Wife loves card games to should do wife to love card games how to can let her give up drop

Card games is a recreational activities that a lot of people like, now and then be being hit is to be able to loosen the mood actually, the card strong interest that does not pass some people can affect normal life greatly too, so, a wife that loves card games should do?

Wife loves card games how to should do

1, remind her to notice the body

Card games is met usually of at least a few hours, this to cervical vertebra to the waist it is very insalubrious, you must remind her to notice the body, the Shu Xin that ability plays falls in the premise that assures the body.

2, dominate time

It is OK to play a card, you also should respect her, but the time that must dominate her to play a card, cannot exceed many long, the business that need does cannot be delayed, dominating time also is the assurance of pair of her bodies, also can promote the convention with her good nurturance.

3, distinguish importance

You must support card games, but when be being handled to having a thing, must forget the thing of card games, do not mention 3 be short of 1 go playing a card with respect to what dash ahead without thinking one’s safety, this is not possible, you must check, must let her understand importance, important thing, domestic thing must discharge advanced face, without the thing that consider to play a card after the thing again.

4, pay attention to habits and customs

After the person of card games often arrived home exceedingly tired, some things with respect to postpone again and again, this you must remind, habits and customs cannot be changed, if changed good habits and customs because of card games, so you must check.

Wife loves card games to should do wife to love card games how to can let her give up drop

Wife loves card games how to can let her give up drop

Develop a new interest interest, make wife busy rise, thinking in the heart: I to card games this thing had bored, before me one always plays game, like wanting to having a hand, it is such give up next in the book that drops those who play game to just had looked to often be abandoned yesterday, keep the process of smoke of his give up: To this thing ” get angry ” , his reason at that time is smoke is in rise in price, got angry so so, you also must find out an argument that makes your angry get angry certainly ” I did not believe me not to treat you! See us two who is fierce! See us two who is fierce!!

Wife loves card games to should do wife to love card games how to can let her give up drop

Does wife love card games to want to divorce

See rate, can persuade usually, do not have necessary divorce.

Wife likes card games the question with this without what big issue, but the card is friendly but must have chosen, otherwise every day because this thing make a row can be really too do not make went up, must recommend good to her card friend so, the card is tasted had gotten certainly, this is Chongzhongzhi is weighed.

Wife loves card games to should do wife to love card games how to can let her give up drop

Wife often how is card games in charge of her

The 1 economic origin that broke wife, rise the Qian Cang in the home that is to say, let wife do not have capital, such wife won’t go card games, after all twice others can borrow money to give you, but after the time became much others won’t, such, others also dare not follow; of your wife card games

2 apply for a job or hold two or more posts concurrently to be done to wife, let wife at the job, go playing without dimensional time, also let others cannot find wife to play;

3 communicate with wife seriously, move with affection, xiao Zhi in order to manage, with honey-tongued wait for all sorts of flattery means to atttack her, persuade wife not to go card games;

4 drive out the card of wife is friendly, pretend special life, give off firm word everywhere, if who follows him wife card games, go to her home make trouble, the person that lets card games dare not follow wife card games, let wife be done not have so that play; thereby

5 phone mother-in-law to bring a lawsuit against, let mother-in-law undertake preaching to wife, let her realize one’s errors and mend one’s ways, shrink back from difficulties, reform. After all, if still listening to mom what become a daughter.

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