Does wife love to hit mahjong how to do wife to love to hit mahjong to should divorce

Mahjong is in a lot of areas actually is a very welcome recreational activities, when rest, now and then play or very loosen, but if affect harmony of excellent front courtyard to be about to cause because of mahjong,took seriously, so, how should if wife indulge hits mahjong,do?

Wife loves to hit mahjong how to do

1, husband should guide wife and child to communicate more, let the love between Mu Zizhi come control wife is right the addiction of mahjong.

2, after husband often takes wife meal, go taking a walk, go doing a few take exercise aptly, the dispersive wife dependence to mahjong.

3, husband should communicate the expense in the home with wife, and the capital that should grow for the child later lays in a plan, the concept that uses fund will let wife does not hit mahjong and consume money.

4, the case with very severe mahjong is made in wife, can use reasonable method, give farther-in-law mother-in-law to undertake communicating with wife please, a lot of wife do not listen of husband, instead very listen to him parents.

5, often look to wife a few because the woman indulges mahjong, affect the press of marital happiness, make wife clear indulge the serious effect that mahjong feels happily to the family.

Does wife love to hit mahjong how to do wife to love to hit mahjong to should divorce

Does wife love to hit mahjong to should divorce

Want those who see pair of mahjong to be obsessed with degree, if had caused serious effect to the family really, that can consider to divorce.

No matter be dozen of mahjong addiction or the card that play a chess, shop addiction and without giving thought to,do not steward the child, I think is the expression that does not have responsibility heart, such her both neither are an eligible mother, also with virtuous wife 2 words did not concern. Face this kind of situation so, problem advocate communicate with him above all, mae a few regulations to be observed by all concerned makes her convergent, if do not change that not to leave face to pull him from mahjong desk directly to him, still do not listen finally, then I feel the child follows such maternal morning and evening to have an accident, early divorce is early enjoy.

No matter be man woman,can some of bad habit is withheld after marry came down to cause a family to contradict. For instance the woman shops dozen of mahjong, hit game maly not to see the child. Appear actually this kind of circumstance also is not an important matter, since two people marry have the child should sit talk about the problem about raising the child well more. It is OK that you hit mahjong, that premise is child otherwise hungry move is not freezing, do not follow you to touch bad mistake, follow wife explain principle so, general he is convergent also.

Does wife love to hit mahjong how to do wife to love to hit mahjong to should divorce

Do not work to hit mahjong how to do every day after wife marriage

Should communicate well with wife. In modern a lot of women, think married a rich man life is satisfactory. But is the fact really such? Actually, there still should be oneself job after the woman gets married actually, you and your wife are communicated, she should know the harm that does not go to work after feminine marriage, such marriage collapses sooner or later.

A girl, your experience lets when with you Tan Lian loves what calls 1000 charming 100 fawn on when; marries you, after letting you understand what calls bridal charm; to marry you, still bear children for you, more diligent nods, wash clothes for you cook…

So, our traditional idea is being told all the time — marry Chinese marry Chinese, clad have a meal, the man raises mother-in-law of domestic provide for the aged is perfectly justified. But actual either such!

Does wife love to hit mahjong how to do wife to love to hit mahjong to should divorce

Wife loves to hit mahjong how to be in charge of

1. station sees a problem on her angle

Also should seeing you is the issue that how makes mahjong in look upon wife, it is pure just do not like her to hit mahjong, still feel to hit mahjong to had affected excellent front courtyard!

2. analyses influence degree of the thing well!

What thing can find a means of settlement basically after thinking calmly, best means is to be communicated more between husband and wife, the business that if it were not for affects harmony of excellent front courtyard can discuss to solve, do not say not to hit mahjong thoroughly, can be hit less, be mutual and self-effacing next! Because,had better avoid between husband and wife such small issue finish family, this is the stupiddest thing!

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