Marital cold force can divorce how does marital cold force divorce

In marriage, if suffer cold force for a long time, bilateral to husband and wife affirmation can have not little effect, if be overcome the cold force in marriage, should we choose to divorce?

Can marital cold force divorce


In the victim of domestic force, the woman holds great majority, of course the man also has by the home cruel. So by the home cruel how should do? According to the report, the woman that the whole world has 1/3 at least has been sufferred in her lifetime violent, gender force or mistreat, domestic force issue has risen for problem of a society, accordingly, the first time that must value marriage hind is violent, absolutely not give the impression of weakness, let the other side know you are not sustainable violent. Speak out boldly, let everybody go up from the heart it is very important to support you.

Marital cold force can divorce how does marital cold force divorce

How does marital cold force divorce

1, the agreement divorces (go to place civil administration bureau handles a divorce)

If both sides of husband and wife is freewill the divorce is brought up to children and belongings problem processing comes to an agreement, often can live to one party party the marriage of seat of registered permanent residence writes down mechanism to deal with a divorce to register, the means that with removing marriage concerns.

2, lawsuit divorces (go the court handles a divorce)

The method with terminative family cold the directest force mentions namely divorce suit. This is the deliverance form that proclaimed in writing of our country law provides, also be the relief means that often is used by party. If both sides of male and female cannot come to an agreement with respect to the divorce, criterion but civil code courtyard sues Xiang Xiangren, after people court passes cognizance, remove through mediation or court decision marriage concerns.

Marital cold force can divorce how does marital cold force divorce

How to meet the man of cold force

One, the man that production environment meets cold force

If your man has cold violent tendency, wall color does not choose to brush what move into cool color, choice orange, should flaxen wait for warm color to move, abandon metallic glass and Bai Guangdeng, choice warmth sends decorate style, have the effect of exert a subtle influence on to the mood so.

2, the man that timely humour meets cold force

Jest of humour of much at ordinary times collect, when the man has cold violent tendency, can send some of humour, jest, amused short message and Email to give opposite party. A piece of picture prepares to have you in the home or the humorous caricature when his make threatening gestures, had written above greatly STOP, draw again greatly forked. When the man is insulted to your utterance, can take rise to make stop action.

3, the man that stirs bomb to meet cold force

The man appears when cold force, can employ the force that everything can employ, send card, send a flower, send a gift. Hair short message, hair E, Mail when can recollect once happy days, convey oneself to be like then to him surging the affection of the endless respect and admire like Jiang Shui.

4, the man that uses outside force to meet cold force

Those who do not have darling is OK give birth to a darling. Do not want to use darling, can use parents of the other side, parents of the other side is unidentified of logic, can use the man’s friend, anyhow, what is good with what to use.

Marital cold force can divorce how does marital cold force divorce

Encounter how marital cold force does

One: The society accepts the current situation

Be willing without the person in the home frosty, he what include to carrying out cold force is same also. A lot of people can be immersed in mode of a victim, accuse man is chill to his. It is dominant with negative sentiment commonly, but often did not solve a problem, worsen the relation further instead. The first pace of the change is accepted first namely. The feeling that has not had many depends on and place, always also do not take two the individual’s feelings make contrast before. Learn to accept the other side cease to be faithful and at present emotive crisis, put down mood and to the fault, submit to instantly.

2: Quiet introspection and watch oneself

Feeling appears cold force is not met an empty hole invites the wind-weakness lends wings to rumors, affirm be two people to manage gave an issue. After when you the society is accepted, what reason brings about be about to come down calm to be watched after all instead. What is the mood that should analyse the man’s psychology to appeal to heart of sue for peace especially after all? Make clear train of thought, an analysis is clear, what is oneself problem, what is bilateral communicate occurrence problem, what is familial contradiction of generation etc. To the problem of oneself, you need to face up to a change well.

3: Do the emotional part one’s duty of good oneself

A lot of people should be carried out by other in part cold force when, often can be immersed in mode enmity Fu. If the woman also uses man of negative sentiment fight back, can bring about cake of emotional form smoke into smother. Put down a mood, hold to ego promotion, release the emotional part value of oneself. This one’s duty that do continues to want to insist to do, and it is better to insist to do hard, this is the premise that leads change of the other side, after all personal place is about to apply at the person.

4: Undertake appropriately in all affection and deepness are communicated

Should clear up problem and the other side to have cold violent reason, be about choose machine and the other side undertake deepness is communicated and in all affection. On one hand the problem that exists in feeling at present, come down to be communicated well calmly with taking the means of the mood and the other side, also guide mouth of the other side to phonate at the same time the think of a way that speaks oneself and dissatisfaction. If be the mood that the problem of oneself brings about the other side and misunderstanding, then you also want proper in all affection, apologize appropriately. The feeling that conveys a few him hearts again even and appeal to beg, guide the other side to walk out of inhospitality and scanty from, both sides discusses the way that how settles together. The stand or fall that communicates the effect at this moment is very big degree depends on of the other side cooperate degree. So, you do not come urgently also, even if talk not ideally, also cannot have too much mood and demand, want to be digested to time of the other side, alleviate with patience and sincere desire slowly.

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