The reason woman that the woman counts to man generation is depended on to man generation have what profit

In marriage the men and women is interdependent have profit to marriage, also can exalt happy feeling, so what is the account that the woman counts to man generation, the woman is depended on to man generation have what profit.

The woman produces dependent account to the man

Depend on should divide it is two kinds, give priority to respectively view depend on and depend on objectively. Subjective depend on subjective depend on the value that is oneself to want to depend on other affirmation, doing not have self-confident expression is a volition weaker, the need in the heart depends on outside person and content to help the value that will confirm his. Depend on objectively depend on objectively, for instance all sorts of material, include food, drugs, money. Subjective and be being depended on objectively also is to exist at the same time, subjective depend on while go up objectively to also be depended on, depend on objectively while subjective go up to also have depend on. When subjective go up when be not being depended on, depend on objectively nonexistent. Subjective and complete independence, depend on objectively control into a kind with respect to change. Depend on psychology to be able to be overcome completely, the person’s ultimate success discovers the independent character of ego namely. One individual volition should be independent, the power that does not lean any outsides will prove his value. True independence is from the heart manage begins. The person’s volition also should be independent, free, without what depend on.

The reason woman that the woman counts to man generation is depended on to man generation have what profit?

The woman is depended on to man generation have what profit

It is in the heart of this girl you have very important place above all, this are beyond question next, it is not clear that this girl may do even herself may do even herself she is what feeling to you after all, she perhaps some puzzle, what is loving after all? Be being depended on is not love again, this girl is a little selfish, you fasten life. Are you becoming aware heart of she and your one step aside? Does she have to when what you do touch? Whether she also cares you occasionally? If the word of some, I think she likes you. Again again, if you are right other girl is good, she can grouchy, if be if, she may like you. Perhaps she won’t react apparently. Having again is you, if you won’t be together to whether be met with you after her so pay hard, if she does not have a response, whether can you abandon. If you do not abandon,perhaps she can be touched, cannot leave you, you are together finally.

The reason woman that the woman counts to man generation is depended on to man generation have what profit

The man depends on feminine expression

1, what thing wants to say with you. Actually a lot of moment are in the eye of people the figure that the man is a very able independence, so they won’t resemble a schoolgirl same heart is flimsy. Actually the man also has flimsy one side, when he has what thing to perhaps have a load on one’s mind, he meets the person that thinks of for a short while is you, when the man has this one appearance, explain he is true depend on you. Because you let him have enough and safe feeling, more it is he loves you, accredit you, so ability can depend on you.

2, like to come home have a meal. Say in the eye of a lot of people the man likes to come home probably have a meal, it is to feel outside the vegetable plot in the home clean. Not be actually such, because a few men like to come home,have a meal, it is the other in part because of his enough him dependence, because can let him have domestic feeling so, this is the condition of a kind of life that a lot of men long for day and night. ? ?

3, the time that likes to be together with you. Because can let this man find happy joy with the days that you are together, and because have you,become very good in the life that can let him. What because you are on dietary daily life,can taking care of him is first-rate, so he cannot have left you, if left you or the imbroglio that his life can run, connect him himself unthinkable also meeting is what appearance.

The reason woman that the woman counts to man generation is depended on to man generation have what profit

The man counts which kinds of woman

1, is the woman that the man counts the freedom that does not limit a man? ?

The man may exceed the imagination of all women to free view, accordingly, clever feminine scarcely can limit the man’s freedom. The man’s interest is very wide also, do not let him be mixed for the habits and customs before your give up means, then he is not him himself. Occasionally, accompany him to watch ball game, play game jointly with him, communicate a result, such life two people are loosened. ? ?

2, is the woman that the man counts not to give him pressure? ?

The woman does not want the thinks how the man should do him career of assume sth as a matter of course, the man can have his idea, have oneself career and pressure, they have their dream and way, do not want proudly to think you are exclusive, do not yield his hour to your pour worry, the key is to understand him, let him feel close, that won’t leave you forever. ? ?

3, is the woman that the man counts to help him? ?

The man does not like a woman always is to preaching by the side of his ear, one pair teachs the person’s attitude a lesson, should know to chat to just can make both sides more trustful sincerely only the other side, have tacit agreement more. When the defect that becomes a man is highlighted gradually, do not command him, in the life, teach him slowly, the consciousness that lets him use him goes give up defect, such He Le is.

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