How to turn the friend into lover friend to become 10 action of the lover

A lot of people can like to go up oneself opposite sex friend, because two people are familiar with slowly, next each other gives birth to a sincere feeling, the friend becomes a sweet heart actually very simple, only should one party is carried bright your relation, greaten your love is good.

How to turn the friend into the sweet heart

How to turn the friend into the sweet heart, method standard because of the person different, the person that affection problem wishs swallows the bait, him comply with heart, go after you to want, na Yong dare hit out try, close improper still know in your heart. When you decide how to be done, you yourself must bear consequence, accept the sealed event that this paragraph of feeling is about to produce, after can arriving, etc a series of problem… , you need to consider. If opposite party is real,do not want too was disturbed, be being met to the one party that is liked probably is a kind of worry.

The a bitth: Add secret touch

If you and she is the sort of very the friend that be close friends concerns, it is iron brother even, you are transparent almost before her, your circumstance know sth like the palm of one’s hand, at this moment the mysterious move that you want to increase your appropriately, for example you can reduce the frequency with her information, previously you to her information also is the second is answered, but you can try now behind schedule farewell is believed cease or now and then do not pick up the telephone, the time that you still can shorten and she is together, much take a moment goes doing a few other businesses, let her suspect you spend time to be on other woman body for example, cause her envious heart and lose feeling, she also can put more time on your body, want to contact you, brush the petard that gives love very easily so.

at 2 o’clock: Raise new move

You are in her before show, there is has behaved one side before you, it is before you for example in her before gentle, so you can be in now her before show bold and generous one side. The person of a conservative simple minded is before you, can take her to go now hubble-bubble night inn. It is to have an insatiable desire for those who play not to love to learn before you, become suddenly now love to learn, the earth that wears before you, the modern tide that dresses up however now. Not be so active before you, but be full of enthusiasm everyday now, letting her feel is not to understand you very much, then she had bigger curiosity to observe you, at that time you can grasp present opportunity, well use opportunity and her to be together.

at 3 o’clock: The society is ambiguous

In the life the relation of a lot of men and girl enters friendship area, because you and she has not flirted completely,be, also do not have limbs contact, so although your relationship is again good, you concern namely at most closer friend just, so you should learn to flirt, society and she says a few lovers’ prattle, be in for example and when she dates, fasten patronage to wear have a meal see a movie, learn limbs contact even at the same time, such your relations just can draw close toward love, female people is the man that likes to be able to say lovers’ prattle actually, the feeling that such very easy judgement give this man quotient is high, just think, who can like a simple minded cling to hand in curtilage male? The schoolgirl comes out her about, he just also is considering dozen of game, so how does such man search get a girlfriend? So, when you think and development of a schoolgirl concerns into the lover, must learn to have an affair with, when because love is in,having an affair with, just be the sweetest when.

How to turn the friend into lover friend to become 10 action of the lover

The friend becomes 10 action of the lover

1, will become a sweet heart from the friend’s relation, must convey oneself actively so, such ability can have an opportunity.

2, if want to have further progress with the other side, must explore so first the intention of the other side, if the other side is willing, just can act somewhat so.

3, the progress with want two people to have good, must stand in stated position, go reasonably handling the relation between two people.

4, be to need to be waited for sincerely most between the friend, must tell the truth with the other side so, if loving the other side to be about to convey, if do not love also can in time refuse.

5, the feeling that can convey oneself, let the other side listen attentively to your aspirations, if the other side is willing,accept you to also can give you the response.

6, proper when the opportunity that can create a few romance, can amuse the other side, see the meaning of the other side.

7, learn or two people can experience a few things together together, ability can have two such people to be experienced jointly.

8, when courting each other must ready-made, if the other side rejected not to want, because this thing affects the friendship between two people, want to do good processing ahead of schedule so.

9, want to begin to be close to the other side from the friend, so must cautious, do not let the other side what is misunderstood to you, this moment must note the sentiment of the other side, if the other side is willing to accept you, you ability is OK and bold go forth.

10, if develop a sweet heart from the friend must patient, because the other side cannot be accepted possibly temporarily. Must handle the other side for a long time so with enthusiasm, do not destroy the feeling between two people.

How to turn the friend into lover friend to become 10 action of the lover

How to become a sweet heart from the friend

1, the opportunity that creates together more: Want to become a sweet heart, the time that increases together is must, so Where is the opportunity that how creates together? Besides the party between the friend, we still can be used computer is for instance bad ah, bulb should be held in the home, the issue that waits for need man to help will invite he and our coexist, of course, invite see a movie together about, drinking coffee also is possible.

2, movement of much use limbs: Occasionally movement of a few limbs can let a boy feel our mind, his hand is pulled when crossing a street, on the side of when the friend meets, sit in him, when dining together, to him clip dish is waited a moment, a few little detail believe to be able to let his remain fresh in one’s memory.

3, well dress up oneself: Dress up oneself are inerrable for certain, before the person that likes in oneself especially, the beautiful ability that must dress up is OK, believe he also is met for certain shine at the moment, further upward to your feeling.

4, the interest interest that studies him: Can move the interest that looks up him to like first, the singer that for instance he likes, the sport that he likes is waited a moment, go learning next, talk about the topic that he is interested in with him more, had common language, relation further simple.

5, a few more piquant before him: The man likes piquant girl, not too tender, can make fun of small strength, now and then scatter with him act like a spoiled child, believe he is met to your feeling more good, meeting more want to be together with you.

How to turn the friend into lover friend to become 10 action of the lover

The good friend makes lover sign

The first: What two people see other sweethearts is very normal every time is some drier thing, automatic skip over, perhaps say to be inspected those who have a silk is bashful.

The 2nd: At ordinary times not very talks, can chat however in the network do not stop, and others sends information to was not answered to him, and your information he however the second is answered.

The 3rd: In you before the feeling that conceals oneself desperately. The 4th: Always secretly take aim you, want to know your tendercy at any time and place, think everything to cannot be sent see you, but when encountering you really, what Ta can behave is very cool.

The 5th: Often wander around your home, can create the false appearance that follows your come across, encounter your even if to do not have can word of say a few words, but also be exceedingly glad.

The 6th: Those who see you follow josh of other opposite sex to be able to change is exceedingly dim, but you say a word with Ta, the exceeding caper that Ta can change.

The 6th: The look can be transferred to be opposite with you when seeing you inspect.

The 7th: When chatting with you won’t terminative topic.

The 8th: The others when chatting raises inadvertently you, can make Ta happy daylong.

The 9th: No matter you make what movement, expression, ta can have felt lovely,

The 10th: Calculate allowed time to be in certain place with you come across, want to stand by you, good to you.

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