The note that lives together before the disadvantage marriage that lives together before marriage

There are a lot of sweetheartses now is live together before marriage, they feel so OK to increase sentiment, the way of life that also can see two people whether can synchronous, so what does the disadvantage that lives together before marriage have, live together before marriage what should notice.

The disadvantage that lives together before marriage?

1, live together before marriage lack legal tie and the responsibility heart that restrain place to decide by law

Lack the responsibility heart that law is restrained and decides by legal tie as a result of cohabitational relation, this kind of relation is having in the depth of psychology to both sides what transfer temporarily is subconscious, so cohabitational party is built very hard like husband and wife photograph source concerns with the conjugal love of foam. Because of relation of coupling men and women is respective interest only, is not common interest, if interior loneliness and sex are thirsty, this is to make single men and women people the two big factors that live together temporarily.

2, live together before marriage lack legal safeguard, man easy join in the fun on occasion

Lack legal safeguard as a result of cohabitational relation, this lets a few people easily live together the game that counts join in the fun on occasion. For instance, from the point of angle of one part man, the person that cohabitational relation is encouraging increasing morality to rot actually borrows ” try marriage ” the fact that name dallies with female feeling all right, achieve the dirty purpose; that searchs joyous hunt to admire to look from female angle through chop and change cohabitational life, some females may stem from career be thwarted or be hard up and pass cohabitational relation to resolve afore-mentioned difficulty, once when will run, they are met ground of honor permits no turning back abandons sexual associate climbs Gao Zhi additionally.

3, the distance aesthetic feeling that destroyed both sides lives together before marriage

Even if the men and women that loves each other to sincerity, cohabitational relation also destroyed their distance beauty of two and the sexual appeal that produce by the distance. In actual life has more and more lovers to have not marry to had been tired of the other side, investigate its reason this is by the cohabitational relation that feels without the distance place is caused, it brought about both sides to be immersed in sexual inhospitality after entering marriage in condition. Had used up the sexual passion of party because of long-term cohabitational life one sky, although to maintain certain sex passion is mixed sexual glamour, lovers also had better not take cohabitational concern and certain aesthetic distance should maintain before marriage.   

4, live together before marriage maiden first the potential menace of pregnant

From the point of the consequence of sexual behavior, cohabitational life always can bring about most female party to happen maiden first the phenomenon of pregnant, in fact the most female person that live together has had abortive history, some people are to abort repeatedly even, this is borne to their body and mind and future caused serious negative effect, some had been done two, the woman of art of 3 above abortion is met instead after marrying formally do not conceive on the child.   

5, the woman after the relation living together to tumble down before marriage most fall victim

From the point of emotional angle, the person that live together lives together for years in experience once life hind cannot marry, female party becomes the biggest victim, because youth is a kind cannot renewable resources, one is fond of cohabitational girl to miss the opportunity with better opposite sex associate with easily instead in cohabitational process, once concern burst, the person that they turned a feeling into poverty.

The note that lives together before the disadvantage marriage that lives together before marriage

The note that lives together before marriage

1, live together before marriage had made the preparation that discovers defect of the other side

Before living together, date every time, each other are oneself most perfect one side is shown before the other side, after living together probable because loosened vigilance, reveal oneself actual life state completely before the other side. Since chose to live together, be about to had made sufficient thought preparation, receive him all weakness that you know, learn how to include each other, adjust you in time get along mode.   

2, live together not to want privacy of bother about the other side before marriage

Even if is the privacy that the other side also should respect after marriage. Live together not to drill on behalf of you the privacy of the other side also wants interrogate and examine as clear as day. He is not your private property, his privacy is done not have more necessary and honest from wide. Pay close attention to your future more, little care his associate with, such you acquire happy feeling and safe move more easily also.

3, now and then romance lives together to must hold to before marriage

Although live together,be matrimony perform ahead of schedule, but even if is your true marriage, still want to remember increasing interest for the life, do not let the life remain fuel only, remember now and then go out romance dates, leaning close to see a movie after candle power dinner also is very good choice. The cohabitational life that now and then romance can let you is done not have so dull insipidity.   

4, live together before marriage live together to did not share financial necessary

The choice lives together, the relationship that lets you really is more close, but the degree that does not reach not to divide even economic income us intimately. Actually finance manages the contradiction that can reduce very polyphase point severally, also can let the other side feel to be respected. Must not hold manage place in the arms ought to the idea begins to take-over his purse.

The note that lives together before the disadvantage marriage that lives together before marriage

The advantage that lives together before marriage

1, can know the other side further

When Tan Lian loves, people can show his best one side to the other side. Because do not live together, so, a lot of understanding, it is exterior phenomenon. And live together, can understand further and be familiar with your other in part.   

2, the dietary habit that can know the other side

When Tan Lian loves, you like to eat hot, the other side may put up with is worn also eat on a few hot. But long-term life is together, the likelihood cannot bear the other side to eat hot. The life after this pair of your marriage, can shift to an earlier date early-warning.   

3, the body state of understandable the other side

Live together, ability is quite right the healthy state of the other side, have more comprehensive realer knowledge.   

4, the habit of work and rest that can know the other side

The other side is an a person who goes to bed late, still be the person that a work and rest has the law, the other side is to like to sleep early rise early, gluttonous still corrupt sleep, through living together, can understand further.

The note that lives together before the disadvantage marriage that lives together before marriage

Live together before marriage influential to marriage

According to relevant investigation discovery, the experience that a person lives together is more, so its jump over repulsion to matrimony in the future. Try before the marriage that its everybody place thinks, it is unscientific, also cannot give help people undertakes emotive is fostered. Do not have economic base because of the person that live together, also do not have acceptance, have colloquialism of a few so called empty talk only, its can raise emotive issue only. Common ground is told, cohabitational time is longer, the possibility that its do not marry is larger. The rate of divorce of husband and wife that and be compared through the husband and wife that live together and marries live together without the course and marries wants a lot of taller

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