Marry how to long be the recipe of golden wedding golden wedding loving each other

Everybody should have seen rife husband and wife in the life, so do you understand golden wedding? Small today make up understand golden wedding together with everybody, marry how to long be golden wedding after all, and the recipe of golden wedding loving each other?

Marry how to long be golden wedding

Golden wedding is to marry 50 years, it attributes the red-letter day between the sweetheart, also be a wedding anniversary in most important, indicative affection is like Jin Jian, all previous between each other long cover is new, marry 40 years to be ruby marriage, marrying 60 years is diamond marriage, golden wedding can pat a marriage gauze to illuminate together with the sweetheart that day, let a festival become more significant.

Marry how to long be the recipe of golden wedding golden wedding loving each other

The recipe of golden wedding loving each other

1, appoint personally the first

Lu Yi division says British ideologist and writer very well: “This share that our each one should defend, responsibility that answers, be clear about very in the heart, need not again item-by-item is taught, simply reminds enough. ” marriage this thing is more such. We should clear up a few principles only, next faithful abide by, result always too won’t unusual. Contemporary a lot of industries compete intense, pressure is great, be like every day on battlefield risk one’s life fights, come down for a long time, not merely oneself are mentally and physically exhausted, family escapes hard also Chiyu’s disaster. How should avoid to let actuating pressure affect family life? The key is in ” appoint personally ” . Pay namely, love is to pay, do not need any get one’s own back, the family that just marries 3 years two especially, it is the home that enters 3 by bound of 2 the world more, sure trivial issue is not made an appointment with and a lot of come, that needs both sides to be paid more a few. You must think method strives for opportunity and family to establish a relationship anyhow, now and then the sundry in the home is dropped on the weekend, the outing outside going out travels, it is a very good drop.

2, be honest

In endless matrimony, two people of husband and wife can continue to grow severally, idea may be changed. Often must communicate so, cannot assume the other side has a good command of all things, can wear soon I. At one’s leisure, might as well sit to talk about new course of development of ideal, wish, life together. If you are daily the problem is trend of company profit and loss, trend, politics only more etc, come down for a long time, the meeting in the family produces form of a lot of undercurrent, heart, estrange gradually till the relation. According to statistic, 10 what conscious talk is in a week between a lot of husband and wife, 080 minutes in occupy 37 minutes on average only, and it is to talk about some of inessential topic likely. For example: “My sock how remnant? ” ” has been dinner done not? ” etc. “Listen respectfully ” it is a very fundamental communication skill, but often by our oversight. The man is unaccustomed share feeling, need to often be encouraged, ability can be used to nature. In system of acknowledge of male and female, same a meaning of the word, often act in a way that defeats one’s purpose, cause misunderstanding easily, these must take care to deal with.

3, each other are faithful

If your job is doctor, lawyer, or the position that manages estate, become the target that others adores very easily, can be carelessly a bit on influence, money, bisexual relation lost oneself. A lady says to me: “When I just married, never the person tells me marriage needs protection, feeling to need to help advance somebody’s career, I do not have those who had played promotional marriage character to study a class, or had read any about ‘ hold marriage with Ailaiwei ‘ book. ” she present case is not hopeful, two people of husband and wife had produced extramarital affair early or late, after the event wants reunion of husband and wife after an enforced separation or rupture, but want to pick up a lost reliance to feel, easier said than done? I had looked too much such example, for temporarily temptation, do marriage so that suffer misery, be wounded again and again. The nutrition of the rest with the healthy moderate campaign, enough need of the body and balance will maintain. Marriage concerns growing also is same, must two people are homocentric help advance somebody’s career the seedling of love, attentive irrigate attend to, the support that seeks other associate, do not evade face a problem, just have successful possibility.

Marry how to long be the recipe of golden wedding golden wedding loving each other

Openness of golden wedding husband and wife is shared

New Hunan client is carried on May 20 dispatch (Xing Ling of reporter Li Chenggang’s reporter) ” in 50 years, the photograph became color from white, each other grew white hair from black hair, years witnessed their happiness, the tea of fuel sauce vinegar that this is two people that belong them. ” on May 19, peach river meeting and show of wedding of couple of the most beautiful golden wedding hold gain of the 2nd marriage. Husband and wife of 10 pairs of golden wedding enters an activity on invitation, share their love story. Mobile spot was installed only beautiful marriage gauze is revealed beautiful, ” I love 520 roar you ” wait for link with fashionable serving show. Among them, what make a person pay close attention to most is collective of golden wedding couple bridal show. Husband and wife of 10 pairs of golden wedding is worn full-dress, in the company of family the helper is pulling a hand to be on bridal arena, what experience wedding again is divine. They tell about two people to everybody from the acquaintance, bosom friend, story that love each other, the love that shares them lasts recipe. Mobile spot, one pair is worn the Tang Dynasty the senile husband and wife of outfit is conspicuous all the more, they are couples of Qing Dynasty of Xiong Yueyun, gem comfort, marital Xiong Yueyun this year 91 years old, wife gem Yan Qing is 86 years old. Two people married 1951, up to now already 68 year. Nowadays couple full hall of two children and grand children, the old age that lives happiness lives. Xiong Yueyun says: “Two people get along together, the most important still is to want to include each other, show sympathy each other. Only such, ability is too too good the day, prosperous. ” Qing Dynasty of comfort of old partner gem laughs at character, “When I marry him previously, whats are done not have, more never mention it resemble so grand wedding. But our children and grand children is full now hall, children is filial, the feeling is very happy. The feeling is very happy..

Marry how to long be the recipe of golden wedding golden wedding loving each other

What did golden wedding represent

Be in abroad, the wedding anniversary has fixed name, but as a result of each country culture different, the name is different also. Marrying 50 years is gold marriage, this is meant as husband and wife, you had been together 50 years. We know gold is a kind of precious metal, use treatment to become all sorts of jewel, its value is inestimable. Place on a par gold and 50 years of marriage already no longer appropriate. Although gold has a bright outward appearance, it needs burnish and sculpture countless times, ability makes a high jewelry. Perhaps this is marriage is indicative, the course is adjusted period. Contradictory period, the life that receives harmonious happiness.

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