Wife gives the surprise in how living to wife surprise after marriage

Love the man of wife, no matter marriage hind still is before marriage, it is to meet those who thinking a way give his wife production surprise, let wife live in happiness, so after marry, how should produce little surprise to wife?

How does marriage hind give wife the surprise

1, can carry him DIY a few days ago a few pieces of greeting card. Different capable person differs character content. If wanting oneself to say at ordinary times, write above. The imagination that develops oneself goes doing! Send a piece to give her everyday, if capital allows can buy little gift to send her, had better be the means that mail, or it is to give her stealthily. Make her casual go discovering, go happy.

2, if you are unripe a few days ago a day night. every place that the small scrip that I what get ready ahead of schedule love the similar word such as your puts in her to be able to discover. No matter walk along which metropolis,make her casual a brief note that discovers you. The woman pays attention to detail quite, you use a heart go loving her how is she met apathetic. Marry especially the following person oh

3, can him hand draw a T-shirt, shoe, sock. Say the woman likes very extravagant gift actually, say the woman is very real. Actually she just wants a true love. The woman always is met by a few casual the thing place between moves. Capture this psychology to prepare with respect to Ok

4, still can sit dinner of one desk candle power, buy the candle on on a few roses, dot, it is light music, OK still to be put prepare a small cake. Such setting should be every woman’s yearning setting

5, two people can be taken the advantage of go out Saturday, take her to look to consider the little place that go all the time, buy her to like eating thing. See a two the individual’s movies, seek the perception when looking for you to just be together, can put aperture bright lamp together in the evening, write on oneself desire. Marry to need romance more later, not too rational

6, what can make romantic scene most is a flower. Using a flower to build good atmosphere is the most appropriate did not pass.

Wife gives the surprise in how living to wife surprise after marriage

How does wife give the surprise in the life

1, remember her birthday. Her birthday must be engineered well, choose the gift that she likes most meticulously.

2, the eyes can discharge. The woman is the animal with a kind of the 6th very strong sense, the eye that can discharge can let her accept you at any time hey her question mark.

3, often send softhearted short message. No matter be,just had met in the morning, when thinking her, send two disgusting short messages to give her, make her bend auditor.

4, flat life makes little romance. The little gift that buys wife to want all the time for instance sends her; to go out together the candle power dinner that picnicky; makes feed romance is waited a moment.

Wife gives the surprise in how living to wife surprise after marriage

How does the life after marriage pass romantically

1 kiss wife:

Open in the morning open one’s eyes for a short while, you are wanting to kiss wife, at this moment the woman can feel very happy very surprizing. Because of the other side one goggle it is the warmth that you give however, the other side also can feel this is a happy life, no matter joy of hour of the metropolis in the life is counteracted to wear in the job, these are the surprise that you give her and attentive.

2 hugs wife:

One day went, two people of husband and wife come off work come home, go embracing oneself wife, say voice to her ” worked hard ” , at this moment the woman can feel this one day very surprizing. The woman is in exhaustion when of a warm hug that is very conceivable husband, and the wife that right now you embraced you, to the consideration on her heart she can not feel a surprise!

3 festivals send a gift:

Choose a few special days to buy a gift to his wife, for instance: Your wedding anniversary, every woman likes to receive a gift, such meetings let a woman feel very surprizing. The gentle and simple of the gift is not occasionally important, important is the satisfaction that you can have this heart the other side to be able to feel clinking.

4 cook to wife:

When you marry the wife that feels adept, she still is wanting to cook after class of every the world, and be oneself wife at ordinary times cook to you, should make every food suddenly for wife one day, such women can feel very surprizing.

5 accompany wife to see a movie:

Seeing a movie is a very romantic thing originally, such thing is when two people talk love ability can have commonly those who do, after stopping when busy job at that time, wife feels faineant, then you are about to invite wife actively to go the cinema sees a movie, at this moment wife can feel very surprizing.

Wife gives the surprise in how living to wife surprise after marriage

The petty action that the woman likes most

The first, the head that touching her softly

The woman likes most and have between oneself beloved man more interact intimately, when them by oneself husband gently when the head that touchs her, she can have a kind to be felt by what be loved fondly, she will be very happy, the meeting in the heart feels those who warm warm, can become very good, those who enjoy you touch, let you to the top of one’s bent the head that touchs her, at this moment she feels she is loved to be surrounded, she can be enmeshed in this kind to enjoy in the center cannot extricate oneself.

The 2nd, holding her in the arms from backside

The man often should entertain his wife from backside, no matter she is washing bowl it may not be a bad idea, still be in cool dress it may not be a bad idea, at this moment you go to be held in the arms from what give them a softness rear, she is again fatigue also feel very lukewarm thaw is gratified, embrace them from backside, can let them feel to have support, have safe feeling, they feel the life resembles be being surrounded by tenderness kind of happiness.

The 3rd, produce a surprise from time to time

After marriage, hold to wife a bit surprise is a very important thing, after feeling to marry forever this is not necessary, return special need instead, such meetings let her enrol cannot sustain your love to her, let her feel marrying you is the happiest and happy thing. So whenever festival, birthday, fete, prepare little gift of little surprise to her, see a movie together with her, do cate for her, if the condition allows can choose to travel, anyway how wife is happy how to come. Such life is in female people heart, just be to be married the appearance of love.

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