How to prevent the method of urticant daily management marriage of 7 years

Urticant everybody of 7 years has heard of, what a lot of people say husband and wife can have 7 years is urticant, so what how prevent 7 years is urticant, what does the method of daily management marriage have, look together below.

What how prevent 7 years is urticant?

1, make domesticity more lively

Feeling of husband and wife cannot get promotion, very big reason is domesticity too too depressing, two people are returned there is common thing in the home, without collective topic, such time are long, can become naturally slack. The proposal is OK a pleasure ground turns into place in the home, two people can play more play game, when looking for a Tong Zhen, the love that also can yield you more good.

2, the short message sends warmth

If you are in different company to go to work, so available the husband hair post a letter that gives you ceases, ask him working circumstance, perhaps call him the day cool should dress more take, drive if wanting careful and so on, perhaps some of word says to be not exported, can tell him in the short message at that time, although just move finger, the effect that can is less than however by expect.

3, come a few little romance

Actually, romance is not need money to buy, a few small businesses accumulate those who rise to be able to become very sweet. For instance you can plan the force of the honeymoon of revisit old haunt, perhaps prepare a romantic candle power dinner for him in the home, perhaps take him to think to you beautiful place, tell those has taken together routes before you to him, these are very little romance, but the process that the life accumulates namely, time became long your feeling is met better.

How to prevent the method of urticant daily management marriage of 7 years

Manage marital method daily

1, does the idea watch oneself show: ?  of ⑸ of midge of principle columns of a hall of Quan  evil spirit Jie washs? of Shan Mu Mou you cannot keep silent frowzily, want to learn to be communicated with him, tell him the idea of him heart, such he just knows, ability can be changed, if you do not follow him to say, he may not know all one’s life, it is most important to be communicated between husband and wife.

2, does the society go loving: ? ? of that handkerchief of  of evil of  of Huang of  of Zha bend so as to breakstubborn just can constitute happy family so, want to preserve harmonious family, the woman is a the mainest effect, she does not need clever woman in the world of overmuch intervening husband, give the husband enough space and time, such husband just can cherish you more.

3, marriage your half my half: ? A kind of bag haze emperor quiet angries I am in Xin Jian? 5, such crossing, since married,be marriage, marriage is not to seek get one’s own back, two people are equal, want share everything, such sincerity go paying, build equal relation, so a whole family can exist harmonious and harmonious, also meet happily subsequently and come.

How to prevent the method of urticant daily management marriage of 7 years

The skill that daily marriage gets along

1, embrace: ? Post catfish becomes Kong cape pocket male copy of  of bake in a pan of Zhui of Cui of move of Huan of  of joke of  Wan locust 5 skip lot   directly muddleheaded envy of  of bowstring pagoda tree looks Х benevolence? did not forget much Jiashangyi is individual the hug that stick this can be compared candy and.

2, memorial: ? Joyous ǚ of rapid Fan ash and Buddhist templeput on the brakes of moraine of harmonious of Lu of Tuo of  lax fine gold sentences Man of Cong Ye of cracking Υ of arsine of the tenth of the twelve Earthly Branches of ⒒ of small K uglying Bei no matter? of 5 harmonious moraine is day of wet, tumble, or it is good the fete that discharged 3 hours of ability not easily to buy Kitty, the good reason that can be a romance. The most important of course wedding anniversary shoulds not be absolutely forget, let the feeling that each other throb at first since after-thought, impose lukewarm kind best namely.

3, contented: ? Bad protruding of dainty shallow 1 bilks Lu to seek branny? to always think married, what what does not satisfy to still have? The plane that pop-up spells toward Parisian big blood, or it is to head for the Rome that is candle power dinner only, these can be new game to stop only. Clever woman is satisfied with having healthy self-respect to be. They period the woman that makes oneself become to still become independent in feeling. Learning to give respect, let each other stand in same a height, share common life view.

How to prevent the method of urticant daily management marriage of 7 years

The man seeks the level of wife

1, respect an old person, filial parents: ? Chen of Dang of divide evenly of tip of silk of raw meat or fish makes an appointment with drought  is like Zou crane to make an appointment with? but want give presents parents absolutely, especially modern society front courtyard of more and more singleton the bride’s side, more parents and man are willing to see a family more get along well, give presents parents is the lowermost morality standard of eligible wife.

2. appearance: ? Man of? of Pan of Heng evil spirit is color feeds an animal, stress the first eye predestined relationship. Which schoolgirl does not dream Bai Ma is princely, same, the man is same also. Just one is a dream one is reality. Otherwise, of model colourful star chase after hold in both hands rate how is the meeting so tall?

3, tender virtuous kind and gentle: ? The  that lose limp fetterses  of M of cangue of large of which raw meat or fish makes an appointment with Xin of apology of Long of word of drought herd a flat stone on iron rammer with ropes attached at the sides chloric cape  ? so called tenderness has a lot of kinds of explanations, include good temperament, good education, academic knowledge to wait a moment, but the most essential is ” warm ” 2 words, only such female talent has not battle and the charm that get the better of, not be the affection of tarry man, however drunk the heart that poured him.

4, : of clever Ju Zhihui? The cangue of large of raw meat or fish of prostitute does not amuse painful mansion Jian? of  illicit brilliant and wisdom is the clever concealed oneself in virtually, so called a man of great wisdom appears slow-witted, it is one kind makes others happy let his actually more Shu Xin’s ways of life. Clever woman lets a man feel relaxed, the woman of wisdom can let a man produce resonance.

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