The problem that the meeting in what problem love encounters can appear in love

Various problems can appear in talking about amative process, because two individual disposition are different, be together to always can produce a few contradictory conflict, but a few problems are met high-frequency appears in every pairs of sweethearts.

What problem can appear in love

1, because of the distance desalt concerns

The distance of more moment love won’t produce the United States, meet only desalt feeling. Long be apart two ground, get together to leave less much, can appear problem of a lot of love. Trust for instance the crisis, for instance loneliness, because did not say to be clear about face to face, misunderstand very easily, cause soulful to shake.

2, quarrel because of contradiction

When the because of contradiction brawl in love very normal, but at the same time understanding also is necessary, self-surrender also is necessary. Although produce brawl to also want to maintain,more important is, sensible, understand, trustful, esteem.

3, lack credit gradually

The person in love, always lack credit gradually as the elapse of time. But what feeling needs is trustful the other side, accredit this paragraph of each other relation, to this paragraph the relation has hope, give the other side enough space. Accredit is feeling be able to permanent base.

4, feel without safety

Safe feeling of the schoolgirl comes from at the love to the man, and the schoolgirl’s love gave a schoolboy safe sense again. What amative itself needs is commutative forgives, enough credit and openness, because love you,doing not have safe feeling is, need to each other is communicated and understand so.

5, communicate become not serious

When two people Tan Lian loves after time is long, everything what what the existence that can be used to the other side and the other side do for you. And when be being recounted with you when the other side, the edge that you can become half-hearted however sees TV edge hear speech of the other side, when the opinion that asks you next, do not answer to go up however the word comes. And the other side however what just wants is by 6, solution is approved!

Additional, doing a few things to the respect can not pass the idea of the other side and be done. Think this is bagatelle, can one individual processing. And some people think this is an important matter however, the ability after no matter what thing wants those who pass two people to discuss,thinking is carried out. This can let communicate become more and more difficult.

7, one party is too strong

No matter be male,be female, have be about to feel with conquer is very strong. In love each other are enough when understanding, can hope the other side does everything to should listen to his. Relation of this kind of feeling is insufficient balance actually.

The problem that the meeting in what problem love encounters can appear in love

The problem that the meeting in love encounters

The common problem in love: 1. Love middleman and guarantor supports new move

Everybody should no matter be,be what reservation is without among a paragraph of relations to pay. Everybody is independent, have oneself individual character, have oneself idea, do not go peeping the privacy of the other side, the talented person that has a secret is the most mature, it is better to do not speak out to be met instead occasionally. What if want,know the other side is all, such amative relation is won’t long.

The common problem in love: 2. Between love the society becomes independent

A lot of press conferences interview passerby at will in street, there is Chengdu before small sweet touched not little netizen, the male friend that she ever had said to need her only can be fed full her, and small make up think reality is far from likely, serve as a foundation without material, romance is a castle in the air, do not ascend forever on the tower of love is pointed. Serve as a schoolboy to must have the consciousness that can raise a home, and be this struggle.

The common problem in love: 3. Both sides is entered in all hand in hand

If oneself currently holding the post ofis not first love, after parting company with predecessor, small make up think to do not have necessary redo friend, cut ceaseless, manage is random still, once became the past already, love won’t await, should want to cherish eye forefathers. In amative initial stage, the hair word with bilateral frequent metropolis will hold crooked interest of be bored with, but can bore a bit in later period, oneself are doing some thing, receive the greeting of the other side suddenly, do not want ignore in this moment, treat as did not see intentionally. Should calm, perhaps tell the other side to be in now occupied, can answer her later. It is especially among game and girlfriend, if be really,want one bureau to should tell a girlfriend ahead of schedule. Love is OK and romantic, but not wasteful, do not pull a hand casually, should not let go casually more.

The problem that the meeting in what problem love encounters can appear in love

5 appears easily problems in love

1. is too outstanding oneself, thereby oversight that individual

Such contradiction are aroused very easily, when to highlight oneself no matter, beside oversight of that individual experience, such her meetings did not behave a gender beside you, perhaps did not speak a mouth, but time one long have contradiction very easily.

I like 2. what, you must like

This is the mistake that the schoolboy can make mostly probably, oneself like to play game to let a schoolgirl accompany him to hit together, no matter she is fond of,do not like completely, oneself like to have what thing, the schoolgirl also must eat, typical old man creed, such as time passes are buried with respect to the love that is you issued a fuse.

After 3. parts company, continue to contact with predecessor

No matter schoolboy schoolgirl, always had had the emotional experience previously, but since ended, small make up it feel not to say what parts company is OK still to feel not to say what parts company the business that does a friend, after all you had had now new he or she, your other in part always can mind you to always contact predecessor, no matter because of what thing, the love that can yield each other drops in temperature, so, parted company, broke the connection with predecessor

Working hours and free time cent do not open 4.

The job is very busy it is normal human feelings, need to raise the home to paper a mouth after all, but the job is the job, it is disengaged idly, always considering working issue when rest, also did not have even your good holiday in that way, be free to be accompanied more accompany a sweetheart to go out to come loose beguilement, such although your job is very busy, I think he also can understand you, never work with thinking only, oversight the person beside.

5. always wants to let other in part become better and better, oneself are not changed however.

Because you take love,was in one case, so you become better and better for each other, never change with inviting opposite party only, but him whats are done, such your lovers can feel yourself is not changed, why oneself should change, as time passes, the problem between you can become big question from a small issue, for each other, become better and better!

The problem that the meeting in what problem love encounters can appear in love

How to face the cold force in love

Cold force is a violent kind, its behave a form to be a super-cooling more weak, despise, indulge, alienation and indifference, cause other spirit to go up to encroach and be harmed with mentally. Cold force is spirit actually mistreat, behave a form to be communicated to refuse. Communication block up is the one big fear in feeling, communicate for a long time not smooth, meet those who create emotional problem accumulate, ultimate impact occurrence break. In any affinity, it is very normal to have contradiction and misunderstanding. As cold as its force, be inferior to face-to-face noisy. Look from psychological angle, quarrel coupling still exists between demonstrative person and person. If quarrel to be done not have repeatedly, did not have even coupling so. Carry out the person of cold force, it is the person that is a center with ego more, encounter a problem, reject to communicate, escape, will solve; to perhaps lay aside the problem with ego digestive means, take no account of, such person, unless he himself starts to talk, otherwise, it resembles a stone.

Face cold force, what kind of means should we adopt to solve? The circumstances with located now recognize, sober and objective analysis ” suffer cruel ” process, do not want stoop to compromise, him compel ” tolerate after all ” , what is understanding him acquisitive, do such meetings make him happy, redo decision. Seek an appropriate time, with the other side frank and sincere, convey you to love the condition in affection in this paragraph, how is opposite party become again, both sides should be made hard for amour. A paragraph of any healthy love relationships are to build go up in foundation of bilateral and mutual valued, and respect the other side while, still should respect oneself, communicate actively, facing ability actively is the optimal method that breaks cold force.

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