Learn bully meeting to like to learn broken bits schoolgirl have learn bully experience to what seeming

Actually when love happens, it is to won’t be divided learn bully still learn broken bits, do not feel to learn bully day to be born to should be mixed learn bully together, they also are possible meeting likes to go to school of broken bits, will look below learn bully like what kind of object.

Learn bully meeting to like to learn broken bits schoolgirl

Can, learn bully it is to like to go to school likely of course of broken bits, this follows study did not concern.

Like to have what concern with study stand or fall, love a person to be about to be chased after bravely, do not love a person to be not harmed, also be possible. The reason that likes a person has a lot of, for instance Yan Zhi, disposition, interest interest, await. It is not certain that with study achievement concerns big. Male learn bully favorite girl, should get along, do not need to know too much. Considering educational issue of the child, of course cannot too broken bits. And male lively sunshine, female gentle and quiet, also be disposition complementary. When female optimistic when, it is good that your spot atmosphere fastens Titus.

Learn bully meeting to like to learn broken bits schoolgirl have learn bully experience to what seeming

Have learn bully experience to what seeming

Probably the intelligence quotient that feel even if feels oneself momently is in be ground to press, but be being protected all the time again, no matter where go to, he can have taken care of you, tell you all things, it is to go up really know geography knows below astronomy, the intelligence quotient that I feel me more and more degraded, because follow me what he is together not to need to take mind, if using him, be told even if take do not take also do not have distinction. Although my intelligence quotient is not high really, but if our child is OK,the intelligence quotient that has I and him adds up again ÷ 2, that is a talent.

Probably person and person are occasionally different really, this word I am true letter, but learn broken bits and learn bully together, ah, also can change a person. I and you are told, my Wang Zhe’s thief 6, alliance also is diamond level, can feel oneself are abandoned now, abandoned, do you understand? I am afraid that she gets angry again really, so, I am afraid of now is the level that has gold only, cool, cool very happy. This has to learn namely bully of cummer experience, preach manages, very happy still.

Learn bully meeting to like to learn broken bits schoolgirl have learn bully experience to what seeming

Why to learn bully meeting to like to go to school broken bits

Learn bully like to go to school broken bits did not concern with study actually, it is happen to only these two people are attracted each other, but result of a study is very good, grade of a study is very poor just. Learn bully often especially other and inflexible, all idea are used on study, to the affection of human relation and other issues besides study business is almost 0. Interact to often be met with the opposite sex especially special passivity is undemonstrative.

Although study result is bad,learn broken bits, but often be the most active inside the classroom, and they are lively and optimistic, have a lot of friends, human relationship is very good, and affection quotient is very high. Learn bully dedicated mixing often is to attract the place that learns broken bits seriously, once produce adored feeling, can produce favorite sense. And learn broken bits to often be met more active with learn bully consult a problem, also meet at ordinary times more should happy, often laugh, this also are to learn bully do not have, also can attract so learn bully.

Learn bully meeting to like to learn broken bits schoolgirl have learn bully experience to what seeming

Learn bully the schoolboy likes what kind of schoolgirl

1. intimate

Learn bully knowledge nature of the schoolboy is enigmatic, average person communicates very hard with them, actually their heart also is met doleful, just not be willing to talked about some of dull the Eight Diagrams to stop only with others. Say so, learn bully great majority hopes to be able to find to know him, know his person. If say, each belle wants to search learn bully, best method discusses the issue on study together with them namely, such since, they are duped the most easily.

2. is virtuous

Generally speaking, learn bully also be the person with extremely strong enterprise, so they hope to be able to find mostly virtuous wife. When their lose is grave, when can giving them to encourage; to come home in them, everything in the home is cleared away neatly, shipshape. Of course, also a few learn bully be in charge as a child, also can cook, also know the hardship of female people, girls if encounter such learning bully act rapidly!

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