True love and material which more important how should true love and material choose

Say the love that does not have biscuit goes not long, but also cannot say sensation is not main, so when facing true love and material, is what kind of choice we should make after all just correct?

True love and material which more important

Love is very important, matter is very important also.

Love, it is the affection that builds between person and person above all, warm up in be adjusted for long next, safeguard what go up besides spirit, also need materially maintain.

Next, love needs raising of things to a higher level, the satisfaction that material lives feels, ceremonial feeling, can let the other side can understand your intention more, mental solace is the character charm that appreciation likes you and advantage just, and should lean happily hard.

True love and material which more important how should true love and material choose

Love how to should choose with material really

The person of every phase can have different choice. Young when it is important to always feel two people are feeling together, do not have Qian Ke to try hard make money with oneself. Won’t care to eat what to wear to live what, two people are happy everyday together.

The discovery after be brought up is him so too pure, sensation is very main really, but matter is more important, without material, you do not have method to give her a quiet life, also do not have method to give her the safe sense that you think. She can accompany your drift from place to place 10 years ago, but after 10 years, everybody is willing drift from place to place. You or you, be the youth that each other are not that have an exaggerated opinion of one’s abilities of 10 years any more only.

So ah, of young pursuit is the love on spirit, waited for you to be brought up to begin to go after the love of materially, not be what money worship of course, the materially that just having you to think you should be had goes searching a stable love.

I can tell you love is important 10 years ago, I can tell you matter is important now.

True love and material which more important how should true love and material choose

How does look upon love the choice with material really

This is actually very actual very intuitionistic but reconcilable problem!

Because, 3 wool had said the author: Love, if be not fulfilled,have a meal, clad, several money, sleep go in the real life that wait a moment, it is essential won’t long!

If loved, can be paid, you can give the person of love good corporeal life hard, of course, likelihood you present corporeal life is bad very poor even! But you are true love! You were full of a hope to your future, so you can travel together hand in hand, do not fear pain, do not be afraid of tired, joint effort! is not a person go paying, another person is wanting to have only! This is true love! So, what this problem looks is him oneself!

True love and material which more important how should true love and material choose

The importance of the material in feeling

Say it is not important, but the life cannot leave it. Say it is very important, but it is not you is all. If be in old society times, male agrarian female knitted society, it is true not important, it is good to want autarky only.

But now, NO, husband and wife of poor and lowly 100 things sad. Corporeal importance held the much of people, some people can sacrifice for it body of love, sacrifice. Although it is not all, held much however.

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