Husband and small 3 gave birth to the child how to do small 3 gave birth to the child how to be handled

Small 3 nowadays this society is a kind of commonner phenomenon, the marriage of a lot of people has had the participate of a third party, so, if is him husband mixed small 3 how to give birth to the child to want to do outside?

Husband and small 3 gave birth to the child how to do

After encountering this kind of thing above all, do not want hurry-scurry, for long defect is in despair, let oneself a person thinks silently, ask oneself the heart: “After I hear this one news, can be I accepted? Can be I accepted??

If feel small to 3 unripe children are a thorn in your heart, in oneself heart this closes do not pass, so make choice boldly down his heart next.

Because the bottom line of some wives is,a third party cannot give birth to the child, so present fact is the child is born, so she what this moment feels this paragraph of marriage was not redeemed is necessary, can choose to divorce only.

Next a third party can be delivered of this child, what is the attitude that you want to make clear Hunan man, this child is born below the circumstance that acquiesces in him, be still in what is he born below circumstance of ground of know the inside story?

If the man is indulgent,a third party is delivered of the child, and particularly bad to the manner of the wife, so the route that you should take next for oneself makes a plan.

Because osculatory case is medium, a little male life does not go a son to blame his wife, search small the purpose of 3 also is to give birth to a son, now if a third party is delivered of a son, he is mixed to the wife the child without any consideration, wait for all the day in small 3 with the illegitimate child there, what does that want such man to still have to use?

If a third party gives birth to the child,this issue is born below man unwitting circumstance, the man also does not allow, but after some a third party are pregnant stealthily hide, after waiting for the child to be born, she can hold the child in the arms to look for a man to want borrow on machine. If you still put this paragraph of no less than marriage,fall in this kind of circumstance, so you want this time and man agreement: The child is held in the arms come over you are brought up, give brushstroke of a third party money, let her be not pestered again later, give up Mu Ping child expensive borrow on machine wishful thinking.

But, making this in advance, wife people should ponder over a problem: After if the child is held in the arms,coming over, mean next you want and this child lives all one’s life, you should see him everyday, yourself whether bear all these, think after be clear about, redo decides.

After if pass,talking things over, small 3 disapprobation give a wife to bring up the child, and the man is opposite the manner of the child and a third party is not cold also not hot, so when the man looks the child the wife wants and he looks together, do not need the opportunity that be together alone to the husband and a third party.

Husband and small 3 gave birth to the child how to do small 3 gave birth to the child how to be handled

Small 3 gave birth to the child how to be handled

Although small the 3 marriage that are delivered of the child to mean us likely go to the end, but think this conversely another a favourable turn that why is not our marriage — small 3 be delivered of the child is a chance, can force us to do a few decisions to accept or abandon decisively, won’t resemble indecisive in that way before.

We choose to abandon after this moment has undertaken balance advantages and disadvantages also is right, because we are very solid sincere comply with the sound of own heart, we subdue ourselves no longer.

If choose to accept, also be to us the heart bears the one big challenge of ability, accepted so continue to hold to, but acceptance premise is to avoid as far as possible ” play gas and bad news to go down ” composition is inside, because take oneself youth and others waste time undeserved.

Although the on half unripe life that you want to understand you ends so, but life of next half a lifetime had not begun, so this all everything, the consideration is fair now, forever not late. No matter how be chosen, how to do, comply with oneself inner voice is nice, avoid by all means does not subdue him.

Husband and small 3 gave birth to the child how to do small 3 gave birth to the child how to be handled

Husband and small 3 gave birth to the child to still can be broken

Very difficult.

When man and a woman had the child, although this man or else likes small 3, because of the child, two their people also won’t break connection completely really.

Husband and small 3 gave birth to the child how to do small 3 gave birth to the child how to be handled

Husband had small 3 how should do

1 should place part

A lot of people lack part acknowledge mediumly in matrimony, enter the rich sex of the part when marriage lost love. Return the relation that cannot coordinate two people better with the part of one party of husband and wife only, make the life becomes plodding easily also. You should continue to become conjugal friend and lover, each other open each other mind, share everyday life a bit, know act like a spoiled child Mai Meng, resemble a little baby sometimes, arouse the protection with endless the other side desire. The glamour with sending out sexy and mature all over sometimes, let the other side enrol cannot sustain, cannot help doing sth. You of course won’t the freedom that blind limits a sweetheart like that, give the other side certain space however. Just when reasonable interest is liked,support a sweetheart, as far as possible the activity when understand and participate in the sweetheart’s idle, can be in so happy increase to be mixed in person in relaxation circumstances, close feeling.

2 save with big love

Matrimony needs the self-restraint of big love, the two people relation in matrimony is equal, everybody is the old, who is non-privileged also the individual that goes ask and limitting the other side develops. Although constituted a family, the individual also has his dream and pursuit, cannot because of family, child, proudly, the other side of unjustifiable ground, kidnap. The angle that tries to stand in the sweetheart more sees a problem, institutional conversion thinks, know understanding sweetheart, give more including with love, is not to grouse with jealousy.

Glamour of 3 promotion ego

Marriage also is a kind of harmonious social relations, each other mutual depend on sb or sth for existence, mutual attract, the family life that enjoys ability to maintain good happiness each other. How does that build happy marriage with individual glamour compose? You should do the life in good home not only, also want give attention to two or morethings to do the figure of good oneself, do not let the other side feel aesthetic exhaustion, gradually the heart gives birth to bored feeling. Actually him individual should improve aesthetic grade more, study fashionable dress is tie-in, develop interest interest, pay close attention to current affairs news, widen eye shot and thinking, have oneself distinctive opinion to the thing. Have oneself absorption cause, enhance moral sense of responsibility, hold to the principle that humanness conducts oneself in society, set oneself an example to others, restrain the behavior of ego already, also let a sweetheart admire your Yang Guancan to rot, the appearance of active enterprising, admiring to you unceasingly.

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