Scared disease is normal before feminine marriage disease of the dread before schoolgirl marriage

Live at ordinary times in us in, more and more people can appear disease of the dread before marriage, scared disease is to what marry a kind of angst is mixed before marriage fear, to the distrust of matrimony, can become hesitant.

Scared disease is normal before feminine marriage

This is very normal. The rate that the information transmission nowadays estimates big, transmission is rapid, social public opinion is right of matrimony negative ” conduct propaganda ” well known, be opposite plus a few media marriage ” the seamy side ” exposure, off the rails, small 3, go whoring etc let female friend feel worry and fear to sealed matrimony. There is ideal person on the world, the female may not be very satisfactory to certain respect of the spouse, can nag even the certain defect of the other side. Although assure before man marriage, give up of the meeting after marriage these defect, the woman is right man whether give up still holds misgive, can appear ” fear marriage ” psychology.

Scared disease is normal before feminine marriage disease of the dread before schoolgirl marriage

Disease of the dread before schoolgirl marriage

1, go against turn over psychology

Go against turn over psychology to have some of child that resembles adolescence, it can be in when the thing is about to happen, suddenly one kind fears, think evasive is behaved. Can produce such psychology, because the woman feels she got browbeat freely,be, thinking to marry is a thing of special obligation, be anxious somewhat to such manacling thereby.

2, scared psychology

Marry and love is two kinds of condition completely, of two people when love or independence, retentive relation also is done not have so close, oneself still are the private space; that has oneself but marry to differ completely, it ases if need two people be in harmony to be an organic whole, pay for this family place together, struggle, ask two people encounter what thing without giving thought to, not OK easily say departure, so the female can have be anxious certainly, produce scared psychology.

3, psychological quality

The person is in too nervous, excited wait for a mood to fall, the body is met very big repellent response, this attribute a fault to is inscribed questioningly at the psychological element of this person. And appear this kind scared reaction, also can be considered as disease of the dread before marriage by the expert, the medical service that needs major undertakes assistance natively.

4, vie psychology

Everybody hopes oneself, can find best other in part, the marriage that can observe others so the object is what kind of, produce a kind to vie thereby psychology, think oneself marriage the object is inferior to other. This is to was not done good marry preparative expression, also be a kind of focal length and scared psychology, so must the doctor of information major undertakes dredge.

Scared disease is normal before feminine marriage disease of the dread before schoolgirl marriage

How is marital dread disease treated

1, face actively

In produce oneself to appear when the psychology such as nervous, fear, new personality must come down to think seriously calmly, if say you do not love the other side really, so you should want well to be clear about very much, after all this relation is worn your prospective; and if you discover you are of the other side, just do not control oneself psychology, so you are OK wait for a practice through marriage is being faced speech, actively in communal circumstance, will dispel oneself fear.

2, reason is faced

The person can have scared mentality, it is to face sealed thing actually somewhat dread, namely knowledge of alleged lack science, what cause thereby is cranky. So, want what oneself stabilize to face all these, read a book more with respect to need, let knowledge help his adjust psychology, pass the understanding to marriage, let oneself can be faced bravely.

3, experiment repeatedly

Iteration experiment, exciting, can help the person conquer fear that has fear, because psychology had been used to such stimulation. So new personality can undertake rehearsal for many times, talk with the person more in communal circumstance, this is to overcome scared and very good method.

4, adjust psychology

A lot of people think of to marry, can think of oneself freedom is manacled, the life has tea of fuel sauce vinegar only after etc, because this ability can have scared mentality. Actually this is not marriage is all, after a lot of husband and wife marry, retain as before private space, you are accordingly OK go discussing with oneself other in part, communicate, did not come after all the day is you pass together. The account that scared disease produces before marriage is varied, and invariable cause is, think to had been met badly after him marriage, and gossip a lot of a lot tragedy, so ability can create such situation. Want to know marriage is his thing, you love this individual, be willing and defend, so you should believe the other side, find the concern after belonging to your appropriate marriage, with photograph prescription form.

Scared disease is normal before feminine marriage disease of the dread before schoolgirl marriage

Fear marriage disease combine traditional Chinese and Western medicine therapeutics

Combine traditional Chinese and Western medicine therapeutics is a kind of distinctive medical treatment method and method, in the world the effect with be had main on medical history is mixed tremendous influence, it is system of two kinds of medicine organic ground integrates to use formulary case and clinical and best curative effect in order to achieve first-rate conpatibility of medicines. This kind of therapeutics, its are clinical curative effect already prep above Western medicine excel traditional Chinese medical science, especially the prevention and cure to scared disease, have principal clinical port and higher economic value, go up in the prevention and cure of scared disease so, need traditional Chinese medical science is united in wedlock. Fear it is thus clear that marriage it is the thing that produces via regular meeting, also be the thing that constant presence is beside us, we need not worry too too. But this also is to need us to go formal of this problem, we cannot escape quite, the should active diagnosis that cooperates a doctor goes solving what he exists to fear marriage symptom. After all the obstacle that this is a kind of mentally, should not have.

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