avoid the next time quarrel.

2, institutional ego introspection: A hand is patted not noisy, no matter be the other side,want to quarrel, still be you want to quarrel, anyhow you two individual affirmation have the heart that quarrel, and after quarrelling every time not ego introspection, can let quarrel only so the loop with this infinite thing.

3, avoid old job bring up again: Why can a lot of husband and wife often quarrel, besides the effect that suffers disposition and mood, still have very big in the reason it is they like old job bring up again.

Why to often quarrel with husband husband and wife often quarrels how to do

Prevent the 8 way that often quarrel with husband

1, when husband says firm word enrages you, do not want to take seriously on state of mind, if because the person is when life,speaking out often insufficient reason. Let oneself come down calmly first so, listen to the other side seriously to say the word, is not each other rancor. If the other side cannot be accomplished,do not say firm word, but you can be accomplished, this is positive opinion.

2, no matter quarrel with husband,have many fierce, always must write down: He is the person that he loves most, ten million cannot be spoken ” divorce ” 2 words. Want to if spoke these two words,know, not necessary be impassable with oneself. Because because had been not enraged,have a lot of husband and wife, just put forward the divorce to regret.

3, no matter oneself mood has how bad, when the sweetheart that sees oneself, must the face brings a smile. Because the mood is communicable, when husband feels your mood is bad, be together with you his mood also won’t good go where, and the smile is best fine medicine.

4, after quarrelling with husband, if be brought about because of oneself mistake, although you care about face again usually, also want to apologize to the other side well. Actually, after a lot of husband and wife quarrel, the metropolis is anxious the other side such as anxiously will apologize with oneself, this is the state of mind of a kind of inactive mistake actually. Remember this word ” the sweetheart that treats oneself, cannot keen on face-saving. cannot keen on face-saving..

5, often do not suspect him. Now and then suspicion the other side, it is understandable, because be done not have between person and person absolutely transparent. But, scarcely often should suspect husband. Otherwise that is the distrust to him really.

6, no matter your disposition has many bad, before him husband you are close friends disposition. Although a lot of women know, but what accomplish truly is very few however. Think carefully, for oneself sweetheart, did convergent disposition calculate again what? But the family wants to mix you all one’s life person.

7, quarrel when both sides in the begining, one party runs away from home, this cannot be taken most. The one party that take may be to stem from furious, also have a plenty of temporarily evasive, but malpractice is the concern that can raise the other side, increase bilateral contradiction.

8, if you often think your disposition shoulds not, you are then wrong. Actually, join two people of disagreement without disposition, have two people with nice state of mind only.

Why to often quarrel with husband husband and wife often quarrels how to do

Husband and wife often quarrels want to divorce

If because a few bagatelle often quarrel,husband and wife is, two people can part for some time, do not meet, do not contact, make each other sober time of a sector of an area. If because principle problem quarrels,you are not, it is best that two people talk ability calmly, quarrel to also go against the child grow. Because once quarrel, original issue still may fail to solve buy new issue newly again. A lot of women and man quarrel is to let a man letting his actually, but occasionally, the man gives you chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, you still walk in the make trouble on step, finally is round do not come back. Marriage is two the individual’s things, not be a person is active can hold together good marriage. Marriage is to need two people to be managed patiently, of need is love, is not blindly pay, if one party is calm ground only,go accepting, and the hardship that does not know considerate other in part, without the word of a warm heart, does that still live together meaning? Two people are paid together, commutative shows sympathy, understand each other, include each other, such not only your husband and wife can feel happy, and it is better and better to still be met.

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